One of the most used social networks in the world, Twitter is manipulated to manipulate political events. Twitter users are also under great threat when these manipulations happen ...

Alert Twitter users Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer Haydar Özkömürcü "Social networks are common shared platforms used by all segments. For this reason, it is the first condition for securing the accounts of people or institutions, "he said, explaining what needs to be done on Twitter and the threats facing people.

Innocent users are being used in manipulations!

Social engineers who manipulate the Agenda section, which is made up of topics that everyone is talking about on Twitter, and try to make the other users talk about what they want, are using a few different methods to accomplish this. Most of these methods are used by taking over the permissions belonging to your Twitter account. Users are allowed to log in and log in applications such as "profile look who", "short-track follower", and allow malicious people to use their own Twitter accounts.

They may already have caught your password!

Another commonly used method is "phishing". Punctuation allows the user to click on a link that will draw attention. The user who received the message "Have you ever seen this photo before?" Clicks the link and assumes that you will see the photo on Twitter, enters the password and loses it to social engineers. Social engineers are waiting a long time so you do not understand that your account has been entered. The social engineers who have been waiting for the last 6 months after you give your first cipher access your profile at a time when you are not aware of it to make propaganda for terrorism. They can tweet about the tags they have identified in your account and change the agenda in the way they want.

Manipulating Twitter Agenda!

Another commonly used method is to open a series of fake accounts and tweet with automated software. Once the tag has been set, the meaningless tweets that have been thrown away are erased and suddenly it is spreading in front of Twitter users as if it was an agenda. In this way, users are starting to say their opinions about the subject and the social engineers want it to happen.

Safety Precaution

Which centers of manipulation are coming from Özkömürc of "As a result of my research, Twitter has 14 different focuses that try to manipulate the agenda illegally on the agenda. The methods and calculations that these foci use are different. These differences are separating them from each other. "says. The police also said that they should take measures against these foci. the Özkömürc "People using such systems should be closely monitored. They are a potential threat. "

The Results Can Be Heavy!

Tweets that you threw without your knowledge may have been thrown about illegal topics. You may be giving tweeting support for your counterparts on your account, tweeting support for a political party you do not have, tweeting support for lynching campaigns against a brand you have never used. Because you see these tweets, you may be at work or you may encounter legal consequences. Especially in the private sector, "hacklendim" you are able to save your business provides.

What should you do?

First of all you should be careful where you are entering your Twitter password. You should never enter your password outside of Twitter's own website. On the other hand, you should thoroughly read and evaluate what you allow in the permission screens of the Twitter applications you allow. For your institution and your own career social media education You should receive.



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