In the traditional media, it is now well known that we should not believe what we hear, what we see, what we read. Even for newspapers, "if you want to learn the truth, read the tersten," he even made a joke. However, we have not yet developed this filtering perception in social media.

Every tweet that we read on Twitter is true, hele hele has a photo and there is absolutely true sense in the echo somewhere in ours. One of the popular topics of the last days, we have seen that social media literacy education has become an indispensable part of the Trip Park events. Some of the agencies have tweeted Twitter phenomena against money and claimed that they set the agenda. Nobody said they could never be done. Prosecutors will decide this is not true, but it is possible to do so at present. In other words, a few social media agencies can come together and use the social media to turn people around.


Phenomenons also took place

This is in no way different from the traditional media from time to time using the power in their hands to suit their own interests. Likewise, we have to be careful in the social media as well. First of all, let's talk briefly about what happened in Trip Park events. Following the first police intervention, with the dismissal of the chest, four to five different phenomena were spoken by hundreds of tweets about the subject and the entire TT about the incident.
fire Department
Many institutions have also tweeted about Twitter as an institutional topic. Until today, we have not seen anything similar in any case. Some companies even distribute gas masks to demonstrators. On the other hand, as the actions grew, photographs from different places and different places were started to be shared by different people. So those who share these photos are not egg accounts on Twitter, but celebrities, phenomena, journalists and even parliamentarians. We then took the news that "the police have burned the place and this is the photo" and that the police have taken several people to the detention together with their being thrown in their tweets. Suddenly we saw all those celebrities wipe out the tweets of the phenomena.

How will control be provided?

I do not know whether Social Media Literacy education will go into the curriculum, but until then, we have searched through Google Image Search for any photos we have seen in social media. We need to be careful not to share the tweets that feature the news, just like the "responsible" media does, without getting confirmation from two different places. Sometimes it's important to get retweets as we see it in the world at Travel Park events.
How do we know what photos are made with Photoshop?

How do we know what photos are made with Photoshop? One of the methods for this is quite simple. When I save the picture to my computer and open the picture file with notepad (notepad.exe), there will be a lot of codes that we can not read in it. In these codes, if Adobe Photoshop CS6 words come out with the CTRL + F key to search for "Adobe", then this image will be from Photoshop. In addition, right-click on the right-click on the properties panel, you can get detailed information about the visual details. Of course, all of these methods can be overcome. However, those who are usually trying to spread false news do not pay much attention to them. For this reason, they will be quite helpful.

Most importantly, you do not trust the person you are talking about. When you see any news on Twitter or Facebook, look at that person's previous shares, followers, or friends. This account is being managed by a real person, check whether the purpose is bad. As long as verification does not come from a different location, be careful not to share it.

Lastly, if you see people who share similar provocative aims, you will see screen shots from here you can find it.

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