I'm going to talk about an influence in the health sector. Placebo effect. Do not think about what it has to do with marketing, it's all about the idea of ​​human thinking. What is the placebo effect?

According to Wikipedia; The placebo effect is a pharmacologically ineffective drug that produces an effect based on the tack. If we need to open it a little bit, the experiments that are carried out can really heal it, it can cut the pain, the belief that the ending person will heal or not feel pain. For example, a patient comes to the hospital with a complaint of severe pain, doctors are dealing with hours, x-rays, surveys or something, they can not find the source of the disease. The patient is dying and is not in pain. The doctor says a syringe and says "we have detected your disease, nothing will be left with this drug, it will be in 30 minutes" and it is injecting. The patient who does not stay in that place is not 30, but after 10 minutes he says that nothing is left and he goes away. However, the doctor just injected vitamin injections. The same situation happens frequently in the military. Most of the soldiers going to the infirmary are given a drug called ASP. Many do not know that it is an abbreviation of the aspirin. They go back to your wards saying I came to myself. It is possible to identify these cases in various cancer cases, depression cases, migraine. So in fact, the games our minds play us are extremely powerful.

Let's go back to the marketing part of the case. You know the Pepsi tasting tests.


Pepsi always win in tasting tests. But does that mean it's better than Coca-Cola? The sad news for Pepsi: Consumers always prefer Coca-Cola when they know what the brand is. Their love is not easy when they are closed. The biggest reason for this is that the brand consciousness has been formed more in Coca-Cola. That is, Coca-Cola Original Tat they think it will be more delicious. Why? Because the first is more delicious, the original formula is ten. Why? Because the opening sound of that cover, the explosion of gas bubbles and the rustling of the ice, revived in your ears while reading these lines. What about Pepsi? In Pepsi, Seda Sayan comes alive in front of you. (Do not call me Özcan Deniz, I'm trying to throw it in my memory!) The article written by my twin brother about the subject hortatory for those who do not remember.

Just as it is the placebo effect when perceiving the brand our mind plays small games to us. If you tell the patient that only vitamin C is actually given, he will not believe you. It's not just Pepsi, I got Coca-Cola like they would wear. Your brand is stronger than your product. No, I do not mean that the product is not important, I do not say if the product is bad but the brand is good. Do not get it wrong. There is a certain balance between the two. For example, Xiaomi phones are the best in terms of technical features right now. But most people do not think it's the best phone. (I think that leadership has got 3 years at most) The cost of branding will decrease as the degree of branding increases, as the price will increase every day.

Actually, we're getting it out of here. A person's mind comes first of the mark itself, not the product. Because what we value psychologically is the mark itself. Do not you think that the product comes before everything else marketing marketing gurusna. If they stay with them, they have to resemble each brand's rival, not to differentiate. There is an interesting brand management trend these days, Allah is amazed at the end 🙂

At this point, two more things are involved in advertising. Halo Effect and Placebo effect. The Halo effect is summarized as follows; When you first meet a beautiful girl, you think that girl is smarter, better, more organized, better at work. The opposite is when you meet the ugly girl. This is not just for people, for web sites, you will get to your home for the goods, it is a valid influence for everything. In other words, consumers who are enthralled by the effects of the ads in the ads are also tied to us with the placebo effect at the same time.

One of the easiest ways to achieve the effect of being in advertising and the placebo effect is to use metaphors. The metaphors used take the features in the metaphor and transfer the same product. Consumers who are affected by this effect will have an effect and a placebo effect if the ad works well.

For example I could not forget this poster of WWF for years. On my first web site (I was concerned with global warming), I put it on the main page with pride.

It is entirely due to the placebo effect in the famous 4.99 price tag products. 5 pounds is cheap when it comes to you expensive 4.99. Because your mind plays small games to you. In the same way, celebrity marketing or influencer marketing both run the halo effect and the placebo effect. In your marketing activities, you should always be your priority, not to get the product to the forefront, but to settle in the mind of the consumer. 

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