American elections are the most talked about on the web. A large number of infografiks were prepared for the elections. Here are some infographics we have selected for you;

According to this infographic, which tells about the popularity of presidential candidates in Google services, Google sees two candidates at a glance. According to Obama Romney, there is much more news in the news. The videos about Romney have started to be watched much more. Obama is clearly ahead in the number of followers on Google Plus.

In this infographic, the differences of Republican and Democratic voters according to their views on life are examined.

Republican voters want nuclear energy, democratic voters want to invest in solar energy, or interesting information like Democrats love Batman and the Republicans love Hancock. This infographic was prepared by StumbleUpon.
They can vote for Romney or Obama with balloons on the HTML5 graph created by Guardian journalism. Candidates smile and feel sorry for the number of states they earn. He's done a very interesting work, Guardian. Obama is obviously ahead.

You can go to the application by clicking on the image. 


In this infografik, from 1788 onwards, US elections are described in detail. Which election was won by the Senate and how many representations reached. you can access the information.

This infographic was prepared by Mortgage Refinance. According to this infography, which tells the promises of the two candidates, Obama intends to raise taxes, Romney will reduce. Obama wants to fix the economy as the first target, and Romney wants to solve the housing crisis.


Finally, let's examine how much money has been spent for this election, and where they have been spent. First of all, a resource is spent as much as the resources spent in the last 3 elections. Approximately 1.4 billion dollars. The state of the state can examine how much resources have been provided from where.


Although it is predicted that Obama will win the election by electronic means, it is also known that the Republicans are not very good at internet. Results do not know what will happen in the elections in Turkey, but we hope that the preparation of such detailed infographics.

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