In particular, we have prepared one of the most frequently needed lists of social media experts. A list that you will want to check for any brand that you may have to think about or who will come to the drug as a drug for those who have difficulty finding content. list of special days celebrated in Turkey. List of creating official holidays, official days, popular in Turkey, can use the special occasions of the importance given names and interesting days I've compiled a fairly niche audience. I'm sure you'il discover a dozen days you can use your own brand. Some days not celebrated in Turkey have added to the list of brands, especially export-oriented, 11:11 days as we tried to use as Patriot Day, as used in the original. In the second part of the list, I also added salvation days for brands that want to produce more local or local content. There will be changes over time in the adjusted days according to the Hijri calendar.

First week of JanuaryTuberculosis Training Week
January 2Motivation and Inspiration Day
January 2M Happy Mew Year iler Day for Cats
January 2Open Buffet Day
January 2Science Fiction Day
January 2Barış Mançonun Birthdays
January 3Sleep Festival Day
January 3Pipette Day
January 4Spaghetti Day
January 4World Relief Font Day
January 4World Hypnotism Day
January 5Cream Day
January 6Apple Tree Day
January 5Bird's Day
January 7-13Tuberculosis Education And Propaganda Week
January 7-14White Cane Blind Week
8.On byShow And Tell Day
2nd week of JanuaryEnergy Saving Week
January 10Journalists Day
January 10Administrators Day
January 11Learning Day in Morse Alphabet
January 12Pharmacists' Day
January 13Day of Realizing Your Dreams
January 14International Kite Day
January 14Home Day
January 14Pet Dress Up Day
January 15Hat Day
January 16World Hygiene Day
January 17Inventor's Children's Day
January 17Cable Car Day
January 18World Religious Belief Day
January 19Popcorn Day
January 20Cheese Lovers Day
January 21International Sweatpants
January 21World Hugging Day
January 22Life Celebration Day
January 23Handwriting Day
January 23Pie Day
January 24Peanut Butter Day
25 - 31 JanuaryLeprosy Week
January 26World Customs Day
January 26Spouses' Day
January 27Chocolate Cake Day
January 27International Day of Fun
January 27Chocolate Cake Day
January 27World Geography Day
January 28Data Security Day
January 29Puzzle Day
January 29Free Thoughts Day
January 31Street Children's Day
1-7 FebruaryWorld Interfaith Harmonization Week
February 1Red Wearing Day
February 1Chewing Gum
February 2Crepe Day
February 2World Wetlands Day
February 4Facebook's Birthday
February 4World Cancer Day
5th of FebruaryMeteorologist Day
5th of FebruaryNutella Day
February 6World Frozen Yogurt Day
February 6Zero Tolerance Day of Female Circumcision
February 7Rose Day
February 8Opera Day
February 9Secure Internet Day
February 9Chocolate Day
February 9Pizza Day
February 9Reading Day in Bath
February 9World Smoking Cessation Day
February 10Umbrella Day
February 11White Shirt Day
February 11Old Women's Day
February 11Make a Friend
February 11Take Out Your Guitar
February 12World Marriage Day
February 12Darwin Day
February 13Computer Cleaning Day
February 13Use a Different Name Day
February 13World Radio Day
14th FebruaryInternational Book Donation Day
14th FebruaryAnimal Theft Awareness Day
14th FebruaryWorld Forgiveness Day
14th FebruaryValentine's Day
February 15World Singles Day
February 16Innovation Day
February 16Almond Day
February 17World Human Spirit Day
February 18Wine Drinking Day
February 18Pluto Day
February 18Battery Day
February 19Foundation of National Education Foundation
20 FebruaryPet Day
February 21International Mother Language Day
February 22World Yoga Day
February 22World Thinking Day
February 23Tennis Playing Day
February 24World Bartender Day
February 24Steve Jobs Birthday
Last Week of FebruaryTax Week
February 26Storytelling Day
February 27Strawberry Day
February 27World Pink Day
February 27Bullying Stop Day
February 27Polar Bear Day
February 28Digital Learning Day
February 28Rare Diseases Day
February 28Civil Defense Day
March 1Horses Protection Day
March 1World Compliment Day
March 1Accountants Day
March 2Old Things Day (Antique)
First week of MarchEntrepreneurship Week
March 3Graham Bell's Birthday
4 MarchGrammar Day
March 6Dentist's Day
March 7Corn Flakes Day
1 - 7 MarchEarthquake Week
First week of MarchGreen Crescent Week
March 15 - 21Consumer Protection Week
March 8International Women's Day
March 8Non Smoking Day
March 9Recovery Day
March 9Barbie Day
March 10Day of Excellence
March 10Blueberries Day
8 - 14 MarchScience and Technology Week
March 11Day of Dormancy
March 12The Acceptance of the Independence March and Mehmet Akif ERSOY's Remembrance Day
March 13Jewelry Day
March 14Butterfly Day
March 14Potato Chips Day
March 14Medical Day
March 14Pi Day
March 15Brutus Day
March 15World Sleep Day
March 15World Consumers Day
March 16Info Day
March 16Panda Day
March 16Anniversary of the Establishment of Teacher Schools
March 18Interesting Moments
March 18victory of Canakkale
March 18World Equal Wage Day
March 18Martyrs' Day
March 19Chocolate Caramel Day
March 20Happiness Day
March 20World Sparrow Day
March 18victory of Canakkale
18 - 24 MarchSeniors Week
21 March Week which includes Nevruz dayTurkish World and Communities Week
March 21World Poetry Day
March 21World Down Syndrome Day
March 21International Day of Struggle against Racial Discrimination
21 - 26 MarchForest Week
March 22world Water Day
March 23World Meteorological Day
March 24World Tuberculosis Day
March 25JRR Tolkien Reading Day
March 25World Tale Narration Day
March 25Waffle Day
March 26World Epilepsy Awareness Day
March 27World Theater Day
May 28International Hamburger Day
March 29Van Gogh's Birthday
March 30Pencil Day
Last Monday of MarchLibraries Week
1 AprilJoke day
1 AprilEntertainment Day
1 AprilDo-it-Your-Day
April 2Children's Book Day
April 2World Autism Awareness Day
April 3thWorld Tweed Day
April 3thWorld Party Day
April 4Carrot Day
April 4Drug Abuse or Abuse Endurance Training Day (DARE Day)
April 4Vitamin C Day
1- April 7Cancer War Week
April 4NATO Day
5 AprilLawyers' Day
6th of AprilKilled Journalists Day
6th of AprilInternational Pillow War Day
7 Aprilworld Health Day
8 AprilWorld Roma Day
7 - 13 AprilHealth & Social Security Week
8 - 14 AprilHealth Week
April 10Brotherhood Day
April 10The Day of the Police Initiative
11 AprilWorld Parkinson's Disease Day
11 AprilPet Day
11 AprilLibrary Workers Day
11 AprilYuri Gagarin's Birthday
14 AprilSky Day
14 AprilDolphin Day
14 AprilMartyrs Week
April 15Mimar Sinan's Birthday
16 AprilFili Recover Day
16 AprilFoursquare Day
April 17Ford Mustang Day
April 17World Hemophilia Day
April 17Experience Week
April 17Bla Bla Bla Day
April 17Productivity Week
18 AprilWorld Heritage Day
18 AprilCorner Writers Day
18 AprilAmateur Radio Day
April 19Garlic Day
April 19Bicycle Day
April 19Banana Day
April 19Poetry And Creative Thinking Day
April 19Travel Day
April 20Fifty Day
April 20Daylight
April 20Chinese Language Day
15 - 22 AprilTourism Week
20 - 26 April *Mohammed's Birth
April 22Earth Day
21- 28 AprilMidwives Week
23rd AprilSpeech Day Like Shakespeare
23rd AprilEnglish Language Day
23rd AprilNational Sovereignty and Children's Day
Week of April 23World Book Day and Libraries Week
April 25World Malaria Day
April 25DNA Day
April 25Anzac Day
April 25Turkey Statistics Day
April 26World Lettering and Card Day (World Stationery Day)
April 26World Intellectual Property Day
April 26International Guide to Dogs Day
April 26Program Making Day
April 26Pilots Day
April 27Tell a Story
April 27Morse Alphabet Day
28 AprilBiological Clock Day
April 29Astronomy Day
April 29World Veterinary Day
April 29World Wish Day
April 29World Ballet And Dance Day
30 AprilHonesty Day
30 AprilWorld Jazz Day
April 28 - May 4Brotherhood Week
First Week of MayInformation Week
First Week of MayTraffic and First Aid Week
Second of May. WeekFoundations Week
1 MayGolf Day
1 MayWorld Love Day
1 MayLabor day
May 2Baby's Day
1 - 7 MayRoad Safety and Traffic Week
May 3The World Press Freedom Day
May 3Meditation Day in the Garden
May 3World Asthma Day
May 4Firefighters Day
May 4Renewal Day
May 4International Space Day
May 4Star Wars Day (# May4beWithYou)
5th of MayCartoonists Day
4 - 10 MayOccupational Health and Safety Week
May 6Hıdrellez
May 6International Day of Non-Diet
May 7World Lemonade Day
On the 2nd Sunday in MayMothers Day
May 8Free Trade Day
May 8Receptionists Day
May 8Day of Socks
May 9European Day
May 9Statistics Day
6 - 12 MayBlood Week
10 MayWorld Ocean Day
10 MayCouncil of State and Administrative Judicial Week
10 - 16 MayDisabled Week
12 - 18 MayNurses Week
May 11Train Day
May 11Windmills Day
May 11World Migratory Birds Day
May 11Opera Day
May 13Turkish Language Day
May 14World Pharmaceutical Day
May 14World Farmers Day
May 15Chocolate Chip Cookies Day
May 15Earth Climate Day
May 15Memorial Day of Air Martyrs
May 15International Family Day
May 16Drawing Day
Week Subject of May 15Family week
May 17World Hypertension Day
May 17World Telecommunications Day
May 17Pizza Party Day
May 18International Virtual Assistant Day
May 18Museum Day
May 18Endangered Species Day
18 - 24 MayMuseums Week
May 19thSwimming Learning Day
May 19thWorld Notebook Day
May 19thAtatürk Commemoration and Youth and Sports Day
20 MayClinical Research Day
15 - 21 MayYouth Week
21 MayImportant Information Sharing Day
21 MayAnti-Terrorism Day
21 MayWorld Milk Day
May 22Sherlock Holmes Day
May 22Gothic Day
May 22Biodiversity Day
May 23Turtle Day
May 24Crown Day
25 MayEthics Day
25 MayInternational Missing Children's Day
25 MayAfrican Day
May 28Hamburger Day
May 29Biscuit Day
May 29The Conquest of Istanbul
May 31World No Smoking Day
May 31Macaron Day
May 31Web Designers Day
May 31World Neighborhood Day
May 31World Hostesses Day
June 1Drawing Day
June 1World Milk Day
June 2Cancer Cancer Day
June 3Chocolate macarons day
June 3Early Leaving Day
First Week of JuneThe Hunger Struggle Week
June 4Tailors Day
June 5Running Day
June 5World Enviroment Day
June 6Russian Language Day
June 6D-Day (Normandy Decal)
June 7VCR Day
June 7Chocolate Cake Day
June 7Donat Day
June 8Best Friends Day
June 8World Oceans Day
June 9Donald Duck Day
10 JuneBallpoint Pen Day
10 JuneIced Tea Day
10 JuneNikola Tesla's Birthday
June 12Superman's Day
June 12Red Rose Day
June 12World Day Against Child Labor
June 13Sewing Machine Day
June 14World Volunteer Blood Donors Day
15 JuneMagna Carta Day
15 JuneJuggling Day
15 JuneLobster Day
15 JuneWorld Aged Violence and Abuse Awareness Day
15 JuneNature Photography Day
15 JuneInternational Wind Day
2nd Week of JuneEnvironmental Protection Week
June 16Fresh Vegetables Day
June 17Turkey Day
June 17World Desertification and Drought Day
June 18Fishing Day
June 18Sushi Day
June 18Autistic Awareness Day
June 19Cherry Tart Day
3. MarketFather's Day
20 JuneWorld Productivity Day
20 JuneWorld Refugee Day
June 21Skateboard Day
June 21World Humanist Day
June 21World Hydrographic Day
June 21Selfie And Selfie Day
June 21World Music Day
June 22Chocolate Inserts Day
June 26Chocolate Pudding Day
June 26International Day Against Drug Use and Smuggling
June 29Camera Day
June 30Social Media Day
June 30Pensioners Day
July 1Canada Day
July 1Day of Doctors
July 1Day Visiting Parks
July 1Cabotage and Sea Feast
July 2Don't forget
July 2UFO Day
4th of JulyBBQ Day
July 5Bikini Day
July 6International Kissing Day
July 6Fried Chicken Day
7 JulyChocolate Day
7 JulySaying the Day
7 JulyPasta Day
July 8Math Day
July 10Bees Day
July 11World Population Day
July 12Simplicity Day
July 13International Rock Day
July 13French Fries Day
July 14Kebab Day
July 14Noise Day
July 17World Emoji Day
July 18Mandela Day
July 19Ice Cream Day
July 20Chess Day
July 21Day of Pastor Cubur
July 22Hammock Day
July 23Hot Dog Day
July 24Journalists and Press Day
July 27Milk Chocolate Day
July 27Parent Day
July 29Lipstick Day
July 29Lasagna Day
July 29International Tiger Day
July 30World Friendship Day
July 31World Hazard Day
August 1Girlfriend Day
August 1Parents Respect Day
August 1International Children's Day Day
August 1World Lung Cancer Day
August 1Beer Day
August 2Coloring Book Day
August 3Watermelon Day
August 4Coast Guard Day
August 4Sisters Day
August 4Friendship Day
August 5Mustard Day
August 5Underwear Day
August 6Clean Breath Day
August 8Bowling Day
August 8Cat Day
August 9Book Lovers Day
August 12World Elephant Day
August 12International Youth Day
August 13International Left Day
August 14Social Security Day
August 15Lion Day
August 17Homeless Animals Day
August 17Kocaeli Earthquake
August 16Male Care Day
August 19Photography Day
August 19Charity Day
August 19Humanitarian Aid Day
August 19Aviation Day
August 20Radio Day
August 20World Mosquito Day
August 24International Peculiar Music Day
August 25Kiss and Day of Meetings
August 26Women's Equality Day
August 26Dog Day
August 26-30Victory Week
August 27Burger's Day
August 28Bowtie Day
30 AugustFrankenstein Day
30 Augustvictory Day
1 Septemberworld peace Day
1 SeptemberLazy Mother's Day
September 4Newspaper Day
September 5Late Day
September 6Snooze Day
September 7World Beard Day
September 7Book Purchase Day
September 7Salami Day
September 7International Turkey Vulture Day
September 8Physiotherapy Day
September 8Actors Day
September 8Star Trek Day
September 8World Literacy Day
3 - 9 SeptemberPublic Health Week
September 10World Suicide Prevention Day
September 10World Free Paratroopers Day
September 11Patriot Day (Twin Towers)
September 12Video Games Day
September 13Peanut Day
September 13Software Day
September 15Greenpeace Day
September 14World First Aid Day
16 SeptemberGymnastics Day
16 SeptemberWorld Ozone Day
September 17Anaysa Day
September 18Water Saving Day
September 19Boss Hugging Day
September 19Veterans Day
September 19International Pirate Speech Day
3rd Week of SeptemberElementary Week
September 21World Alzhemier Day
September 21Zero Emission Day
September 21International Day of Peace
September 21World Thanksgiving
September 22White Chocolate Day
September 22Vegetarian Day
September 22Hobbit Day
25 September - 1 OctoberFire Protection Week (Firefighting Week)
September 25World Food Day
September 25World Pharmacists' Day
September 25Comic Book
September 26Celery Day
September 26Turkish Language Day
September 26World Birth Control Day
September 26World Fitness Day
September 26European Language Day
Last Week of SeptemberRailways Week
September 27Navy Day
September 27Google's Anniversary
September 27Intercultural Dialogue Day
September 27World Tourism Day
September 29World Heart Day
September 29Coffee Day
September 30International Translation Day
October 1stWorld Seniors Day
October 1stInternational Coffee Day
October 1stCD Player Day
October 1stWorld Architecture Day
October 1stWorld Vegetarian Day
October 2World No Violence Day
October 2Farm Animals Day
October 3Boyfriend Day
1st week of OctoberMosque and Religious Officers Week
1st week of OctoberWorld Breastfeeding Week
First Monday of OctoberWorld Children's Day
First Monday of OctoberWorld HABITAT Day
First Monday of OctoberWorld Architecture Day
First Monday of OctoberWorld Housing Day
October 4Smile Day
October 4World Animal Protection Day
4 - 10 OctoberWorld Space Week
October 5International Teachers' Day
October 5Anniversary of Steve Jobs' Death
October 8Day of Confrontation with Fears
October 9World Post Day
October 10Bag Day
October 10World Mental Health Day
October 11Egg Day
October 11World Newspaper Distributors Day
October 12Music Day
October 8-October 12Ahilik Culture Week
October 13The Capital of Ankara
October 13English Language Day
October 13World Housing Day
October 14World Standards Day
15th of OctoberPregnancy and Low Baby Remembrance Day
15th of OctoberWorld Breast Health Day
October 16International Day of Dignity
October 16Street Cats Day
October 16Bosses Day
October 16Dictionary Day
October 16Steve Jobs Day
October 16Merchandising Day
October 16World Reading Week
October 16World Food Day
October 17World Poverty Alleviation Day
10.19.2013Bridge Day
10.18.2013World Menopause Day
3rd week of OctoberStandards Week
October 21Apple Day
October 22Caps Lock Day
October 23Van earthquake
October 23iPod Day
October 23Mole Day
October 24United Nations Day
October 26Patient Rights Day
October 29 - November 4Red Crescent Week
October 28Animation Day
October 29Internet Day
October 29Cat Day
October 29Republic Day
31 OctoberInternational Black Sea Day
31 OctoberHalloween
31 OctoberMagic Day
31 OctoberWorld Savings Day
November 1World Vegan Day
November 1Authors' Day
November 3Sandwich Day
October 29 - November 4Red Crescent Week
1 - 7 NovemberTurkish Letter Revolution Week
November 6Saxophone Day
2-8 NovemberChildren with Leukemia Week
3 -9 NovemberOrgan Donation and Transplant Week
November 7Men's Cooking Day
November 8X-Ray Day
November 8World Urbanism Day
Week starting Monday 2nd of NovemberWorld Children's Book Week
November 9World Freedom Day
10 NovemberArea Code Day
10 NovemberAnniversary of Atatürk's Death
November 11Origami Day
November 12Happy Hour Day
November 12Disaster Training Preparatory Day
November 13Courtesy Day
November 14World Quality Day
November 14World Diabetes Day
November 15Refrigerator Cleaning Day
10 - 16 NovemberAtatürk Week
November 16International Day of Tolerance
November 16Guiness World Record Day
November 16UNESCO Foundation Day
November 17World Premationality Day
November 19World Toilet Day
November 19International Men's Day
November 20World Philosophy Day
November 20World Children's Rights Day
November 22Dentists' Day
22 - 27 NovemberOral and Dental Health Week
4th of NovemberThanksgiving Day
November 24Teachers' Day
November 25International Day Against Violence Against Women
November 26World Tolerance Day
November 29Dental Rope Day
November 30Computer Security Day
1st of DecemberWorld AIDS Day
December 2Day of Ban on Slavery
2 - 9 DecemberMevlana Week
December 3World Disabled Day
December 4Brown Shoes Day
December 5Women's Rights Day
December 5Engineers' Day
December 5Ninja Day
December 5International Volunteer Day
December 6World Miners Day
December 7International Civil Aviation Day
December 8Choir Day
December 8Brownie's Day
December 9International Veterinary Day
December 9Techno Music Day
3 - 9 DecemberFoundation Week
Week that includes December 10thHuman Rights and Democracy Week
December 10World Human Rights Day
December 11Mountain Day
December 12-18Solidarity Week with the Poor
12 - 18 DecemberAttitude, Investment and Turkish Goods Week
December 13Violin Day
December 14Monkey Day
December 15World Tea Day
December 15Free Shipping Day
December 20Game Day
December 21World Cooperative Day
December 25Pumpkin Cake Day
27 DecemberAtatürk's Arrival in Ankara
December 30Bacon Day
31st of DecemberChristmas Celebration Day

Independence Days

HistoryKurtulan City / Town
January 3Icel / Mersin
January 5Adana
January 6Adana / Ceyhan
January 7Osmaniye
January 8Hatay / Erzin
January 9Hatay / Dortyol
February 12Kahramanmaras / Merkez
February 13Erzincan / Merkez
February 13Giresun / Gorele
14th FebruaryTrabzon / Vakfikebir
14th FebruaryTrabzon / Besikduzu
February 15Gümüşhane / Merkez
February 15Trabzon / Macka
February 16Bitlis / Tatvan
February 17Trabzon / Tonya
February 17Trabzon / Akcaabat
February 17Erzincan / Tercan
February 19Erzincan / Çayırlı
February 21Bayburt / Center
February 23Ardahan / Center
February 24Trabzon / Merkez
February 24Trabzon / Yomra
February 25Trabzon / Arakli
February 25Trabzon / Surmene
February 25Ardahan / Cild
February 25Erzurum / Ispir
February 27Artvin / Savsat
February 27Trabzon / Caykara
February 28Trabzon / Of
March 1Ardahan / Hanak
March 1İçel / Arslanköy
March 2Rize
March 3Erzurum / Askale
March 3Erzurum / Pazaryolu
March 7Artvin
March 7Artvin / Ardanuç
March 7Artvin / Borçka
March 9Erzurum / Çat
March 9Rize / Çayeli
March 10Rize / Market
March 10Rize / Ardesen
March 11Rize / Hazelnut
March 11Erzurum / Ilica
March 11Bingöl / Karlıova
March 12Artvin / Arhavi
March 12Erzurum
March 13Erzurum / Pasinler
March 13Artvin / Hopa
March 14Erzurum / Hınıs
March 14Erzurum / Köprüköy
March 16Erzurum / Horasan
March 18Erzurum / Tekman
March 18Erzurum / Karayazı
March 18Erzurum / Narman
March 21Erzurum / Tortum
March 22Adana / Feke Hotels
March 25Erzurum / Oltu
March 28Erzurum / Olur
1 AprilVan / Ercis
1 AprilVan / Gürpınar
April 2Van
April 2Van / Muradiye
April 3thVan / Caldiran
April 3thVan / Palace
7 AprilErzurum / Şenkaya
11 AprilSanliurfa
14 AprilAğrı / Diyadin
14 AprilAğrı / Doğubeyazıt
14 AprilPain / Dough
14 AprilAgri / Patnos
14 AprilAğrı / Taşlıçay
14 AprilPain
April 15pain
16 AprilAğrı / Eleşkirt
18 AprilVan / Başkale
April 22Hakkari
30 AprilMus
May 3Sakarya / Kaynarca
25 MayHotels around Adana
June 2Adana / Kozan
June 21Sakarya
June 21Zonguldak
June 22Sakarya / Sapanca
June 28Kocaeli
4th of JulyKocaeli / Karamursel
July 5Hatay / Iskenderun
July 6Hatay / Kirikhan
July 8Hatay / Reyhanli
July 19Yalova
July 23Hatay's Participation in the Motherland
August 8Bitlis / Center
August 27Opium
August 27Afyon / Sincanlı
August 28Bingol / Solhan
30 AugustKutahya
30 AugustKütahya / Dumlupınar
30 AugustManisa / Demirci
30 AugustDenizli / Çivril
August 31Usak / Sivasli
1 SeptemberEskisehir / Seyitgazi
1 SeptemberKütahya / Gediz
1 SeptemberServant
1 Septemberİzmir / Cherry
1 SeptemberIzmir / Aliaga
September 2Eskisehir
September 2Usak / Karahalli
September 2Uşak / Ulubey
September 3Balikesir / Dursunbey Hotels
September 3Balıkesir / Sindirgi
September 3Denizli / South
September 3İzmir / Odemis Hotels
September 3Kütahya / Emet
September 3Kütahya / Tavşanlı
September 3Manisa / Selendi
September 3Uşak / Eşme
September 3Aydin / Buharkent
September 4Balikesir / Bigadic
September 4Photo of Bilecik / Bozüyük
September 4Bilecik / Willow
September 4Denizli / Buldan
September 4İzmir / Tire
September 4Kütahya / Simav
September 4Manisa / Kula Hotels
September 4Manisa / Sarigol
September 5Aydın / Kuyucak
September 5Aydin / Nazilli
September 5Aydin / Sultanhisar
September 5Balıkesir / Susurluk
September 5Bilecik / Market Place
September 5Manisa / Alasehir
September 5Manisa / Gördes
September 5Manisa / Salihli
September 6Manisa / Ahmetli
September 6Manisa / Golmarmara Hotels
September 6Bilecik
September 6Aydin / Soke
September 6View Aydın's Full Profile
September 6Aydin / Pavilion
September 6Balikesir
September 6Balıkesir / Balya
September 6Balikesir / Gonen
September 6Balikesir / Savastepe
September 6Bursa / İnegöl
September 6Bursa / Yenisehir
September 6Manisa / Akhisar
September 6İzmir / Bayındır
September 7İzmir / Beydağ
September 7Manisa / Turgutlu
September 7Intellectual
September 7Aydin / Germencik
September 7Aydin / Kusadasi
September 7Aydin / Incirliova
September 7Balıkesir / Ivrindi
September 7İzmir / Torbalı
September 7Manisa / Saruhanli
September 8Balıkesir / Burhaniye
September 8İzmir / Kemalpaşa
September 8Izmir / Selcuk
September 8Manisa
September 9Balikesir / Edremit
September 9Izmir
September 9İzmir / Bornova
September 9Izmir / Menemen
September 9Bursa / Orhaneli
September 10Bursa / Orhangazi
September 11Bursa
September 11Bursa / Gemlik
September 11İzmir / Foça
September 11İzmir / Seferihisar
September 11Izmir / Guzelbahce
September 12Bursa / Mudanya
September 12İzmir / Urla
September 12Manisa / Kirkagac
September 13Manisa / Soma
September 13İzmir / Kınık
September 14Bursa / Karacabey
September 14Balikesir / Manyas
September 14Balikesir / Altinova
September 14Bursa / Mustafakemalpasa
September 14İzmir / Bergama
September 14İzmir / Dikili
September 15Balıkesir / Ayvalık
16 SeptemberIzmir / Cesme
September 17İzmir / Karaburun
September 17Balikesir / Bandirma
September 18Balıkesir / Erdek
September 18Canakkale / Biga
September 18Eskisehir / Mahmudiye
September 20Canakkale / Bozcaada
September 20Photo of Canakkale / Bayramiç
September 20Eskisehir / Mihalicic
September 20Eskisehir / Sivrihisar
September 21Canakkale / Ayvacik
September 22Afyon / Emirdağ
September 22Canakkale / Ezine
September 23Canakkale / Can
September 24Afyon / Bolvadin
September 25Canakkale / Lapseki
September 29Kars / Sarikamis
September 30Ardahan / Lake
October 6Istanbul
October 17Canakkale / Gokceada
October 18Adana / Saimbeyli
October 30Kars
November 1İstanbul / Silivri
November 1Tekirdağ / Çorlu
November 1Tekirdag / House
November 1Kırklareli / Visa
November 2Tekirdag / Muratli
November 3Kars / Arpaçay
November 3Kars / Waterless
November 8Kırklareli / Luleburgaz
November 9Kırklareli / Pınarhisar
November 9Kırklareli / Babaeski
November 9Kırklareli / Pehlivanköy
10 NovemberKırklareli
November 11Kırklareli / Kofcaz Hotels
November 11Kırklareli / Demirköy
November 13Tekirdag
November 13Gaziantep / Islahiye
November 14Iğdır / December
November 14Igdir
November 14Tekirdag / Hayrabolu
November 14Tekirdag / Malkara Hotels
November 15Hatay / Hassa
November 18Edirne / Uzunkopru
November 19Edirne / Kesan
November 19Edirne / Meric
November 20Edirne / İpsala
November 20Bingöl / Kiğı
November 21Mardin
November 22Edirne / Havsa
November 23Edirne / Enez
November 25Edirne
November 26Canakkale
November 26Canakkale / Gallipoli
November 27Edirne / Lalapasa
November 28Bursa / Iznik
December 7Kilis
December 17Tekirdag / Sarkoy
December 17Tunceli / Pulumur
December 25Gaziantep
27 DecemberIcel / Tarsus