As the world changes, so are the areas where money is earned. What do you think about paying what we did not pay 10 years ago? Someone told me not to use Winamp and pay for Spotify every month, I said, "Why, I'm a retard?"

Subscription systems are in development all over the world. We are now renting many products instead of buying them. Netflix is ​​the first to capture this transformation. This system turned into a systematic monthly subscription channels from the CD rental company in Turkey -kopya also many examples of diyebileceğimiz- output. I do not think they can make money right now, but it is clear that these initiatives are open in the coming years.

One of my projects I like is the initiative of a Sip Book A Box BookAnother example of monthly subscription systems. In the system you can read books for you cheap wholesale cheap fiyata are taken and sent to you. At this point, you have come out of a long struggle like choosing a book, at the same time books come at a more affordable price.

Now that the experience economy is on the rise, we are now starting to invest in experimentation rather than just service or product. The magical world of time The number of initiatives that focus on direct experimentation, such as vacation or the dream of today's children Vialand, is increasing day by day. Initiatives will be successful only in the experience of selling services or products, rather than selling experience. Spotify not only sells music, it sells the most beautiful music that can be rested while sleeping, and when we listen while we sleep, we buy not only music but that experience.

A good thing about subscription systems is that; Once you earned the customer, your chances are very low. Now it's time to focus on what you can sell once and how you can make the experience better if you're applying a new sales process to your customers every time. Let's see what can become a subscription in the now evolving ecosystem.

Education is the first thing that comes to mind. Now that life is a once-in-a-lifetime education, I've learned everything, the point is over. Even specialist doctors have to take intermediate training on their decades of training. We are now talking about the lifelong learning process. Online / offline training programs are about to start providing you with all the training you will need. Attempts to arrange the monthly subscription fees for you and the arrangements for you to arrange the most useful work for you will come and go. This will be the point where entrepreneurs like Udemy will go.

Transportation is another issue that will be linked to the monthly subscription system. Like the blue akbil application for bus usage in Istanbul, there is now a time when we can travel as much as we want with a monthly subscription fee for applications like Uber. Uber will receive a monthly subscription fee from us and we will be able to use as much service as we like at a much cheaper rate within certain limits.

This is also possible in the field of clothing. Can not anyone undertake a combination preparation work and a time spent choosing clothes, which is a basic necessity for clothing? For example, if you think you are dressing curated by a celebrity style consultant. You have prepared 30 different combinations a month for you, that you can get the products in these combos cheaper than the ones you can buy from the stores and deliver them to you by courier. Imagine what you have delivered to the company after you've used the dress, and you have gone through the dry clean, waiting for new recipients of the combos. Moreover, not all the same combiners, the style to be adapted will work with the curator in a proper way, adding a great added value to the system.

In the food sector I think Mealbox has the advantage of Mealset. The disadvantage of the foodservice is that every day, every minute the customer has to sell something again. But once you are a member of Mealbox, you are giving every meal to him. It is much easier to grow and retain customers.

The gyms are already in place. You can get a nice service at a much more affordable price than paying a lot of money at home with a lot of sports equipment. These halls have shrunk the B2C footprint of companies selling sports equipment to a large extent. Another sector is Cinema. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to tell time to cinema. Sinemm to this area has filled a big gap. You can go to the number of files you want with your monthly subscription fee.

The subscription system can be applied to hairdressers, passenger transport systems such as airplanes, trains, buses and even hospitals. Now we have come to more frequent subscription systems in content production. We do not count the magazine, which does not already have a subscription system. Although there are different factors in the newspapers, the Zaman newspaper should not be forgotten. Harvard Business Review is what I appreciate most in this area. You can only preview at the moment, because the content is of good quality and content. I think that the subscription systems of the Clickbait methods will bring the end. Because people were bored with clickbait. They do not want to be deceived anymore. Despite that a really good platform the number of people who are willing to pay a fee is increasing day by day.

Even my baby-sitter, which I found from a monthly subscription system, needs to show the initiative of each entrepreneur in a way that suits their subscription systems. Take for example market chains. Shock, Carrefour or Migros have taken online shopping portals. But the average products people order are always the same. In the same period they order similar things. Why not apply a similar subscription system for grocery stores? Orders to be received as a standard are pre-stocked and can be sent on specified dates.

While researching subscription systems Startsub I compared it with. They also meet the system required for subscription e-commerce. If you have a similar idea, you should definitely examine it.

As a result, it is useful to base your initiatives on the subscription system in the new period. Your future sales will be made through subscription systems, not pen items.

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