The newspapers are also competing in social media!

Social Media Strategist Haydar Özkömürcü studied the follow-up competition between newspapers in the social media with his research. It is interesting to note that the results of the newspaper circulation and social media activity are in direct proportion.

Traditional media is socializing

Turkey shows that the best-selling general research that analyzed the results of 21 the newspaper's social media accounts are still a lot of difficulty to adapt to the newspaper's digital world. The research, which also examines the talk rates of the newspapers over the last month, reveals the differences between Facebook and Twitter users.


The most talked about newspaper: Time

Both Milat and Calendar are listed at the top of the list in both Facebook and Twitter. When the monthly talk rates are examined, the effects of 17 December events are striking. The most talked about newspaper is Time News with a big difference. The Klout score, which measures both the reaction and support tweets of the Zaman newspaper in social media, has also increased rapidly during this period and has become the most interspersed newspaper among all the newspapers.


When Hurriyet and Haberturk are taking the lead in considering the follow-up rates on Twitter, we can see Spokerman and Habertürk in front of Facebook. When compared to newspaper circulation, four of the top six newspapers are still in the top six on both Facebook and Twitter. The spokesman's journal ranks first on Facebook while on Twitter. Time, Hürriyet and Radikal newspapers attract attention when the rates of interaction with their followers are examined.

Hurriyet is followed most on Twitter

Sorting by Twitter follower numbers in research; Hurriyet, Haberturk, nationality, Time Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Sabah, Speaker, Left Newspaper, someday, Bright Star newspaper, Yeni Safak, today, Turkey, Vatan, Evening Mail, New Akita, Calendar and Christ. Sort by Facebook fan numbers; The spokesman, Haberturk, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Radikal, Sabah, Zaman, Vatan, left the newspaper, Cumhuriyet, New Akita, Mail Today, New Dawn, Star Newspaper, bright, Turkey, Dinner, someday, BC, and Calendar. In the order of Klout score, Hürriyet, Radikal, Cumhuriyet and Milliyet are coming after Zaman.

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