Because Google does not tell us all the ways in the search engine optimization process, we are developing our strategies based on more personal experiences. Usually someone in a blog in its sector in Turkey SEO experts abroad, get in here exactly as if capable of getting a result that is experienced in their country and use. As a result, the strategy does not work. However, this kind of experimentation results in a great information pollution that results in mistakes. I have now compiled a compilation of the SEO legends we need to stop believing.

1- Send Sitemiz to Google

Google's submit URL You really do not need to use the link. Google does not guarantee anything when you post your link here. The spiders are already doing indexing already. The working logic of the spiders is as follows; when a web page is scanned, all links on that page are scanned in the same way. It will be scanned on other connections on the page that is being scanned on other connections. for example Growth Hacking Consulting backlinkte that I gave you in the form of the site 29 internal link will also scan the Google one by one.

2- Backlink is good for content

Yes, in the early 2000s, we tried to get backlinks from as many places as possible. First, the number of these links was taken as a criterion, then the PR value of the links was taken as a criterion, and now a number of algorithms are working at the back. Backlinks have been released until the Penguin 2.0 update in 2013. However, you will need to buy a full-time editor or a few editors who will write backlinks for your site instead of money. Remember, quality content will already bring your own backlinkini.

3- HTTPS Has a Little Impact on SEO

If you own an SSL certificate there is little effect, you can now shovel. Especially as the verification rate of the SSL certificate you receive increases, the value that Google gives to your site is increasing. You need to print your finger here, if you need to talk about free SSL certificates, yes we can not say that they work too much. However, SSL certificates that reflect your site, your company, your company name to the browser should be your first choice.

4- Everything is important in order to be ranked in the top

There are still people who think that we will get you first place on Google. Some more cautious people say that we will now take the first page. But those who say it can not understand what SEO is. SEO is not about getting out of the top, but about getting the right people to come up with the right pages. If you are in the first place and you are suffering from garbage traffic, the investment you have made is wasted. On the other hand, people do not look at only the top 3 in the SERP. Rich Snippet integrations are noteworthy, especially when searching for products. So do you have a video? Is there a star? Any comment? Does it say the lowest price? as. SEO is not only the first step, it also includes clicking on the site.

5- Meta Description Affects Order

It does not. It has been announced for years that Google's meta description and keywords will no longer affect ranking. The description text that you have written for your editorial will only allow the user to view and click on the SERP. There is absolutely no effect on the order.

6. Google does not like pop-ups

Admit, did not you think that Google did not like pop-ups? I need to correct the sentence. Google does not like misused pop-ups. If the user can not access the content because of the pop-up, yes, Google will not like it. Especially if the mobile is not able to close the pop-up, if the user is annoying, you need to edit the pop-up immediately. Pop-ups should not pop up after a few minutes or a couple of pages, not pop-up entire screen.

7- Keyword Optimization Work Key

How to make your site compatible with semantic search As I explained in the beginning, the keyword is not focused. The algorithms connected to the artificial intelligence working on the back side read the word phrases. We can even say that you understand what you wrote. It is easy to understand that you are in the context of keywords regardless of the context.

8- Words must be written in exact match

The artificial intelligence practice Google gave to RankBrain is how it would be. Now you can understand what you've added to your key. So you do not need to write your exact keymap in your content, either through repeatedly repeating your keygraph or by getting the stimulus given by Yoast.

9- Must be a lot of content on my homepage

Google does not really care about the word density on your homepage so you can go up in the top positions on the keywords you focus on. You should optimize your home page to better understand your business and make it happen. Google absolutely "Aaa few words used on the main page, stop, I do not fall" he says.

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