Instagram and Pinterest are often forced to increase interactivity. A few statistics that can help to increase the interaction about these two channels;

  • In Pinterest, the length of the most reprinted pin-ups is 800 px. The 2: 3 aspect ratio is the ratio that takes the most interaction.
  • Explanations of the most interacting images in Instagram and Pinterest are usually between 100 and 200 characters.
  • The interaction rates of senders using hashtags in Instagram are about twice as high as those without hashtags.
  • You have to set the hashtag usage carefully in Instagram. Sometimes it's reversing.


  • Red and orange colors interact more. 
  • The more colors we have, the more interaction we can get. 
  • Dark images do not show any interest in Pinterest. 
  • Saturation Optimum value at 50%. Colorless photographs show little interest. 
  • White or transparent backgrounds have 4 times less interaction than others. 
  • Photos with faces of people are getting 23% less interaction. 
  • In Pinterest, abbreviated links and links made with Google Link Builder are marked as spam.