We will examine the Viral Video service in the thirteenth part of this series where we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Viral Video

We need to look at the definition of the Viral word, one of the most common mistakes before processing the viral video. While viral is a term used to spread viruses biologically, with the use of advertisers it almost became equivalent to advertising. What we call viral advertising is a video, a picture, or any material that spontaneously spreads. Viral video is users' sharing without knowing that the video is an advertisement. According to this definition, we can easily say that many of the videos described as viral videos are only commercial films.

The presence or absence of the logo on the viral videotape does not directly affect whether the video is viral or not. The important point here is that audiences do not understand that the video is advertising at first glance.

Preparing Viral Video Is Not Easy

Viral videos often take place with amateur photographs, but that does not mean that their costs are lower. The prepared video screen should be thought up to the finest detail because the users watching the video should not think that it is viral video immediately so they can share it.

Key words: Subliminal Message and Naturalness

Videoda is successful if it means that the viewer is directly served by the brand on the videos broadcasted by passing the brand's logo or slogan. But in order for people to understand that they are advertising, it is essential that dialogues be perceived naturally. Because brands do not know exactly what viral is, they try to bring all their services to the front of a videotape, and they present dialogs that are obviously fake. Very nice ideas because of the failure to catch the nature to fall under the category of failed viruses.

Agencies should first be able to tell their customers what the viral is, so that they can do a successful job. It is almost impossible to prepare a viral video with people gathered from Cast agencies. This viral video that LG has prepared to tell you what I mean is a good example. If there was a brand that did not know how the virus worked, those who came to the job interview would start to examine LG's TV at the end of the video, and yes, I could go into the dialogs like I would buy it.

Attention to the Order

When advertising in the digital world, one must never inadvertently go out of his mind, the less time people spend. Thousands of brands like you are advertising at the same time with you. If your videonuza can spare time is very limited. For this reason, it is very important that the duration of your videos does not exceed 1.5 minutes. No matter how beautiful your idea is, no one will watch a long video.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Live Broadcast We will examine the service.

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