Having Kruger Syndrome causes you to step out of the market quickly. So why? First of all, let me talk about the Kruger Syndrome. When describing this syndrome, it will be correct to say the simplest form of ignorant courage. Because the less you know, the more confidence you have in yourself. If you start to know so much, you will take every step of thinking twice. Because;

"Unqualified people do not have the qualities to realize how unqualified they are."

A lesser-known person often says "I am an expert in this business", much more comfortably than I am aware of. One of the biggest problems in particular is the following: unqualified people can not measure their qualities properly and can not give them the required credit because their level of knowledge is not sufficient when they see qualified people.

The problem of the world is that they are arrogantly confident of fools when their wisdom is always in the air. -Bertrand Russell

Why is Kruger syndrome useful? Why do I lead this way even though I beat those who have this syndrome quite badly? Because now Information eraWe nd. It is easier to access the information than ever. Same time Marketing in our lives as never before. In fact, every dialogue we enter, each time we meet, each talk Halo EffectImmediately after that we are being tested. This test should also be perceived as personal marketing. In other words, we market ourselves, our thoughts, what we do. It does not have to be a business meeting with this province, it is a situation that we will encounter even in a friend environment.

So what will Kruger do for us in this environment where we market ourselves? It is not possible to be an expert on every subject with the creation of man. Kruger creates a leverage effect for reaching these targets if we have targets in the field without our expertise.

It's one of the things I've always complained about, people swell their titles. But on the other hand, when we look at someone's work by inflating the title, it will soon be a means to learn about it and to make it special. We often overlook this. As you can see in the example, "I'm a Social Media Strategist," he will not be able to get a job in this field and develop himself in this field.

I do not have to tell you by always hitting others. I've been blogging since 2003. Sometimes I write once a day, sometimes once a month. I have become so confused now that I have been able to ignore everything a blogger needs to do from server setup to content management to CMS systems to Adsense ads. Now a WordPress installation does not take 3 minutes. I have had a lot of knowledge about SEO as well. However, for the trainings I gave, I directed other instructors for the SEO title for a long time. Because I was aware of how comprehensive SEO is. I think now that I could be successful with Kruger's syndrome, I could actually be quite successful. I will take a break from this example and explain another example. I am a teacher in a major educational program in 2011. I've never even advertised Adwords once in my life. He wanted me to run an Adwords course and not have an instructor. I worked on Adwords until the last night sabbatical that day and I told Adwords 25 people over 5 hours of training day. I started getting customers on the case, and I became able to manage the budgets. But I did not choose this way in SEO. I resisted Kruger and did not tell SEO for years. I joined a lot of SEO training to improve myself in this area. I saw that "this guy is a bit of a shit" everybody I know knows less than me. I counted in my place when people trusted Kruger and moved on to this area. I have been providing uninterrupted SEO trainings for the last year since I realized the event. I wish I had not started before.

You are aware that you have little knowledge of a subject that you do not trust in yourself. So instead of running away from the subject, you should start to develop yourself as soon as possible. Richard Branson has a word I love very much.

Richard Branson

Experience, that is real experience is not achieved without sinking. You absolutely have to sink your job once, so that you can actually learn it in every sense. Leave yourselves to Kruger and he will guide you. Do not miss the great opportunities in your life. There is a video of Hasan Başusta and Hakan Akben about the subject individually. I hope that this video will continue. I advise you to leave and watch.

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