The technology that is evolving in the world affects the health field the most. Our average life expectancy is getting longer with breakthroughs in the field of health, the development of swallowable devices, increased applications for spores, the development of surgical robots, and the increased accessibility of doctors and hospitals. But on the other hand, we have a growing population with decreasing fertility rates. How long are you prepared to do elderly marketing?

Let's start by listening to what Ergöçmen said Director of the Institute of Population Studies.

"Extend the life in Turkey. The average life expectancy is 77-78 years old. Women generally have a longer lifespan, and I can say that they are approaching the 80s. In men, this is 75 years. By 2023 and 2050, the life of the Turkish people will be prolonged. During this period people are expected to live up to 80 odd years. The expected life expectancy is estimated to be 83 years. We think that it will go up to 81 in males and 85 in females. In 2023, we can talk about a lifetime approaching 80's in women. "

2023 you should not come too far. Only six years left. The percentage of people over 65 is expected to exceed 20% within a short period of time. If we leave the sociopolitical parts of the business to one side, we need to bow a little to the question "why is aged marketing important?" The time for the elderly to spend money is much higher than for the young. While we can hardly come across a 9-5 worker traveling from shopping malls to shopping malls or e-commerce sites, seniors have much more time to do so. On the other hand, there is a serious amount of money that the elderly can spend because the standard expenses are decreasing. In other words, aging marketing activities are getting more important every day.

In 2023 we are talking about an old population of 8 million. On the other hand, there are great opportunities in Europe for companies that can be opened abroad. One of the most important points here is the improvements that need to be made on accessibility. Try to visit the dolly for a day at a shopping mall to understand what I mean. Insufficient number of elevators are full of shops with narrow corridors that can not be passed by a baby carriage We have shopping malls. Why is this important?

Wheelchair use has become a necessity not only for the disabled but also for the elderly. With the technological development in the wheelchairs and the cheaper prices, they are starting to use wheelchairs in the individuals who can walk slowly. Wheelchairs can now move forward by pushing a button, starting to turn into comfortable seats with comfortable seats and sometimes digital screens. The elderly who have a bit of difficulty walking will gradually use the wheelchair. What kind of thing can you sell to a person who can not enter the corridor where the product he wants to study is in a store?

It is not enough to expand the corridors of the store. As age progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to bend. If we put moisturizing cream at the bottom of the shelves we want to buy an elderly, we tend to look for the product in a different store instead of leaning, even if the elderly product is very demanding. Arrangement according to age and gender is vital in shelf order. Especially, we have a situation called "friction protection". This situation, especially seen in women, causes women not to lean on the lower shelves, as the customer is inclined to think that women can rub against them if the corridor is not wide enough. The same goes for the elderly as "do not lean". So in order to be able to sell more, it is necessary to show fewer products, maybe to cancel the lower shelves or to put more special products only on the lower shelves and try to sell more products. The location of the products in the stores is a completely separate article. Particular optimizations need to be made for situations such as chips and toys on the top shelf, especially for children.

I can hardly say that our country is in a good position on accessibility. I am sure that I went to the Turkish-Islamic museum in Sultanahmet recently. The elevator was the disabled elevator, the only way to get out of the top baby carriage. You need to hold down the button for as long as you are going up. That way, I can come easily, but it is so slow that it takes almost 3-4 minutes to travel. On the other hand, the elevator stops automatically in the slightest motion when you move the elevator. There was another way you wanted to go upstairs. It is very difficult to access public transportation vehicles such as metro / metrobus by elevator, because of intensive use. In addition to the aging population, new wheelers will also need to wait for 5-6 elevator departures when you add this equation. Especially for shopping malls will not be a good situation at all.

The only requirement for the elderly to shop from you is not the wide corridors and elevators. All packaging designs need to change. The common problem that appears in every elderly individual is that your eyes do not look so good anymore. Especially close. On the other hand Turkey opened around the university also need to take into account. University graduates tend to read the information on the packaging of the product they will buy at a 4-fold higher rate than their high school graduates. I mean, we have more college graduates and more elderly people. This means that we are starting to read more articles in packages. But there is a problem. 9 posts can not read the ages. He does not buy the product because he can not read it. It is difficult to read below the 13th puntodan point that the most comfortable reading of an individual over the age of 65 can be read and gives up taking the product. So we have to redo all our packages as soon as possible, maybe we should allocate less space for designs, more space for texts. Especially the aging population is more careful about the food they eat. For this reason, even though perfume may be a little small in writing, it is necessary to go to this update as soon as possible.

The same goes for web sites. Especially in this age of mobile transformation, the elderly are more and more mobile. Maybe I can not read the texts on the old mobiles that do not live on the desktop. It needs to be resized in the texts in the web sites that do aged marketing, and the contrast differences in the designs need to be increased.

Remember, seniors are younger 5th floor they tend to spend higher. Especially in the fashion field, only brands that appeal to young people need to wake up now. A much higher profitable market is waiting for them. The tourism and health sectors are also the first to come to mind.

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