The year 2011 is very moving for social media. While many social media sites have increased their popularity, some have lost their power.

10- Digg disappearing StumbleUpon coming

Although Digg is not fully closed, it seems to have lost its old popularity. Frequent changes are no longer in demand because of the complicated and incomprehensible interface.

Sites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Reddit have now become the most shared sites. StumbleUpon during 2011 9,642,000 receiving different visitors Digg 7,867,000 the number of different visitors remained. Whereas last year 16,412,000 Digg has received a lot of different visitors, quite a few. duo 3,025,000 chasing Reddit with different visitors.

9- Google Money Push

Google only earned $ 9.72 billion in revenue for the third quarter of 2011. If it was $ 2.51 billion, it made a profit. In 2011, a total of $ 10 billion is targeted for profit.

There will be money on Google Maps, which is used by a lot of newbies in the new year. Sites that exceed 25,000 map hits accessing the Google Maps API service will be charged by Google. The price tag set by Google will range from $ 4 to $ 10 per 1,000 impressions over the quota. But the good news is that it will not affect those who do not use it for commercial purposes.

8- Google+

The number of registered users of G + service, which Google announced with great hopes over the past few months, stood at 50 million. With the activation of Google Plus, major social media sites have announced innovations behind each other. Of course, we competed with users who are 800 million users.

Google's biggest problem is that G + Users are currently passive. Nowadays, they are quickly trying to make all their services compatible with Google+.

7- Real Time Search

First of all, the agreement between Twitter and Google is the technology that we continue to use with systems such as Bing, Twazzup, Topsy and Silver Bird, after the end result of the agreement. We expect Twitter to be followed by FriendFeed, Quora and Gowalla, and the real-time search system will become very rich.

6- Facebook Timeline

After Google Plus came into service with a simple and useful theme, it offered its users a project that they have been working on for a long time on Facebook. Timeline. It is a brand new feature that you can add and share everything from birth to your last moments. Now you can share not only the present time of your life but also the past.

5- Google Panda Update

Panda gave the name to Google's new algorithm. The pages now in the top row in the search results are those with unique content. Copy-paste-style sites were pushed down in order. We will no longer see "don't-respect" posts on forum sites because copying will be harder to find on google.

Google Panda

4- Google Caffeine

Google search results have been activated this year to search by time. Google Caffeine With this new algorithm given name, you can search according to the publication date of what you are looking for, and also search the index according to the freshness of the update.

3- Collapse of Msn

"Give me your msn and let's talk about it now" has come to an end. Now everyone has a Facebook. Especially Google Plus Hangout Facebook to activate the video conversation service after the removal of Windows Live Messenger has become a completely unnecessary application. Video conversation and file transfer from Facebook is simple.

2- Arab Spring
The Arab Spring

In the year 2011 maybe 50-60 years later in my history books my children will be educated. In the past, when an action was being organized, posters were printed in front of the months and posters were hung all over the city. The announcements were given to the newspapers, and everybody was called one by one. Not anymore.

Now you are in the city of twitter and you can learn it instantly. When you share photos showing how a police officer beat a demonstrator on Twitter, the demonstrator who uses hundreds of twitter can flock to that region immediately. Al Jazeera Even a big news channel like Twitter showed Twitter as a source of news in areas where reporters were not enough. Demonstrators interrupted the Internet using Tweephone and similar applications to record their voices with their phones and send them to Twitter and Tweet them. Their communications with the world could not be cut off.

1- Twitter Impact

Twitter is just 4 years old and has about 100 million active users, but it has more influence on TV, in newspapers and in real life than Google and Facebook.

Today, every day, Twitter's folks are doing what they do and what they are talking about. Governments are doing press releases from Twitter. The peoples are now tweeting instead of writing letters to ministers. Even ministers who do not respond to the letter respond to tweets.

Biggest Expectation from 2012 Goggles Search with Google Images

Now we do not search for the Google search engine just by typing words. We can save our poetry and search for it, or upload a picture and search for pictures that look similar to that. With the development of the photo machines and the increase of the pixels, it comes as if we can find the Facebook account of that person by searching the photo of the people in a photo you shot in the future in Google.

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