100 of the Turkish users in Linkedin's database have identified themselves as social media experts. As such, employers need to be more careful with their expertise. The lie that those who say that I am a social media expert will give them away immediately.

You are located in every network

It is one of the most used molds. What would be the purpose of having a cataract surgery patient on Twitter? Cataract (usually) is a disease caught by people over 60 years old, but how many Twitter users are over 60 years old on Twitter?

The right thing is to know how to use the right marketing channels. There is no requirement that Facebook or Twitter be used in every sector. What is the value of having a company that exports to China or Iran only on Facebook? QQ or Cloob what does it mean to waste your time in places where your customers can not see you while you do not have an account? It's like a restaurant in Istanbul offering billboard advertising in Artvin. One who calls himself a social media expert should know what the ROI is.

Especially a lot social media expertneed to know what purpose the blog is being used for. A blog that has not been updated for months will not benefit your company. If you do not have anything to update, you do not even need to blog.

Social Media Only Provides Product Demonstration

Yes Social Media is a great tool for evaluating feedback from customers, a great tool for promoting your products and your brand, but does it end with that?

A company that is involved in Social Media aims primarily to follow its competitors in the sector. He works to keep us from falling back. It also helps the Human Resources department. New teammates are called through Social Media. Most importantly, it helps you stay in constant contact with your customers. So customer relationship management (CRM). On the other hand, it will manage your brand image. Even specific topics such as disaster management in the social media are within the scope of Social Media.

Followers on Social Media are Everything

No way. It is the actual interaction in Social Media. If 2-3 people like what a page with tens of thousands of fans like, there is a big problem. Favorite brothers and sisters established to increase followers on Facebook and Twitter, etc. all of which is nothing but a shovel. Fake accounts are now recognized, noticed. In fact, these businesses lose more reputation. It's just to be embarrassed with money.

Social Media Free

No. In Social Media, the water of the mill is also turning. Winning more than spending money is just a hollow ball. If you want hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, you have to buy Facebook ads, if you want to read lots of your blog you have to get Google ads. After doing this, of course, the business will depend on the social media expert's effective use of the systems.

Viral Ads Are Always Interested

No. Immunity against viral advertising is increasing day by day. The point of view of that audience is that the audience sees that it is an advertisement and that it can change. Preparing a good viral may not always give you a positive introduction. There is no guarantee that you can succeed in the case of someone succeeding. Remember, the main thing that always draws attention to social media is the original, original.

Get Results Fast on Social Media

Yes social media is a fast and dynamic place. However, the return of each investment you make may not be a quick turnaround. Preparing a social media strategy can take place over a long period of time, with long-term business and outcome. Accessing tens of thousands of fans on Facebook is just the beginning. Then you will start a long-term work for ROI.

Remember Brand Image and Brand Positioning are not that simple things. Anyone with a high Farmville score Social media expert It is not.

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