The most popular application of recent times is Producthunt. I was sure that many of the angel investors would have heard of this new venture, which suddenly surprised many, and that everyone would hear it, and that I would hear it. However, Producthunt reminded us again of why and how an initiative could be successful.

There must have been a problem that had to be solved in the first place, as if every successful venture was at the outset. There were dozens of products in the field of information every day, and these products were scattered and examined by many blogs. However, there was not a common place for those interested in such products to follow. That's the first question.

As these new products went out on the market, there was no resources to talk about the products and give feedbacks. While I was writing my opinion as a comment on a blog, someone else was writing on another blog, and the products could not be judged in a useful way. This is the second big question.

Producthunt originally created an e-mail list. This e-mail list contained the latest initiatives and products. In a short period of time, 30,000 subscribers subscribed to this daily e-mail list. Not only the number of subscribers but also the rate of reading the mails is 43% and the click rate is 13%. Those who deal with mailing know that this is a great rate.

The e-mail list solved the first problem but did not create a discussion environment. We created a mailing list and a web site was created for the loss of thousands of e-mails, and the second problem was resolved. But the surprising part is that; Anyone who gets in the sector in Turkey who shared the idea that the individual would tell everyone to start such a work would mean new products and wrote on his blog. So he returned to an entrepreneurial content machine and wrote new examinations in the morning and evening. In Producthunt, however, their content constitutes users. In fact, all the content is made up of a statement, not just in the way that SEO experts like to say that they should be at least as many words as they say,

The issues have been resolved, but what about quality? Producthunt never left quality. Producthunt to publish only 2% of the products received on the application list for publication. Would not it be better to publish all of them? More content means more index. More indexes are more visitors. Producthunt showed us that the quality of your content is more important than the number of content, not only in writing but also in practice.

So what were the catalysts of Producthunt? First of all, if you have a new venture, your product, you will try to make it public. Which entrepreneur will not go and apply when Producthunt says I will be free to come? For investors who see so many applications, Producthunt has become a blessing. Finally, the quality of the user's mass is so high that the comments made on the products are really high quality. When these three factors came together, Producthunt literally started flying.

One of the main reasons for the success of Reddit and Hacker News is voting. The higher the rankings the users give each other the links they give. Producthunt has integrated this feature quite successfully into its own system. All entrepreneurs are using their networks in all social networks to go one step further than their own in Producthunt. Producthunt does not need to make his own ad. He competes in his own content and earns himself in every way.

Producthunt's retention strategy is also worthwhile. There is no system that accommodates long forms or many social logins. Only the Twitter login used by the target mass is sufficient for them. The only thing they already want is your Twitter account and email address. You can now evaluate new products in Producthunt, not on Twitter, but if you stay away from the site for a while, they will be able to send you plenty of mail.

It would have been a mobile application to make Producthunt even better. They have developed an iOS application, but as many have done, we did not use the foreheads they have already received feedback from all users because they already have a close follower of technology. Both users felt more valuable and did not have to set up a separate AR-GE team or idea team. All users have made their own applications by handing out.

If you have an observation to add to the secrets of Producthunt's success, do not hesitate to add it as a comment.

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