Recently, novelty comes on innovation on Facebook. Most of us do not catch up.

In view of the most recent changes came to Turkey albums. If you look at it, they copied it from sharing site, but it is not bad. Of course you do not have to use it if you do not like it either. Press F5 enough

As you know, Formspring is a social networking site where you can ask questions. In the past months, the formspring site made a huge leap. He prepared a page called Questions to respond to Facebook. At the moment only the questions section which is active in the United States can be found at Finally, an important note: Formspringte We were able to ask anonymous questions, but Facebook will not allow this. Everyone will ask who you ask.

There are quite a lot of page-groups and people on Facebook. Many of them use different languages. Facebook has created a new translation application to solve this problem. We can not translate it yet but it can be activated. You can activate it by visiting A small world sign will appear next to the Face Chat section. When you start working for Turkish you may be among the first users.

Facebook has changed completely in the Message section. At this moment only some members can use this feature. A new chapter will not open in your Inbox for each new message. For example, all messages coming from Ahmet will come to the bottom of the page and come here in Face chatten. It was also removed from the Inbound and Outbound boxes. They were all gathered in the Message section. The letters from the people you do not know are sent to the other part. But there are new developments that you need to look out for and many lovers will be separated from one another. Messages can not be deleted. You can only send archives and keep them in archives. You can apply to facebook for new messages before you go,

It changes on Facebook Pages. All page views will change from beginning to end, depending on demand, until March 10, You can now use your personal profile as well as your own personal profile, as well as your admini pages. So for example you are the admin of ABC page. DEF page. You can comment on DEF page and you can return to your own profile at any time without exiting facebook. Also people will be able to post your Page account in the message.

Facebook Mail is now in use. If you are using the new messages service, all you need to do is get an "id" from facebook. In the past, our facebook profile addresses were in the form of, but they are now set to be updated at And you will get facebook from your new mail address will be the same as your chosen id. But you can choose this id for a while. So you have to make your choice good. After activating Facebook Mail, you can get email to Facebook Messages section from all mail services in short. In addition, messages can be viewed and downloaded in picture-video section.

Places on Facebook are now actively running. It is usually available on iphone and similar devices. You can tag the places of your friends and explain your own place on facebook. But it is mostly available at

Facebook has also added two new situations to the relationship. These conditions, which are only used in the US yet, are cohabitation (ie married) and civil union. Soon İNTURKEY future.

There is also a new work on Facebook. Celebrating birthdays on the wall takes up a lot of space. They will develop a separate module for this. This will be announced here when it is explained.

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