Every day thousands of press bulletins are prepared and sent. However, many of these bulletins go trash without reading. Unfortunately, writing a press release is not a simple process. There are some rules that need to be followed in the bulletins to get to the publishing stage without being caught by the editors' filters. Effective how to prepare press bulletin?

First of all, when the press bulletins are being prepared, there are formal rules that must be observed like the ones in the finishing thesis. The date to be sent must be located in the upper right corner. The headline should be 14 pt. In size and 13 pt. In size.

A total of 3 pages of newsletters are written in such a way as not to exceed 1 page. In the paragraphs, the line head is not left. Paragraphs are written in Times New Roman with 12 points. A line space is left between each paragraph. The line range value is 1.5 and the entire text should be written boldly.

Subtitles containing the contact information and title of the sender must be found. Also on the second page of the bulletin file the company / person information mentioned in the bulletin should be included. The editor you submit the bulletin may not recognize your brand, it is essential that you introduce the brand briefly each time. If a press release is being prepared for a project, it must be included at the end of the bulletin. The client should now take the project, and if so, what are the help agencies, the answers to the questions should definitely be in the loop.

If there are frequent mistakes, meaningless underscores, italics, capital letters are not used in press bulletins. Press bulletins should be written with reverse pyramid technique. Most editors and most readers will only look at the first three lines of the story. If you have a bulletin that will not draw readers in the first three lines, the editors will not publish your bulletin. For this reason, the striking statement of your newsletter should be included in the first paragraph. Where the second paragraph consists of information supporting the first paragraph, the last paragraph should give details.

It is very important to use the brand name in the headlines of press bulletins. (If you are not preparing a viral newsletter) Long titles should never be preferred. If possible, alternate headings should be included in the mailing bulletin. Spot titles are like a brief summary of the bulletin. However, the spot title and the first paragraph should not be the same. The title is the most noticeable place in a bulletin. If you want editors to publish your newsletter, you should search Google Adwords search volumes and pick the right headline.

I personally complain about the language used in the press releases. Press releases are not the instruments you use to advertise directly. "Your wonderful brand has developed a groundbreaking project in its field." A newsletter that you start with does not publish any editor that provides quality content. Your brand in press releases never The praise. When you write a press release, the product you really need to focus on should be not the features but the benefits. If you can give it, you have to explain the benefit you offer with plenty of statistics. You should mention it as your 3rd person in your mark. We should have made a brand instead of what we have done.

In the bulletins prepared, it is necessary to stay away from the terminology as much as possible. If it is necessary to use illa, it should be written in the same sentence in a section describing the term. Pronouncements in press bulletins are not used with past-time. If you give a date in the press release, the year part is not written if it is the year in which we are in. Brand / person names are not used again in prepared newsletters. It is enough to write once.

At the end of the newsletter writing, the text writer should check the bulletin once to check what, where, how, when, why and who answers the question.

Images submitted with the newsletter must not be added as attachments. Currently, many editors will not publish your editorial bulletin which will download 20MB of mail that you will send for using Outlook. You can send your images by linking in your mail. You should have at least 3 different HD visual bulletins if possible. In addition, images tailored to the visual dimensions that your website will send to headlines in different sizes will also improve the chances of your newsletter being published.

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