A total of 15,000 participant research results were presented by PwC in 15 countries in 5 continents. Consumers are shaping the future business model of retailing according to the results of the PwC Global Total Retail Survey.

The points we see as important are as follows;

  • 93% of respondents show confidence in the brand because retailers prefer it.
  • Data security is the main concern that prevents many people from shopping online.
  • While the share of smartphone and tablet users is low, this rate is increasing rapidly.
  • Shoppers on the Internet use mobile browsers and applications equally.
  • 59% of global participants, thanks to social media they discovered the brands they did not know before, and they started to deal with some brands and retailers.
  • Worldwide 15,000 online shoppers, 59% of participants based on research done on the consumers they prefer trendy brands or retailers in the ratio 71% for participants in Turkey say they follow social media emerges.


Why do not you do the shopping from Turkey to questions from the internet;

  • I do not trust online payment methods at 46%.
  • I would like to buy / touch the product at a rate of 59%.
  • I am concerned about the security of my personal data by 51%.

have been given answers.

Why did you make a purchase from the website of the brand is the question of interest rates of response from Turkey as follows;

  • Price lower than 47%.
  • More product types with 36%.

The rate of price determination decreased by 14% compared to the previous year.
The determination of the multiplicity of product variety has decreased by 11% compared to last year.

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