We are in a world where the world's population is 7.5 billion, the internet users are 4 billion, and the active social media users are 3.2 billion. (2018, Global Digital Report We Are Social) It is easier and harder to reach customers in this world than in the past.

In the past, there was a difficult and costly process for exporting products to abroad, such as finding a distributor there, meeting with the companies there and getting to know them at the trade fairs. It is now much easier to sell products abroad as well as on B2B and B2C. Certainly there are problems with logistics and language, but these are also problems that can not be overcome anymore. Very simple texts that can be used especially for social media ads can be translated into a high quality language in English. If you are planning a small volume operation, it will save you. Of course, working with an experienced translator is always better. On the logistics side, you can greatly reduce your storage and shipping costs with the increase of fullfilment services around the world.

When I think of exporting, Europe is always showing as a target with a reason that I can not understand. In order to break this down a little bit I will be talking about exports through social media. Our target country is Mozambique. One of Africa's poorest countries, annual income per capita is $ 1,300. Does not look like desperate, does it? No it is not. 10% of the population is twice as rich as the rest of the population. Again in similar proportions, internet penetration is 9% and close to 2 million users of social media. On the other hand, social media usage increased by 42% compared to last year. Over the next 50% growth is expected. So we are talking about 2 million people who have the money to buy our products. Unlike us in Mozambique, Instagram or Twitter is hardly ever used, but almost everyone with access to the Internet has a Facebook account and is very active. On the other hand, Mozambique Fashion Week has been organized for the last 15 years.

You need to do a market research before trying to reach Mozambique through social media. One of the biggest mistakes made in social media ads is not getting the right targeting and segmentation. Especially when you give this job to an amateur, you will select all the Mozambichi and publish the advertisement. As a first job, we have to be able to see what 2 million people we have chosen to use in Mozambique. So which brands do people in Mozambique prefer?

You can also search for the most profitable brands in Mozambique, the pages Mozambique likes on Facebook. A technology store called BancABC (Bank), Toyota, Coca Cola, Mazda and MozComputers is the most popular pages in the middle and upper segment of Mozambique. So if we target those who like these pages, we will reach the right mass. Perhaps B2C exports may seem costly at first glance, but their advertising costs are pretty low. Because on Facebook advertising is like a sort of live stock market. If the number of ads targeted to the person you are targeting is too high, then the cost of those people will increase. In a country like Turkey than in Mozambique is 10 times cheaper than you can show ads. All you need to do is find someone who speaks Portuguese.

Again, perhaps the biggest social media advertising mistakes made in TV, newspaper or magazine ads, such as advertising. An advertisement in printed and visual media is prepared once and goes on the air. This rule is invalid in the digital world. You'll show 10 different ads to a target audience so you see which ad is more useful. On the other hand, you can also divide the target audience into as many segments as you can, so you can better measure what types of texts or images you like. So in Mozambique we have 10 campaigns with 10 x 10 segment ads in a campaign. In other words, you have to prepare 1000 different ad visuals and text. You should put your creative creatives on a budget for a small budget, and close off ads that do not bring sales that do not work after a maximum of a week. By analyzing the ads that are wrapped up, you begin to understand what kind of images the target kit likes and what kind of text you like. After that, you will increase the budget in good campaigns and prepare ads for new tests. On this page you can get maximum benefit by trial and error with very small budget even in a market you do not know.

We even performing digital marketing in Turkey, with thousands of different ad / B tests are done. Exports will need much more than that. On the other hand, you get precise data on hundreds of thousands of people, much more precise than the information you can get from your partner, whether the people there like it or not.

However, I want to be warned at a few points. First of all, social media marketing is not free. You absolutely have to spend an advertising bill. But of course you can do this much less than the price you pay for Mozambique TVs. On the other hand, you absolutely need a perfect website in Portuguese. Mozambican talk you through Whatsapp do not think you trust someone enough to buy a single piece of products from Turkey. The e-commerce site will add confidence to you. On the other hand, the integration of Facebook Pixel and conversion codes must be fully configured on your website in order to get the statistics I mentioned.

So far I have told you how you can make sales in Mozambique. What about branding? How can you transform into a brand known to all Mozambics like Toyota in Mozambique, like Dragon Energy Drink (South African origin), Truworths (South Africa Origin Clothing Brand)? You definitely think you will have to open a store and physically be there. There are 450 stores in Truworths, but none in Mozambique. On the other hand, 200 of those who like the Facebook page are from Mozambique. 200 thousand in Turkey, but might be small for a Facebook page inside Mozambique is quite large, there Truworths has managed to become a brand.

Instead of opening up a different Facebook page specifically for Mozambique, we can target the site with shares that only Mozambics can see by sharing country-based targets on our existing page. First of all, it is necessary to investigate Mozambique cultures and what kind of social events they are celebrating and what days they celebrate. It is necessary to list which celebrities, which phenomena they follow, what kinds of sports they are doing and what they watch. It will be a banal example, but if you celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice of those who worship the soul when you say that I am targeting Muslims in India, you will have a bit of a headache. In order to avoid such small crises and win the hearts of the Mozambics, they will have to prepare their cultural content. You can take the first steps to become a brand from yourself by targeting the days when you feel national, like our 15th of July or 30th of August.

Of course, it is not only possible to become a "brand" through social media, but you can make serious steps to increase your awareness especially on wealthy people. You can customize this model to any country in the world. All you need to pay attention is to examine the digital assets of the country. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate situations such as those where the constraints such as Iran and China are present or the alternative networks in the former Soviet countries are stronger.

On the B2B side of the business, it is not possible to reach every country via LinkedIn. Once you become a brand demanded by B2C over social media with the support of alternative channels such as digital PR, you will also start to receive requests from B2B. It is important to remember that the way B2B goes through B2C.

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