Twitter is a growing social media giant every day. Thousands of companies are pursuing to advertise on Twitter. But it is very difficult for a company with thousands of followers to know who is following him. In order to be able to make appropriate advertisements, you first need to know the target group. How will you know thousands of thousands, thousands of followers?

Schmap it keeps track of all your followers' statistics and offers detailed analysis reports. You can even get detailed analysis of your followers, not just you. All you have to do is write your nickname.

Schmap for your followers, what country they live in, their profession, their gender, what topics they tweet about, what accounts they follow, whether they are married or single, and so on. presenting information as a graphic or as a table. You can even save the data you compiled in .csv format and import it to accesse or create a database.

Most of the application is free but you need to pay between $ 5 and $ 75 to use some features.

If the application is a website here.

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