We will examine Social CRM in the eighth part of this series where we examined the services provided by social media agencies.

Social CRM

Customer relationship management, in short CRM is a very important place in social media. Especially one of the most important reasons why your customers like social media is to communicate their complaints and get a quick response.

Working with agencies in social CRM is difficult

In social CRM, there is always one big problem when customers work with agencies. Time. The user expresses the complaint through the social media, the agency employee identifies this complaint on the social media, asks the company for information, the company informs the agency, the agency responds to the user or not. As the process progresses, the business grows considerably. On the other hand, the average time to return to the user is 30 minutes. To capture this period, companies prepare a file with possible questions and possible answers for agencies. Agency staff also give the necessary answers by looking at this file.


If possible, do not work with agencies

If the user's complaint is not in the file prepared by the company, the agency will ask for information from the company, but if every other response is answered within 30 minutes and this user's response is not given within 24 hours, the user will revolt. Because, in general, the employee who is in charge of providing information to the digital agency in the company has a duty of one ton. If you encounter such situations and you do not want your customers to enter into a lot of content on social media, it's best for you to handle the CRM part for yourself. There must be one-to-one interaction with someone who knows both your business and your business.

Your work is your visible face, choose it well

If the agency you work with says badly to your clients on social media, you will stop working with that agency. However, it is most likely to hurt you to educate yourself, to work for months to learn, to invest in your employees when you say bad things to customers. Because taking a new one instead of making those investments in it will always save you time. That's why you should prepare the CRM part, which should be complete in your social media process. Prepare your contract with your employees in this direction. Your employee, who will be dealing with social CRM, should be able to calm virtual communities. Of course, all the employers who read this will immediately lead to the communication faculty graduates, but the virtual community and the real community are very different from each other. At this point the business falls into the human resource specialist.

7/24 Social CRM

Social CRM, also called CRM 2.0, is perhaps the most challenging service for agencies. Because it is a service that can be troublesome if it continues on 7/24 and exceeds 30 minutes as mentioned before. For this, the agencies divide the specialists who will deal with the accounts that are constantly interacting. Because a complaint message from a half of the night will also be valid for 30 minutes.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Monitoring & ListeningWe will examine. 

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