The biggest innovation that Google Plus brought with it was the Hangout feature. Thanks to the hangout, the look of the tele-conference period is over. We are now talking about video conferencing. Being able to have video calls with 10 people at the same time through Google Hangout should be evaluated by every politician.

Reach option with Hangout

There is no need for a mayor or a deputy to call for press to hold a press conference. She can answer questions that she can meet live members of the press through the hangout. He can also listen to the election of his electorate in the Hangout. Why do you get 10 different choices to be more effective than pressure? Because the mass you reach is not just a group of 10 people. If you wish to live as soon as you wish, then you can post it on your videonuzu Youtube.

You can appeal to people by announcing your interviews with your voters via YouTube before they start on social media. At the same time, you can instantly reply to questions that may come from Twitter via live broadcast. So you do not have to be on a television channel or rally in order to be able to sing.

Ration Square Loses Its Importance

The mass that comes to hear you in the rally squares is the only one that will vote for you. 3-5 sentences from your talk in the square - perhaps through broadcast TVs you will reach a group that does not think you will vote or is unstable. But with Hangout you have a chance to reach all the voters. Instead of just dividing TV channels into specific classes, you can call yourself by creating your own.

It's pretty simple to do. By launching a hashtag via Twitter, you will invite your Youtube channel on the hour and day you specify. When people arrive, you will also be able to answer questions by making a hangout with pre-selected people. Your consultant can also direct you to questions asked via Twitter.

Reach You Unselected

The way of being elected is through connecting with the elector. However, in order to be able to connect with the electorate, you have to be able to select it first. When you visit a tradesman you are trying to deal with voters among thousands of people. But naturally you only have a chance to talk to a few people from that group. You can not answer all your questions, you can not enter a dialogue. With Hangout you can answer the question of each individual voter. In this way, voters feel that they are valued.

Who Needs to Perform Hangout Hangout?

You will be broadcast live from Youtube and have a video interview that will be watched by tens of thousands of people, but who are you going to do this interview? If you only do it with people you know and trust, your friends will never be sincere. If you enter a way to perform with the person who does not completely know the person who you mentioned first, they will become open negotiations to sabotey. For this reason, the best way is to meet people from certain sectors at specific time intervals.

Prepare yourself a Release Schedule

After an announcement of "I meet with voters every Sunday at 20:00", you will need to arrange 9 guests for each week. The way in which you should be watching in this must be to go through effective people. For example, we will have a hangout with the presidents of associations in our city this Sunday. The next Sunday with the local tradesmen. However, be sure to mention that your calendar may change for emergencies. An unwanted situation has occurred in your city / your county? Are there various propaganda through this? Pass the bureaucrats in your city about the subject and answer the questions of people in front of the cameras. Create a platform where everyone can connect and ask questions. In this way, concepts of transparency and self-confidence will start to be remembered with you and your team.

Digital Diplomacy Stand Up

The world is constantly changing. Speaking texts prepared to reach the selection through radio channels are different, while speaking texts, wearing clothes, attitude taken while talking, mimics are all important. There are rules in the digital world that need attention. After you enter this world, those old rules will lose their validity.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry held a hangout on the days we passed. Participants are a veteran, a charity president, a soldier returned from Afghanistan, and a blogger who writes about motherhood. In the Hangout that took place, the subject was US Foreign Policy. This interview was watched thousands of times, appeared on TV and newspapers. The audience grew increasingly as they shared the conversation not only with John Kerry but also with participants on their social networks.

Benefit from Network of Participants

Talking online with a Mayor or a Member of Parliament is a valuable thing for everyone. You can expand your budget by taking advantage of this value. Those you interviewed will be helping your propaganda by sharing this broadcast on different platforms. Participants will love you or your loved one will reach more people. On this account, you will direct yourself to your own community. If you go to a television program, the time that your program will be broadcast will also change the audience list. However, the program producers will not be interested in the time when the kitten you are targeting is on TV. But you can start your hangouts at the time you want and keep watching them again.

Change Perceptions

Nowadays, when it comes to "politicians", people who are away from the digital world, who do not understand the situation of the young people and who are far from sincerity come to mind. With regular hangouts, you can slowly break these perceptions. Especially your styles in publications, your comfort and your sincerity will set the perception of a reachable, transparent and dynamic politician. Today, voters are more inclined to vote for the people they can reach. Because the people they can reach can solve their problems more easily. In the place where people can reach you, in their language, treat them sincerely.

Become Global

Hangouts that you've published can also reach different masses via Google Plus. Live Hangouts on Google Plus's Hangouts page are also on display. It's followed by hundreds of thousands of Google Plus users. In this way you can reach the masses you have never guessed. In addition, you can upload vocabulary texts in Youtube in Turkish and translate them in different languages ​​with instant Google Translate. Thus, you will not only produce appropriate content for the whole world to Turkey. The world will follow what you did for your city and demand similar things for their cities.

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