It will be quite interesting in terms of 2013 Social Media. In the summer of 2013's prophecies Let's talk about the new algorithm that Twitter is preparing.

Facebook edgerank algorithm made a lot of money for Facebook. Twitter has not been able to catch up with the profitability rates it is currently targeting, and is therefore pursuing a new advertising policy. With Twitter's new algorithm, the stream on the main page will be split into two separate parts, instant tweets and main tweets. When we enter the main tweets as the default setting, we will get confused.

Among the accounts that you follow, the tweets of people who interact with you (ment, mention, retweet, favorite) will get more twitches. In the main news, more sponsored tweets will come to the forefront. So Sponsored Tweets will be a must for your Twitter campaigns.

Twitter will give this algorithm the name TwedgeRank or TwitterRank. Work is not over yet. However, with this algorithm coming, there will be no prospects of having many followers.

Because your followers will see much less because your tweets are not interfering. It is a very sad news for those who are selling industry and the phenomenon in this way. We will also get rid of my texting and derivation tags from the # we are tired of seeing in TT.

How about you, can Twitter be alive with this algorithm?