Tweetdeck is the number one application for Twitter users and especially social media experts. How to use Tweetdeck?

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air based application. To install your computer, you must first install Adobe Air here.ıgq

How to use Tweetdeck

After installing TweetDecki on your computer,

- We open the settings section from the top British Key icon.

-Accounts section and connect to Twitter-Facebook-Foursquare-Buzz-Myspace-Linkedin accounts we want to TweetDeck application. (You can also link multiple Twitter accounts)

I will not get into the Settings section of Settings more than just a two-part picture on the left in the Notifications section, and on the right is the Sound icon. You can toggle notifications on / off by clicking on the picture, you can set the volume of notifications on the sound icon.


That is, the columns can be added from the + symbol on the upper left, it can also be removed by clicking on the X icon that appears when we move the mouse over the icon on the top right of the column (Twitter, facebook ...).

When you open a new column 

For Twitter,
For example, if you type "twitter" in the Search section, you will find and display tweets in that column with "twitter".

In the Groups / Lists section, you can display the List (s) that you follow in the column, which is the most useful feature. It is difficult to follow the List pages in the web view.

In the Core section, All Friends is the same as the Timeline section on Twitter. Your followers' tweets fall here.

New Followers is the part where you can see each new follower.

In the Mentions column, you will see the memos you have.

Direct Messages shows you which DMs you are coming in and out of.

There are also Trending Topics-Favorites-TweetDeck Recommendations-TwitScoop-StockTwits-Scheduled Updates-Locations Columns.

For Facebook,

Full News Feed- Status Updates- Wall Posts- Photos-Videos-Other sections.

You can also update TweetDeckten on your Facebook Pages.

You can also open separate columns for Myspace, Linkedin, Buzz, Foursquare, but this article will also focus on Twitter.

When you come to the top of a person's picture in the colonies there are 4 different symbols. Reply, RT and DM in the Other Actions section. Other are divided into Actionsta User and Tweet. You can do that tweet and all the operations related to that user from here.

In the Other Actions section, you can translate that tweet. If you have multiple conversations, you can reply to all of them at once. You can follow / unfollow / add list / block / report & block.

When you write @ to mentention, a small window will appear. For example, when you type @tr, the small window will appear all the way up to now, with all of the "tr" in the followers you follow. The same applies in DM. Autocomplete window will be opened when you type D and leave a space.

Everyone who appears in the column writes a nick under the picture. When you click Nickine, that person's page will be opened in Web View. When you click on the + symbol next to Nick, the "list" section opens where you can add that person.

You can adjust the columns from the right and left arrows under the columns you want.

Tweet Writing

There is a section called From: just above the section you wrote. You can choose the sites you want to have your tweet logged in there.

In the lower left,

Auto URL shortening -> Shorten your link automatically. If you do not want automatic, link will shorten automatically when you click link after writing link.

For TweetShrink -> This application, which is supported only by English, will tweak some letters in your tweet that you write and translate it into our msn language.

Translate This Update -> tweeti you wrote Translate Google Translate with your preferred language.

Recent Hashtags -> This is the shortcut to the hashtags you recently used.

In the bottom right,

Schedule Updates -> Used to set a timed tweet.

Just above,

Add / Change Location -> If you want to know where you tweeted, you can select and save your place from the map. Your tweets will be saved at that location until you cancel.

Attach Photos and Videos -> Dilerseniz Click here to download the image / video link by dragging the picture / video to the field.

Record Video from your Webcam -> Webcamden saves your view, Uploads gives you a linkin.

If your texts are 140 characters long, then you will see the box next to the Long Update author on the bottom right of the section you are writing in. If you write your tweet (via If there is more than 170 characters, the text will automatically be Long Update.

If you bring the cursor over the notification when notifications arrive, the notification will stay there. And you can do it like reply, DM, RT through that notification without opening TweetDeck page.


It does not allow you to write the same tweet twice in a row.

It does not show you the same tweet twice.

If you like the pictures, you can see them in your web browser. TweetDeckin / optional

When you reply to a hashtag with a tweete reply, that hashtag is automatically appended / optional

People you follow do not show the memories they bring to people you do not know. /optional

To shorten your links, you can select the services you use to upload images.

Also, if you want to get more pleasure from Twitter, you should definitely use the "List" feature.


To download TweetDeck, For PC For iPad to For iPhone For Android to For Google Chrome Browser

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