SEO is a jungle full of known mistakes. It's true that most of the known mistakes are related to keyword selection. In keyword choices, SEO comes from tools that we use the biggest impact on newcomers. Because we are trying to do SEO without understanding the logic of SEO.

SEO is always the first thing to do: "SEO is not about deceiving Google, it's about showing the right content to the right user." SEO Specialists are generally tools-dependent, so they optimize their content according to their tools. Only the tools give us only percentages and numbers. Take Yoast SEO for example. There is no one who does not meet Yoast using WordPress. One of Yoast's in-font metrics is the keyword usage rate. Often these miners say that keyword use should be at least 2%. In the past, there were those who raised these rates by up to 10%. However, Google's algorithms now punish content created in this way. The speed is changing. I will explain why.

LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords) are the key words we need to know when determining our key words. In the past we only added keywords. For Google, the author writes a text that would never understand what he was talking about when he was reading a reader, and sat in the first place. The reader did not understand because we used a key word every 5 words. Then my life entered long-tail keywords. It's like now our content becomes more understandable. Now the last point of the key words is the semantic key words. It now punishes Google stuffers and rewards those who use LSI Keywords.

What are LSI Keywords?

Think about selling apples in the US. You need to climb the top of the apple. However, your biggest rival is Apple Inc. Apple is coming out against those who want to buy apples. We will have to take advantage of LSI to overcome this. I will explain it with an example. We're working on car repair. What did we do in our articles in the past? According to some people, automobile repairing is used in a certain place, according to some people, we think that we optimize the writing. Not anymore. Once in our production, the car will go through repair. Then we will have to pass words such as auto repair, diesel engine repair, car repair, vehicle repair, engine rektifiye.

How to Determine LSI Keywords

When setting your keywords, you do not really need to change the way we use the standard. After using a tool like Ubersuggest and getting hundreds of key words preemptive, we start to think like "normal user". What key words would the normal user want to pass to this article? We select these key words in Ubersuggest and start using them. Of course, the most commonly used method is the keyword in the bottom of the results page in Google searches.

Where should LSI Keywords be used?

Your keywords should be used in Title, Description, Heading Tags, Anchor texts, and in the last and first phrases of paragraphs, even if they are not exact matches (recommended).

Semantic searches are now the future of search engines. In order to be fully compatible with the semantic search, it is necessary to complete the transition process to LSI Keywords quickly. In all our articles we need to develop word strategies that are suitable for semantic search, to edit these words over long-tail, and to remove them from the first rule as much as possible: You write your script for the user, not Google.

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