Every photographer's dream is to take panorama or 360 ° photos. This is actually not as difficult as you might think. Once you have the necessary equipment, you can take panoramic photos with a few utility software. I leave the very professional details of the work to the professions, and I will tell you where you can share the photos you take and where you can find them.

If we pass through the abstract, panoramic photographs are a combination of dozens / hundreds of photographs in a single photo. Combining these photos is really easy now. As an example, take photos of your living room. After you take a tripod around your room without leaving any space between you and yourself Kolor Panotour Upload photos you uploaded to the program. He will make all the photos you have uploaded in one piece.


360cities is a panoramic photo sharing platform. You can upload and sell your panoramic photos on this platform, and share with your friends. If your photo is selected through integration with Google Earth, you can also view it via Google Earth. An excellent commercial panoramic shots, especially for your business. If you are operating a café or restaurant, you can make your promotion with a panoramic photo.

In order to share your 360 ° photos via facebook or twitter, you first need to upload a platform like 360cities. In addition, talented photographers can also get job offers through 360cities. They have done it in a section where you can download your CV.

This site rather than Turkey is also being used. Only in Istanbul there are 1363 different 360 ° shots. There is also Turkish language support.

 There are English lessons about the subject. 360cities.net's 7-part training series;

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