We will examine Community Management in the third part of this series where we have reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Community Management

Under the heading of Community Design we developed the strategy of building an online community. The Community Management process is the realization part of this strategy. It is very important here to continue without deviating from the drawn road map. Because even a share you have made sometimes makes a big impression on the customer. You can make small updates on your roadmap, but you have to think twice about the steps that will change or affect the strategy altogether.

After your Community Design, you came to this community to create and manage. I appeal to you, you can not create a community with you. You must give something to that community that is your community. The first thing that comes to mind is the interesting content. You should think about what your community will love, what they will not like, what they will laugh, and produce appropriate content accordingly. Your content will vary according to the venue. It is very important to produce content that can keep up with these changes. You can not share a complete blog post on Twitter, you can technically share it on Facebook, but nobody reads it. In such cases, your content should be prepared in such a way as to be flexible.


Agencies may use this work during Community Design Social Media Procedureswhat they are doing and almost every step of the way. Of course, social media often takes initiative agents because instant development is often a place of life. However, most of the content is approved by the customer at least one month in advance, based on the content schedule. In the case of an emergency, the agency will make the necessary sharing if it is in accordance with the procedures.

The only criterion for content that you have created is not that it's interesting, of course. The important thing is to improve the perception. You can do this with a video that is sometimes trendy, sometimes with a caricature and not at all interesting to you. For example, the corporate employees of Gangnam Style dancing companies are trying to make a company look like "people" rather than a cold company.

One of the points you need to consider while expanding your community is to create brand lawyers. Perhaps with the various awards, maybe VIP service will include the customers who love you in your online community and leave the troubles that other customers have transferred to you. In order to achieve this, one must not forget another criterion. He's also training the customer. Your mini-trainings on the use of your service or product will grow in quality not just in number but in quality.

The most common problem between social media agencies and customers in the field of Community Management is actually the gaps and disagreements in Community Design. While the strategy and the way of work are predetermined, it is not expected to cause a lot of problems during management, but the most problems are coming up on this field. This comes either from the inexperience of the agencies or from the fact that the client expects something other than agreement.

The services offered by social media agencies go down a bit deeper in the next part of our series Content ManagementWe will examine. 

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