marketing in Turkey, I would like to mention some of the activities in communications and digital ecosystem. I've never been abroad but seriously hard work in organizing events to organize activities in Turkey. Because people's demands and benefits will often not match up with your wishes. I will explain a little.

First of all, I need to talk a little bit about the ecosystem. If we categorize events, we start by dividing them into two, free and paid. While there are a number of activities for free sector activities organized for the industry professionals such as Kworks, Habita, Kollektif House, Bilge Adam GO and Workinton, there are bigger activity areas such as Bahcesehir University, Boğaziçi University, Doğuş University, Istanbul Technical University and Bilgi University There are event areas that appeal to masks. Paid events are events that are held at the venues of the venues and congress centers, as well as mini-events at low-cost, shared office centers. I had to go to a categorization because I would evaluate each one separately.

Events are also categorized as content. We can list just informative events, inspirational events, and events where speakers are presenting their own company.

We need to understand once. People are not stupid. No one is going to listen to the company presentation for events where only speakers talking about their company. There are two types of people out there. This is because the auditor has sent the company, so you have to listen to the entire presentation, because the company is listening to your boss, asking if you paid so much or sending money or spending time with the phone while listening to the speaker and occasionally communicating with the attendees. So why is the situation so annoying?

If you edit a paid event participants eat in Turkey, waiting for a cozy armchair and stylish environment. Even classical music plays, perhaps waiting for an entertainer to appear, seeing a couple of models or simply having fun. As such, there is little choice but to organize the event to organize the event. Prices for an average 300-person participant in the venues are around 100K. If your preference is Lütfi Kırdar or Golden Horn Congress Center, you can find 200-250K fares for 500-600 people. As a result, the event organizer needs to collect this money in some way, collecting the money through the sponsors as it is a little difficult to collect from participating participants.

sponsorship yet not fully aware of the situation in Turkey. When you give the sponsor 10K money, it feels like the only owner of your activity. Why do I say that? Because he wants to see himself as the main speaker, the longest speaker and speaks only about himself and his company throughout his content. The best marketing is not marketing these speakers talk about themselves only when they try to make their principles unfair and usually they come to the conclusion that your activity is very useless in the analysis they have done after the event. The sales of our product did not increase, people did not share our talk about the activity, did not share the photos, like the people at the end of the event did not come to rain the question. Of course, you can not say that this end result is actually very normal, that people have not listened to it since the first 3 minutes.

Particularly, the sponsorship networks of platforms that have made paid activity a long time and have turned it into a separate revenue portal have developed quite a bit. Now you can sponsor 50 if you have 50 speakers throughout the event. In better conditions, 10 out of 50 speakers are foreigners, the rest are sponsor speakers.

Plenty of zeroes are required in these events. Unlike what you might think, these events do not cost you the expense of keeping the charges high. Those costs were already deducted from the sponsors and paid off. The main reason for the high prices is to keep the mass of participants in a niche piece. With a simple understanding, the purchasing power of a person who can give 3000TL for one day's activity is high and the target mass of the sponsoring companies are these participants. Sponsors are also sponsoring because of this understanding. I have always encountered this thought in my sponsor searches for the events I have organized. Because I wanted events to be accessible by wider masses, sponsors were always thinking the opposite. For this reason, it is more difficult to sponsor free events even though it causes more people to participate.

There is also a proposal for those who are curious about organizing events in the paid activity area. The brands that have carried out their business outside of Istanbul have not yet seen this way. They are still able to sponsor events and act like a stakeholder, not really an owner of the event. The only annoyance in Anatolia is that they only mention themselves in the event they sponsor. But this approach can be made easier. Especially in Anatolia, the support of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry can be taken more easily, the salaries of the rooms are much lower and even the bartering doors are becoming more frequent. All of them are paid or free, Open to Anatolia! I never forget, when I told Growth Hacking in Van that people listened to the free attention, without missing a word. I have not seen a mass of such people in Istanbul yet.

In free events, there is another distress. In general, they are divided into two speakers who have come to do their own advertising in terms of content and have come to teach something. If there is a free event with a large number of sponsors, then the content on that event is often ad-centric. While we were organizing the Marketing Meetup, we tried to break this perception and equip the first with free and completely ad-free content. I do not know how much I could change the industry, but my overall impression is that there are still a lot of free stuff in the free events, with a few exceptions. In particular, activities aimed at profit-oriented institutions under their own name are mostly based on introducing themselves.

I have participated in hundreds of events until today. I've been filtering myself now. If a company's Turkey representative that global speakers while others do not listen to the speakers, great work usually tells his headquarters (in fact no work closely remotely similar to themselves) and they only introduce themselves. On the other hand, I am trying not to participate in many small events. I mean, I'm not amateur. The amateur spirit can sometimes do magnificent things, but there are also some activities that tell you how to say, they have prepared the banner with a dishwasher!

In free events, it is really hard if you choose universities as an activity area. It takes great patience to deal with the bureaucracy, to do business with the employees of the university. Of course, you are bringing them from outside but even the guys who clean up the activity hall want money from you as well. I have yet to see a university that is really specialized in the event, no problems with the sound system, a solid internet infrastructure, and a good foyer area.

A couple of suggestions to share my place;

Bilge Adam is currently in the GO once a month #godigital I organize events. In a friendly environment with few people, really pure informationIt turned into a series of events aimed at y.

On the other hand, I am an old partner Marketing MeetupI would suggest that you follow up on an activity that is really planned for every step of the day. Soon there will be a few more new concept of events, a news story. (Curiosity, 20% discount code: HYDR) Digital Marketing School's events in Kworks are also nice in terms of content. Leanmarketing Growth Istanbul events organized by Userspots UX days they're really great. Analytics AcademyI have to take note of the pages in the events that are organized by Analytics. Organized by ZEO SEO eventsIt will not be too much to talk about, so a ladder would be so high? meetup.istanbulAnother activity series I enjoyed while listening to. Finally Digital Marketing TalksIt looks like it will be nice in the back, the team behind is pretty solid.

If you are going to listen to the speakers, you have to think twice before going to the activities that are given thousands of pounds of personal recommendation. If you're going to get a network, that's the other course.

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