We will look at Search Engine Marketing in the eleventh part of this series, which we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

SEM Management

Although SEO and SEM are often used in the same sentence, their methods and practices are quite different. When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, it comes to mind first, Google Adwords and Yandex Direct. SEM is the most important difference of SEO is to receive the difference. It takes quite a long time for SEO to get paid for your advertisement with SEM immediately. For this reason, e-commerce sites usually focus on SEM. Indeed, the return of SEM to your site is quite effective. The more you spend advertising, the more you will always earn.

Your budget does not control Amateurs

You always benefit from submitting your budget to Google Adwords or Yandex Direct to experienced pilots. Since ads are usually given in CPC (Cost Per Click) format, if your ad text is not very distressed, you can turn around, but there's a lot of difference between giving 1, giving 2, giving 1, and getting 10. working with Google Adwords certified agencies with certified experts always in Turkey or should you prefer. Agencies that are registered with the Google Partners system are listed on the Google Partners website.

Do not pay extra Commission for SEM

Many agencies and freelance employees receive 10% commission on professional advertising management, although they are not a specific rule. Think twice before working with agencies that claim commission above or below this rate. If a commission is required below, our experience indicates that you are working with more sophisticated agencies / specialists in the sector.

Absolutely Ask Your Reports

The work carried out in SEO and SEM is fully measurable. Always ask the agent you work on all these measurements. The answer of the question "Who has clicked on the advertisement and came to the web site?" And the data that you accumulate in this way will definitely work. If you have chosen key words, you should check whether your key words are used, and if the words are selected by the agency, you should check what kind of words you have selected and whether these words are really searched.

Confirm Report Confirmation

SEM management agencies often report data they receive from Adwords in different ways, not directly. During this transformation, they can apply a lot of games to show themselves more successfully. You absolutely need to sign up for your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts and check each report individually. It's especially important how many people clicks on the clicks you show.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Seeding ManagementWe will examine.

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