The researches on neuroscience shed light on the studies we will carry out in marketing world. Especially mirror neuronsI think discovery is in the field of neuroscience and marketing is a very important development in my opinion. Because we are not impressed or impressed by the ads we see, it is entirely proportional to the bonds we establish between the hundreds of ads. The presence of mirror neurons proved to us.

The traditional advertising mentality represents a person who wants to be everyone in the ad, uses his own product and waits for people to take that product to make it look like a model. But the discovery of mirror neurons offers us a new model. FMRI studies have also been conducted empathy can establish

I even want to talk about an investigation that makes the job even more interesting. In a research that measures the empathy of women and men, a classical bargaining dilemma study is carried out. They share the $ 50 with the player who is the actor. While the good player is distributing the money equally, the bad player gets the majority of the money. When the second phase of the experiment is passed, the players are starting to receive electricity. The brain activity of both male and female subjects is measured instantaneously. The women fire the mirror neurons as soon as the player receives electricity, regardless of the bad player or the good player. She puts herself in the place of the player and is suffering just like her. In men, the situation is a bit different. Mirror neurons are fired exactly like women when electricity is supplied to the good players, but when the bad player is powered, the pleasure part of the men's brain is activated. So men are enjoying the pain of the bad player. Details of the research from here You can review.

In other words, your sense of empathy and justice are different from each other. So, according to the result we get from here, women feel much more empathic than men. This means that they can be much more easily affected than ads. If the advertisement is correct, reaching the woman's wallet is much easier than the man's. Especially in ads where the target is kittens for mirror neurons studies must be carried out. With photoshop-ready posters, social media content, or TV commercials (animators will be sorry for that), it's hardly possible to achieve success - at least in the human brain.

I have a topic that I always keep on my lessons. Emotional connection. If you have no emotional connection with your target, you can not succeed. That's why the same brand of detergent or shampoo or toothpaste advertising provides brand awareness. It can never provide brand loyalty. At this point, it's worth remembering Panda's great ad.

Mirror neurons come at the forefront of the reasons for not being able to connect with the customer, which is especially a problem experienced by e-commerce sites. I can say that an e-commerce site that shows pending products has virtually no chance of boosting sales. People want to see that someone uses the product they buy. In fact, what I'm saying is that the complex fashion industry is doing wrong. In those defilements, the clothes we will never wear on the streets are driven in catwalk, and these clothes definitely do not work empathy.

It's important not only to use one face in your ad content, but also because it looks like the target. For this reason, desktop designs not working. black people use ads in Turkey not working. I need to be more clear, for example Akbank does not use headscarf in its advertisement, so the headscarf can not appeal to the target.


There is nothing to do with politics, if a person describes himself as headscarf, you have to show a headscarf advertisement to impress him. Take, for example, any advertisements of the AKP.

As you can see in the ad, we see exactly the people we see on the street. There is a full empathy bombardment in localized form. I think the neuropsychological studies they carried out in this insight were also effective. Kılınç Details of Orhan's work NYTimesyou can look at. Again in the same light CHP how to follow an advertising strategy I wrote about it.

For example, idiot you can not get empathy with this commercial film that makes the treatment. A lot of people get nervous.

I need to make another statement about mirror neurons. We do not make empathy feelings just against people. We can develop animals against inanimate models and even robots. Especially (they do not actually laugh, they do not even have the muscles to laugh), the dolphins are always friendly and cute, even when the glory of the dolphin comes to mind.