On social media, it is time to deliver your most important day report for your customers. The report preparation part is very important because you will be able to see how satisfied you are when you present your report. It is important to remember that your client will decide whether to continue working with you when looking at your reports.

The most important part of the report you will prepare is actually design. You need to open a parenthesis in the design point. You must have a rule of not working for more than 15 minutes in the design of a content you will prepare on the social media. Because the user will only take care of it for 3 seconds, and if you do not care too much while preparing a content, you will benefit. But in reports this is the opposite. Do not think that you will prepare the report by analyzing every page of your customer. The customer will not even look at your single page of your report. If he was already able to understand your report, he would do it himself. Your client's single point of interest report will be your design. I Edit Digital Marketing Training One of the most frequently asked questions in the program is how much the customer has examined your report in detail.

How to Prepare an Executive Summary with the Most Important Part of Your Report

The most important part of your report for your client is the introduction part of the report "Executive Summary". The first page you'll add after designing the cover of your report is the executive summary. On this page, you should share a summary of the topics you mentioned in full in your report and a chapter on your goals for the next month, so you should use the least possible term in this section. Because the client will not understand the terms you use. Do not you think that the customer should have a chance to experience something. If instead of convincing the customer to understand the customer, you should fool the coolest fools, then someone else will fool your customer and get your customer from your hand.

What Should Be in Your Report?

One of the most strategic decisions you will make about your report is how comprehensive the report will be and how many pages it will have. My experience shows that the longer you keep your report, the less the customer is interested in the report and the more questions are asked. On the other hand, the rate of work will increase every period. For this reason, keeping the report as short as possible is one of the first things we need to do. In the first part of your report, there are two important metrics you need to give. Audience report and engagement report. You should add a page on your page that shows how much you have increased in size compared to the previous month, how many people you have reached, and the proportions and ratios of the top 5 competitors. In the second page, you should give a sense of how much the interactions (appreciation, comment, sharing) you have received have changed compared to the last month and the rate of interaction in your opponents. You can get your belongings from Socialbakers.

Your Report is Your Explanatory Site

Your report should have a text field below each page. In this text field, what is described in the graphs on the page should be detailed. If you do not describe the information contained in the plain dille chart, your customer will not be able to read your chart. If your customer does not have any specific data that you would like to see, you should include your content that most "interacts" with 3 on the following pages of your report. The main reason for including the highest interacting content is not to look at the customer's eyes but to talk about how we can increase the number of such content with the customer.

What Periods Should You Prepare Your Reports?

Reports are usually prepared on a monthly basis. However, depending on the customer's request, you may need to prepare it every 15 days or every 3 months. Especially according to the intensity of communication on the page, these rates are changing. Apart from standard reports, you will also need to prepare reports for your campaigns. In times of crisis, you will have to keep informing the customers continuously with interim reports, and if you have the key words to follow, you will also have to prepare the monitoring reports in certain periods.

Most Important Question: Why do we prepare a report?

Unlike what is known, reports are not materials that you show yourself or are subject to a test. The reports are prepared so that the customer can sell something new. Look at the customer "The competing video content with our premiere history, let us prepare video content, give us X lira" is the way you can say. The report you will prepare will never look like giving account to the customer. If you see this way and prepare for it, the customer will do the task that falls on you and ask your account.

Where do we draw the data?

You will be able to export to Excel from the "export" section in the reports section of Facebook and Twitter, which will be sufficient for you to prepare a comprehensive report. As a matter of fact, you do not need to use any additional tools. You just need to be able to read and interpret these tables well. If you have difficulty reading these tables, you can benefit from Socialbakers and Boomsocial.

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