We'll look at Search Engine Optimization in the tenth part of this series where we've looked at the services provided by social media agencies.

SEO Management

The term SEO, the term Search Engine Optimization, dates back to the time before social media. While social media was not even known, people were trying to trick Google uncle and try to rank higher in search results. SEO competitors seemed to be a little more successful because competition was scarce in the past. Now everyone is doing SEO. (claiming to do it) Many are on the verge of deceiving Google. "20 TL corporate website is made, 30 TL go to first place in Google" style is increasingly the number of advertisements. It is true that in larger agencies it is important to understand the importance of SEO, but it is very difficult to find a "real" SEO Expert, so the customers are surprised to trust them.

Do not Believe in Demoralizing Targets

"The word you set in Google within 1 month will settle in the 2nd row" is a very ambitious statement. No SEO specialist can guarantee that the given word will rank well. If there is such a guarantee in the work, there is definitely an inorganic operation. If a study is done to deceive Google, Google will drop your website to the Sandbox in the next algorithm change. That means at least 1 year of loss. Your website will not show up in search results for 1 year. You should not leave your website untrustworthy to pay a little less.

SEO Show Long Term Affects

When you work with agencies, you can see results immediately in services such as social media or ad management. However, it takes at least 6 months to get a result in SEO. For this reason, many SEO services contracts are valid for 6-month periods.

Learn SEO Methods

We have a very professional team, asking them what methods they will follow when doing their SEO work, as our references are so promising. Generally you will not use the term if you are not dominant in the media. Ask whether they will buy backlinks at that point. If they say that they will get backlinks from tens of thousands of websites, then it means that we are seeing your way to the Google Sandbox we just talked about.

SEO Is Inexpensive

In order to be able to do SEO, your web site needs to be advertised in different circles. It is very important how this promotion is done. If you will send millions of spam emails to hit your website, or if your site links to sites that have no interest in your content, you should not have Search Engine Optimization done. If a really mailed mailing is going to be done, the cost of SEO will be quite high, since you will be charged for each site separately if you are linking from exactly the right websites.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Search Engine MarketingWe will examine. 

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