We are in a world where the world's population is 7.5 billion, internet users 4 billion and active social media users 3.2 billion. (2018, Global Digital Report We Are Social) Reaching customers in this world is easier and more difficult than before. In the past, there was a difficult and costly process to find a distributor to export products abroad, and there was a difficult and costly process to meet with the companies there and to grow the business. Now it is much easier to sell products abroad both in B2B and B2C. Clearly, the work has problems on logistics and language, but these are no longer too much problems. Very simple texts that can be used especially for social media ads can be translated from English to the relevant language with high quality. If you are planning a small volume operation you will save. Of course, working with an experienced translator is always better. On the logistics side, with the increase of fullfilment services worldwide, you can minimize your storage and shipping costs. Export is always showing Europe as a goal for a reason I can not understand. I'll explain the export via social media over a bit of an example to break it too. Our target country is Mozambique. One of the poorest countries in Africa, the annual income per capita is $ 1300. Looks desperate, doesn't it? No it is not. 10% of the population is twice as rich as the remaining population. Similarly, internet usage penetration in similar proportions has 9% and 2 million social media users. On the other hand, social media usage rate increased by 42% compared to last year. Over 50% growth is expected in the coming year. So we are talking about 2 million people who have the money to buy our products. In Mozambique, unlike us, Instagram or Twitter is almost never used, but almost everyone who has access to the Internet has a Facebook account and is using it very actively. On the other hand, Mozambique Fashion Week has been organized for the last 15 years. It is necessary to conduct a market research before trying to reach Mozambique through social media. One of the biggest mistakes made in social media ads is not targeting and segmenting correctly. Especially when you give this job to an amateur, he will select all Mozambique and publish it. First, we need to examine which brands we want to use in Mozambique. Which brands do Mozambique prefer? In Mozambique, you can also search for brands that have achieved the most profitability, as well as the pages that Mozambique likes on Facebook. BancABC (Bank), Toyota, Coca-Cola, Mazda and MozComputers, a technology store in Mozambique, the middle and upper segment of the most liked pages. So if we target those who like these pages we will reach the right audience. Maybe B2C exports may seem costly at first, but advertising costs are quite low. Because Facebook advertising order acts as a sort of live stock market. If there are a lot of ads for people you target, the cost of those people increases. In a country like Turkey than in Mozambique is 10 times cheaper than you can show ads. All you have to do is find someone who knows Portuguese. Again, the biggest mistake is the construction of social media advertising like TV, newspaper or magazine advertisements. An advertisement is prepared and published in printed and visual media. This rule is invalid in the digital world. You have to show 10 ads that are different from each other so that you can see which ad works better. On the other hand, you can divide the target audience into segments as much as you can, and you can better measure what kind of people or texts you like. So in a campaign for Mozambique, you need to show 10 mass X 10 segment x 10 advertisements. So you must prepare 1000 different ad images and text. This should be published in small budgets and you should close ads that do not work at the end of a week. By analyzing the closed ads, you are starting to understand what kind of visuals the audience likes and what kind of texts you like. After that, you will increase the budget in both well-run campaigns and prepare new ones to be tested. In this way, even in a market that you never know very small budgets by making trial and error can provide the maximum benefit. We even performing digital marketing in Turkey, with thousands of different ad / B tests are done. This will require much more in exports. On the other hand, you get accurate data on hundreds of thousands of people, more than the information you can get from your partner, your friends about what products people like and don't like. However, I want to make warnings at some points. First of all, social media marketing is not free. You have to spend an advertising budget. Of course, you can do much less with the Mozambique TVs. On the other hand, you definitely need a flawless website in Portuguese. Mozambican talk you through Whatsapp do not think you trust someone enough to buy a single piece of products from Turkey. The e-commerce site will definitely add confidence to you. On the other hand, the integration of Facebook Pixel and conversion codes on your website must be fully configured for the statistics I have mentioned. So far I've told you how to sell in Mozambique. What about branding? How can you turn into a brand in Mozambique, such as Toyota, known as the Dragon Energy Drink (South African Origin), Truworths (the South African Clothing Brand) that all Mozambians know? Certainly you feel like you're going to have to open a store, physically there. Truworths has 450 stores, but not in Mozambique. On the other hand, 200 of those who like the Facebook page is from Mozambique. 200 thousand in Turkey, but might be small for a Facebook page inside Mozambique is quite large, there Truworths has managed to become a brand. Mozambique in particular, not to open a different Facebook page, our current page with country-based targeting to share only the Mozambique can see the share can be targeted. First of all, it is necessary to investigate the culture of Mozambique and what kinds of social events and what days they celebrate. It is necessary to list which celebrities, which phenomena they follow, what kind of sports they do and what they follow. It will be a banal example, but if you want to target Muslims in India, you will have a bit of a headache if you celebrate the Eid al-Adha. In order to avoid such minor crises and to win the hearts of the Mozambique, it will be necessary to prepare content suitable for their culture. You can take the first steps to become a brand from themselves, especially by targeting our days like the 15th of July or 30th of August. Of course, it is not only possible to be a lı brand siniz on social media, but you can also make sure that you take serious steps to increase your awareness, especially on the wealthy sector. You can adapt this model to any country in the world. The only thing you need to pay attention to is scrutinize the country's digital assets. It is necessary to investigate the situations such as Iran and China, or the strengthening of alternative networks in the former Soviet countries. On the B2B side of the business, it is not possible to reach every country via LinkedIn. Again, with the support of alternative channels such as digital PR, you will start to receive requests from B2B after you become a demanded brand in B2C via social media. B2B is the way to go through B2C should not forget the word. 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