I have been in business negotiations for about 6 years, occasionally on behalf of my clients, I have occasionally been interviewing hundreds of HR and consultants. I saw many common points of candidates who are not recruited. Critics of HR HR @intern I will try to explain why the candidates are not hired.

First of all, candidates insist on not thinking like representatives of the company they apply to. What does the official who opens a business affair want? If possible, do not drown among hundreds of applicants, call 7-8 candidates and get the most suitable job. That's why Carrier.net has recently started not to be preferred. I never forget, we opened a social media specialist at the career.net. There were 324 applications, I sat down and removed statistics. Only 14 of the applicants had previously worked in a place on social media. As you can imagine, there was also an experience criterion in the city. I called a truck driver who applied. I really wondered about motivation, why did he bother and apply? The answer was festive to the houses. "What if we get it?" Abdul, what do we do? Is it really the only goal to get a job? Or can you do the job? Haydi say you were invited to a post-employment interview with an irrelevant resume. What are you planning to answer the question asked? Employers are not hiring a new employee because their companies look crowded. If you do business, you get the contribution to the company. (My answer) You can not get the job by showing your superior communication skills during the job interview. If you do not have the training / experience related to the field you are applying to and someone is hiring you, then be frightened. Your employer is arrogant.

Kariyer.net and so on. After getting disappointed in the sites, I began to collect lots of CVs from my own circles and social networks. I would like to touch on the reasons for the elimination of CVs.

Long Preface

Yes, I do not even read it, even if I know that writing a biography, talking about your goals, something good, but only a 5 page essay on a 6-page CV is the world's most talented candidate.

Reaction to see a 5-page story

The Fastest Ease of E-mail: Konusuz E-Mail

If you know of other sectors, and you're sending CVs for a communications-oriented sector like digital marketing, send mail toyou have to know. Who knows who will write mails to a customer tomorrow who does not know how to write more? No employer will enter this risk.

You're welcome?

Okay, no one expects you to say goodbye but ultimately a formal language is used in business applications. Ultimately, the first dam is where first communication is provided. You can not ask, you are happy to help, I do not know what kind of thank you or something, but please write the letter from the top of the alta.

Mail Bomber

You might want to attract your employer's attention, it's a good idea. But when you send the guy to your CV 3 times a day, I really am very sincere, your name is badly carved into memory.

Word of mine PDF?

Sending a CV is an official application. For both the structural and morphological shifts, as well as some of the work is sent as raconundan CVs .pdf. I think I am the first person to leave the CV in the Word file.

Certificates and Events

It will be bad news for many students, but it does not mean anything to the employer that you have joined Crystal Apple or the Golden Spider as a listener. These are not the kind of information to be written in the trainings I attend. On the other hand, there is a detail on the 3 free speeches, with one page from the participation certificates, which is not included in the free university events that 3-4 speakers attended and advertised their own business. If you have a certificate for the field you are actually applying to, you will score minus points instead of drawing attention to the fact that if you are in training, you will, of course, write but look crowded.

Fly in References

When you write the county chief of a french party, you are likely to be hired by the political conjuncture by 50%. On the other hand, the Prime Minister also saw the reference to these eyes. What am I supposed to do, call the guy and ask you? On the other hand, when you write 9 references, it does not show you strong, on the contrary it shows you think you are writing and looking for a crowd.

Explode in References

The digital marketing industry is really small. Every day everybody started to come to me as if everyone knows everybody. A CV came, I appreciate, I called to see. I was positive about the interview, I did not pay attention to the references. I have a look, 3 references. Two of them are very close friends. He said in turn, "Haydar did not hire that man, he was sinking us," said the other, "I could not make two grams of work for months, do not get involved." Either my brother, you never thought before you wrote these guys, you did not weigh them.

File name

It may seem like a really small detail but you get a bit confused when your CV file comes up with the name "Name Last Name X Company to be added .docx". file with name-surname-ozgecmis.pdf.

Career Site CVs

This may be normal for other sectors, but "generally" more creative, more specific people are sought in marketing. Instead of resorting to a CV you have taken from Career.net, you can send your own design to make it really more appealing.


If there is a good phrase on the job posting, do not apply if you are not really English. Both sides are wasting time in vain.

  • Mr. Peki X, how are you English, we are a company that sells products to the globe, do you have problems in communication with customers?

  • I can understand but can not speak.

  • Can you write?

  • Google Trans ..

  • Well, take it easy.

You should look into the company's location before applying

I called a job interviewer for someone who did not write a contact address in the CV. Our place is Kurtköy. An hour before the job call, the phone rang, "I did not look adrese, I live in Esenyurt." If you are good, you have been added to the black list.


Yes, I know, I need CVs without photographs abroad, I do not say anything about not being a photograph, but for God's sake, do you put a photo of CV with a cigarette in your mouth? I'm having a hard time not putting up a screenshot here!


How can someone who does not care about your CV pay attention to it? Do you believe those eyes who wrote the wrong part of the chapter, who wrote Adworlds know very well, Egzel?


If you are a social media specialist, an SEO expert or something, you should not write an accountant if your position is a digital marketing specialist. Okay, I'm a civil aviation graduate, but is not it a shame if I write this on the title line in my CV?


One of the most common complaints I have in candidates; they just come to the job interview to get a job. There is no lie to tell until they get hired. Why do you want to enter a job that you can not be happy with, can not adapt? After three months you will either resign or you will be fired, why are you wearing these?

  • X Mom, what are you waiting for where you want to work? What would happen if you were happy?

  • I am happy to lead a team of 8-9 people.

  • Only one person will work here depending on the marketing.

  • Oh, is it? I am very glad, a place I really like. I can show myself more easily.

  • ?????


This is where the lie is told the most. Heads can sometimes be very confusing in this regard. I recently posted an internship. It was not a shame not to pay the internship, but we thought we were salaried. Someone has communicated, called, seeing.

  • Well, everything is so beautiful, what are you expecting to pay for your internship?

  • 3500TL

  • I did not ask your career goal 5 years later, Mr. X.

If we leave all this on the edge, the type of candidate I am most annoying, it is not just me, it is the type of candidate that all the employers I see are the hardest.

  • Welcome, what are you in?

  • I can get tea, how much was the salary?

  • Lan stop! We can not even tell what it is.

The hani sector was small, I had a very good example the other day. The job interview is ongoing, everything is great, it's alright. The issue came naturally.

  • I used to get £ 5500 where I worked. I'm going to demand a little higher.

  • Okay, okay, we will evaluate and make a return.

  • Abi X had a job interview with us, how much salary were you getting?

  • He was getting $ 1800, brother, why?

  • E hoo, brother!

Instagram Lovers

Either I am very old, another generation or someone is mocking me badly. Is Instagram DM sent from my brother, brother? No, he's finally heart beat.

I say this with all my sincerity. It's really easy to get into a job. They've been looking for dozens of people around for months. But it is important to remember that it is a serious cost for a company to hire someone, and every company wants to minimize this cost risk to a minimum. Applicants who have just been hired to send you to send only CVs, they will not make you a business owner. A friend of mine sent a sentence like this: "I am counting today, I have applied to 48 different places, I will definitely go to one." DO NOT ENTER! Job advertisements are not published for lotto.