What is TrustRank? Why is it important?

The effect of PageRank on the ranking of search engines in the sites is decreasing day by day. Instead of the PageRank system, TrustRank and AuthorRank values ​​became more important. When a page has a PageRank of 5, we can see a website with the same search result as PageRank 2 in this higher order.

TrustRank is a link analysis technique developed by Yahoo and Standford University together against Spam.

TrustRank has the general logic of "tell me your friend and tell you who you are". If you are a good site you are linking to a good site, bad site and bad site. Root sites complement this rationale. The root sites selected by TrustRank editors are TrustRank 100/100. The TrustRank algorithm runs on root sites and on the root. Because one of these root sites is DMOZ, every blog is actually trying to register with DMOZ.

What does TrustRank do?

TrustRank determines how quickly your search engines index your website. It is especially important for news sites. A news story from Agentlan will be indexed before all news sites, even if the same goes on, the news of the higher TrustRank website.

How is TrustRank Measured?

Unfortunately TrustRank is not measurable. Because this value does not have a specific algorithm, only the search engines have a value for us, and if you say that many TrustRank tools on the internet are measuring it, they are actually lying.

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