It is easy and free to set up Facebook add-ons to your website. Each section has links to the pages of the individual plugins and you can easily reach them.

# 1: Like Button

Like Button allows you to share your page with one key. When you click on the like button on your site, your site's link will appear in the news source of your Facebook friends.

like send
The Like button is a great way to draw attention to your writing.

For example, American Eagle The Facebook Like button in the company's website (now) is clicked 5.7 million times. The site receives 57% of the log viewer via Facebook and many of them are shopping.

# 2: Send Button

Send Button allows users to send content to your friends with ease. The difference with the button is that it only sends content to selected friends. Only a proposal that has come to him will be examined with greater interest by his friends.

send button

For example, consider that you are a jeweler. The incoming user will send the couple that will be married, who will not share the ring they see on your page,

# 3: Comments

Comments Allows users to write any segmented comments on your site. This add-on is both comfortable to use because it is easy and commented when friends on Facebook can see this comment and come to the page.


# 4: Activity Feed

Activity Feed the plug-in shows what the user's Facebook friends have written or liked on the site. It will also show interest to user friends' likes and comments. This will increase your intra-site traffic.

activity feed plugin

If you think you are doing something like this yourself rather than Facebook. You might have to force your database knowledge quite a bit.

# 5: Suggestions

Suggestion Attachment perhaps your users will provide you with suggestions you might like. These personalized suggestions will increase the traffic on the page.


# 6: Like Box

Like Box Publish your website's Facebook Page on your website. So any updates you'll make on Facebook will appear on the home page of the user. This will ensure that users are constantly entering your website. Facebook Like You can also show Facebook shares on your website.

find us on fb

# 7: Login Button

Input Button Web Site is a great convenience for registered users. If you only click the Facebook Login button to login to the page, they will increase their chances of becoming a member. (At the bottom) is fully compatible with the Register button.

At the same time, it will be much easier for you to keep your database up-to-date as the user will share the information that you allow when you click each Login button.

# 8: Sign Up Button

Sign-up Button Allows users to sign up for your site with Facebook information. If users log in to Facebook, they will usually be filled out. Registering a site with Facebook for users is a fairly simple process. The user only has to enter a special password on that site.

Facebook Sign up button is especially recommended for use on your sites.


# 9: Facepile

Facepil to it shows what the user likes on that site from friends on Facebook. Only shows the Facebook Profile Pictures of the users. The user who sees your friend liking that page does not want to like your page either. A user who likes your page will also become one of your constantly visiting.


But if you are a non-friend user, or if you do not like any friends, then a blank box will appear on that site.

# 10: Live Stream

Live Stream The plugin allows you to share activities and comments live with your users. This add-on is quite similar to the Add Comment.

This plugin only shows the last 10-15 comments.


Most of the events that take place at this time are live videos, comments, links describing the moment, etc. is used to show
Remember, you can not delete or edit comments from users in Live Stream. You can only ban users.

All Facebook social plugins here you can reach it from the page

So what do you think? How many of these add-ons do you use on your website? Are you satisfied or would you like to add new ones? We look forward to your comments.

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