Wake up, everybody!

No, the folks are going to Mars, bouncing, bouncing robots, what we're arguing about or something. The subject is much more basic. It's about a much simpler, much deeper habit.

I'il tell you about a friend. He's a computer engineer. If my parents say so, he wins the part where he wins the vura and he finishes. It's not just my family, and Turkey in the last 30 years from the entry stage of the university, as happens to every young person, "medicine, engineering or win one of the legal department, already finished school if the ass gun after" We met with all of us understanding. Unda Get a gold bracelet on your arm unda. In fact, under this sentence you have the notion that mı if you put the lid in the state once you are comfortable eder.

Wake up! Especially young people, wake up! The world is changing, even changed. There is no ”guarantee“ profession anymore. As is the case in many countries, we now have more than 5 jobs per person. In this life-cycle, you should put aside the complaints of l whether you will be unemployed or not when you come to the robots ünde and you have to move towards the jobs you love and really want to learn.

I'il go back to my friend. In Turkey, people who I respect a great block opened before me before I mentioned in a few places. My friend, I think, is pretty much the first. You go to be an engineer, then work out a blog. Later he set up a business on the blog. Make money from this, keep her alive. Don't tell your family what you do. A job that really requires courage.

In the last few months I've witnessed many interesting things. People need to tell people the truth. Especially university students, I promise. Looking for internships, nice. But you have this sentence; ? Can I do an internship at your company? Do you get an internship? S finishes you. Why is that? ? Do you know what your company is doing, or do you know its name? ”Un No. ayı“ What do you plan to do this summer? ” I'm going to get an intern, who does not even know the name of the company he wants to start internship in my company. I'm going to teach the job by summer, go to the hometown in summer. Why would he do that, employer?

I've been in digital marketing trainings very often gives blue screen.

  • Is it really necessary to learn English?

  • Do we need to understand the design?

  • But this code, I do not know the code!

  • No months, I can't read the blog, I'm bored.

It was pasha. The number of these people is increasing every day. They think they have the right to go to the job, either because they are graduates or because they have graduated 10 years ago. You are now thinking that people in the video below have been chosen specifically or something. No, not at all.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was even a graduate of the History department among those who answered the questions in the video. What I'm talking about has nothing to do with youth, with the present and with the education system. This is the acceptance of a social ignorance that has been processed in our codes, the right to be. Or they wouldn't have laughed so much for the question they didn't know.

The definition of or success bizde is perhaps wrong. To be a successful person to finish university, the phenomenal phenomenon such as a rich mate to find money and not to say money, to be a manager in a fortunetelling or a guaranteed job is a success? Can people change the world with these success criteria? Turkey Can Change? Can they change themselves? I'm talking about the mass of the first destructive technology luddist on They will be. Three to five years later they will become members of the world's unemployed.

I gotta get back to my friend at this point. You know what? He did what he liked. And what will the millions of people who do not know what they love and who have no goals? Can success be defined in the absence of a target? The first word of the career development advisors is ü be a target Kariyer. Could it really be that the target part is to win? Or should it be the person who constantly develops himself / herself?

A person who has not been a member of a single NGO in his life, has not been able to reach above Metin Hara level, is now a successful person when he travels with his Atom Engineer diploma? Let's go to the library. When you analyze his time on the Internet, how much could a person who has spent 6 hours a day on Instagram improve himself? Of course I have to open a parenthesis at this point. There really isn't a chance for you to really have in valuable “information that you can get through social media or the Internet. Ilber Ortaylı'nın library, even in the library you can not reach the information on the internet, of course, you want to find. Again, let me bring the subject to history, if you have friends who completed the History section, please share their experiences in the comments. on YouTube King and Generals How many history graduates in the country can explain the channel?

I'm coming to the part you're wondering. What does all this have to do with my friend? Why is he coming in and out of it? I think düşünüy success kendini is closely related to self-improvement, perseverance and always trying to do better. When she took me as a guest in her class at Istanbul Aydın University, she talked about the project that she will receive for publication that day. It's not robotic technology, no artificial intelligence. Exactly what he should do. For we are unable to build a colony on Mars, but when we criticize each other, we forget a very big detail. How good are we doing our own business?

En The most loving, the task of good manÜrk MKAtatürk

I can't see a future for those who don't develop themselves in their field and other side branches. I am not satisfied with the discipline you are an expert in, because it is time to become an interdisciplinary specialization I'm going to build an ambitious sentence, a laugh is taking me. However, I still ignore the video above and hope to say it again.

I think it goes well it's time to exit the venture opened more overseas than Turkey. This is my friend Hasan Yaşar. He strives to make his job better, sets goals, and works to achieve more. Now it opens abroad. We need more initiatives such as download, we need more support with the wrongs and angles. Perhaps at the beginning of the overseas adventure, but the important thing is that; "Nothing is important except to try to sit out every day.”Steven Pressfield. Health in his hands. Download - download.com - Free download apps and programs

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