Vlogs (Video Blogs) have become one of the indispensable parts of our lives. We can write about and write what we need to say in a video. However, it requires a different skill to assemble it until you prepare these videos. Let's take a look at the programs used in this kitchen.

Windows Live Movie Maker Download

WL Movie Maker is the simplest video editing program that can be downloaded for free and comes with every Windows computer. With its simple interface and ease of use, you can create simple videos with WL Movie Maker, the most popular video editing program.

I might have to be on everyone's computer to combine multiple videos into a single video, add snapshots, add audio to the background, and make video slideshows. This program has options for quick sharing with media such as Facebook, Windows Live and SkyDrive. It is very useful for beginners to keep Vlog.


Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Download

We can say that the trial version is free and the licensed version is almost perfect for this program, which starts at $ 399. If you are exaggerating the task of holding a Vlog, if you are trying to add a new video every day, WL Movie Maker will gradually start to fail.

Hundreds of different video effects and sound effects, HD video editing and the ability to make translations in almost any format are available. But the most used feature is adding watermark to video. It's easy to add watermarks (even delete watermarks) with Sony Vegas. However, if you are going to start using this program, you will not be able to see the training videos, related forums etc. on Youtube. I suggest you follow up.

Sony Vegas Movie-Studio-HD Platinum
Edius Download

If your blog really starts to get tracked and if Sony Vegas is not enough for you, you'll be looking for a more professional solution. Edius is the program that many news channels and news bulletins in the world prepare. The price starts at $ 699, but the results you get are worth it.

Minimal quality loss during video editing is a program that can hardly compromise your computer (for long videos) as well as highlight features such as working in every format. But if you need to work fast and you trust your computer, Edius is a program for you.

If you are looking for a system equivalent to Edius for MAC FinalCutI would suggest.


If you want to exaggerate the Vlog event and want to make quality videos as good as the movie industry, if you can open up to $ 2,500, the other programs we talk about will remain like the difference between Photoshop and Paint. But this program is definitely the work of the masters.

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