Everything started at about 5 o'clock in the morning. In the old name of BiRi, I have been subscribing to Vodafone.net internet for 3 years. I wanted to tell you they lived in the last 1.5 months.

1 day: In the morning around 5:00 pm, the internetim suddenly stopped. The ADSL light was blinking. I waited till the next day to solve the problem. I then reset the modem but it did not work and I reported the situation to Vodafone.net. Indicates that they have received the fault record.

2 days: I expected, I did not expect calls.

3 days: I waited again and did not call again.

4 days: I could not stand it, and I said, they would inform me of what they had studied the situation. I said good-bye.

5 days: They called. Let's see if your fixed phone is working, we will remove your cancellation card, and if the problem persists, they will call you again. I told you why you're canceling it, but I could not. I was working on my phone. I called again and informed.

6 days: Just plug in another modem and try again. Well okay and tried again with another modem. It's not working again. I let you know again. He asked me if my phone line was working. Those who have memorized can not be blind or any other trouble. They said we'd check it out when you said you were kidding.

7 days: No sound.

Day 8: There is no sound again.

Day 9: They called. We do not see any problems that we have checked the networks. They said you should check your line from the outside door. E said that you do not have to do this, it is not our responsibility. I said thank you for this. However, they are responsible for the internet line that comes to the door. I inspect the line. No problem.

10 days: I told Vodafone.net that I was checking my line from outside door to modem and it was okay. Try it with another modem and if it does not improve, call us again. No, I think this is a donkey joke, but seriously they want it. When I said that I did not check, we said we would return to you.

Day11: There was no problem with our technical staff who checked the center. Did your internet come? He searched. When they said that it did not come, we called back to check again and they closed it back.

12th day: No sound.

13 days to: A technical worker at TTNET called. I transfer it exactly; "My brother 3 is checking your line but we are working from outside with Vodafone.net, your line does not have the authority to intervene. Have your entire line checked and repaired with your own means. " Then I called Vodafone.net. Before saying like this, hmmm look seeen after we said that we will solve your problem. If you can not figure out how many days my brother is, I said to TTNET that I can cancel them.

Day 14: I got an SMS from Vodafone.net. Within 10 days, identity photocopy and cancellation wish to reach them. I did not know what your address was in sordum Izmit they gave me a ridiculous address I could not find on the internet.

15 days: They came from Vodafone.net. Pardon Transition from Vodafone.net General Directorate. I suppose they think it has a positive effect in terms of the General Directorate. Do not cancel, I will address the problem within 48 hours I will personally deal with. I thought I'd cancel now and then try new record or something.

16 days postinfection the: No sound.

17.G's: No sound.

18.G's: Vodafone.net "General Directorate" one of the rings and closed. It must be a lot of writing. I called back. We are interested in your problem Are you going to call a different modem Would you shut down your fault If the problem persists, they will call you again. (I'm surprised that I still do not swear) I said cancel it and get rid of the line. The cancellation process has started.

19.G's: Cancellation request and photocopy of identity I have sent from PTT to "Vodafone.net General Directorate" as "forwarded contract".

20 days: Vodafone.net has called again and left. I have not called again. I thought I was already alive.

21.G's: When they sent SMS to TTNET they were looking for you to register. I threw an SMS.

SD 22: Nobody called.

23.G's: I called TTNET. There was a system failure while applying. They have an invoice slip but can not process the tariff. Then call me.

24.G's: I called TTNET again. I said there was an attachment. I gave 3 different personal identity number, phone number and address. The phone line said we can not process your registration in someone else's name. E was doing his sister yesterday? No, he made mistakes. Well, I said if we do it with that name, I'm closed.

25 days: We applied to TTNET with the name of the phone line owner. They said 2 days would connect to your internet.

26.G's: We are waiting.

27.G's: We are waiting.

The day 28: We are waiting.

29.G's: I called TTNET. All the lights on my modem are on. ID number, phone number etc. I was redirected to someone else. Again ID number, phone number, after mentioning my mermaid, I do not seem to be in the system, it may have not been processed yet then call me.

30 days: I called TTNET. We have a problem and we will let you know if we have a fault record. At that time I noticed a difference in TTNET. The SMS is saying that the number of your fault record is shudder. Congratulations ...

The 31st day: Someone from TTNET called. We are canceling your application. Why? Telecom told us that your infrastructure is insufficient. How come? I have been using the internet for 3 years, where are my lower neighbor and upper neighbor? I know this much, he said.

the 32.GIt was a holiday until the 35th day.

36.G's: I interviewed with the Türk Telekom Regional Directorate. They have been reapplied. They said it would be open to 4 days at the latest. The same day I received an SMS from Vodafone.net. We cancel your application for cancellation because you have not sent your paperwork for the required period. After reading the sentence two or three times, I understood the situation. I called Vodafone.net. They said you did not get your paperwork with us. Email? Aged contracted? None reached. E reached my brother PTT. None appears on the system. What's up? If you want to fax it.

37.G's: I faxed my wish and identity photocopy. I also received a fax report or something like noolur.

38.G's: Vodafone.net General Directorate has called. We can not cancel your cancellation request because you did not specify "cancel immediately or cancel month end". According to the laws of the petition, if I do not write otherwise, I can not say whether it will be put into effect from the moment it arrives.

39.G's: I sent you a petition again. Did I come over to you? Right? They said there was no trouble.

40.G's: Again, a sister called from Vodafone.net General Directorate (this time the General Directorate is over it). You will cancel your old customer, and we will not lose you. Please do not cancel your 22 pounds. My brother has no internetwork, so I will personally take care of the conversation again when I say that you will download what you will get. Although I do not want to have any money on my brother, the 22 liras fee dropped to 5 liras. I said that I do not want anything else to get rid of you. And you will be shamelessly paying for this month's receipt. I do not have any internetwork to pay for! They would also send an informational message that they were canceled during the day.

That SMS still has not come. the 41.GWe d.

And now they want to pay for a line-off without embarrassment. I will choose your internet service provider carefully.

* Update: 1TL wanted to charge the line.