together with an explanation that everyone Paypal withdraw from Turkey began to research alternative payment methods. Particularly eBay, themeforest, shutterstock, such as platform winners and e-commerce system integration with PayPal entrepreneurs are looking for alternative methods.

Before you enter alternative methods, you should still be able to use Paypal. For this you need a bank account opened abroad. So there is a need for a residence abroad. As a solution, Estonia's e-citizenship service available. Of course you need to go to Estonia for one time. also EntroPay You can also open a new PayPal account via VPN.

Before forget; Donation campaign to LÖSEV with our PayPal accounts

1- Iyzico

One of the most widely used payment system in Turkey iyzico. With favorable commission rates and short installation procedures, it is the first choice.


2- Sharing

Share is a global brand. It is an initiative of Naspers, a joint venture with giant Russian and Chinese brands. Especially in fraud, they have very secure systems.


3- BKM Express

BKM BKM Express initiative, which is being used more every day across Turkey. It can be preferred because of both trust and prevalence in the whole country.

Website: is

4- Ininal

You can use your ininal card for sale in stores such as PTT, Migros, Teknosa and D & R so that you can use it for internet and store purchases.

Website: I

5- 3pay

Especially Steamers use WireCards as a prepaid card. The mobile payment feature can also be integrated with 3 mobile phone operators. But I have a very negative comment at security point.


6- Payoneer

Payone can be used at lower costs than Paypal, allowing you to withdraw your cash on the web from ATMs.

Website: I


Especially for freelancers and themeforest users it is now time to open a skrill account. As far as I can see, API integrations are also described in a very detailed way.


We hope to resolve the issue with PayPal as soon as possible and quickly get through this process. Or it looks like we will soon be transitioning to BitCoin as a country.

What payment systems do you offer for your buying and selling transactions?