In this case, the assertion is great! I will give you the secrets of a peaceful and happy business life. Correct customer choice. I will tell the clients who should not be selected or not to work in a few places. If you take these types of customers out of your life, you are the happiest agency / freelance owner in the world. I have been here for 14 years as a working person in this sector.

Every article must have a claim. I think he should put something in the middle. This article is actually a case study for me. In this case study, my KPI was happy. I reach the target, I am happy. I love my customers, they love me too. I love doing my job. The only reason for this is that I have prepared this list of 10 rules. I realized that I was happy when I was not working with these contradictory customers. I would like to share this list with you as well.

Whatsapp Addictions

These customers were manufactured in collaboration with Whatsapp. They are the type I do not know what to do before I get to him. They maintain all their communications with you from Whatsapp. You can never use e-mail. If it is, talk to the phone (which is worse), you will have to negotiate the business plan over the phone, and you will have to send the business plan by e-mail. All kinds of images of this type are also sent via Whatsapp. You need a high resolution visual, you will send it to the press, visual is visual from Whatsapp.

  • Client Bey, what you send from Whatsapp is low in resolution, so will you send it via visual mail?

  • Mr. Agency, if you are very important you can take whatsapp and mail it to yourself.

Both ignorant and nonsense. God do not give to the enemy. They also have photo assignees from the activity area. For instant sharing on social media. In the middle of all your work, the phone starts to sing, can not silence. Have you opened Whatsapp 184 photos? The same shot was shot 14 times. The number of photos you will share is 1. Then you will find yourself removing hundreds of photos from the phone every day.

Project Management Tool

This type of customer does not leave any order in you. I absolutely use a project management software with every client. Who is Trello, who is Wunderlist. I add the whole work list to it, followed by the deadlines. The next day I write down what the Deadline is doing properly, a mail comes in.

  • Agency, what was the job of adding codes?

  • I've added the latest status to Mr. Trello.

  • I can not use it. You can write it again in the summer and give me what you write.

I will know if you are working with a Laleli tradesman. Man is making a graduate degree or something, I do not know what I am a corporate enterprise. How can you not use it? It's good again, it's bad!


I expect a very important statement about the progress of the business from the client. Mail is coming, I am opening and seeing, NO SUBJECT! Friend, how will I find this data after 3 months? I can not find it, after 3 months I am writing a customer, where is the fate given, but I could not find it.

  • Mr. Agency, how can you not find it? I sent you!

  • Customer, do not look up, do you find and forward?

  • .......... (After 30 minutes) I could not find it either. My rewriting is the best. (It came again without a word)

It's even worse than e-mail senders. Those who write irrelevant.

  • Customer Mr. is the last month's Analytics report.

  • What's happened to our roll-ups, Mr. Agents Health Agency?

  • Your hand was blind, Mr. Customer, would not we follow it from there if you wrote a separate mail? (He provided)

Slave Traders

90% of them will also join the group of Whatsapp Dependents at the same time. Night 02.34 - Mecra: Whatsapp

  • Mr. Agency, there is a marking error in the text of the content we share 4 days ago on Facebook.

  • Customer, tell the truth, did not you sleep?

  • Either do not look at it, yeah. What will that text be?

  • Valla grabbed me, we will see tomorrow.

These customers think of the agency as "running" their minds. Imagine that they follow your business and report every development on the fly, whether the agency. You will not believe but I have lived; My meeting with the customer is over, I passed by the house. The phone was notified when I got home. I opened it, in the mail it was just like this; "What was the work we talked about in the meeting? Did you do it? "Yuh now!

Synergetic Meraklar

These customers always want to work together. He's paying for an agency, he's 7/24 now. Come on, let's look at it together and start with an innocent offer like everything. Let's take a seat, let's start with design / summer / code. You can not do the job of telling the customer why you did what you did and how you did it. Either you or your hand is heavy, the day you will close with a bit. However, 10 minutes of work. This topic certainly evolves towards the conversation, but certainly the log is a click to the right.

Good People Who Know You

You know better than me, why are you working with me? I do know I actually do not have time, because of that. (Do not believe) This memorial is an unforgettable moment when I live. I believe that the client really knows the job well and I take care. I have an e-commerce site and do standard A / B testing. The whole system is built on Google Optimize to make measurements by showing different variations on different pages. I sat down one morning and stopped at the elm coffee and said I should open Analytics to see if there was any movement at night. It's just that the "Dad no batteries" scene has been revived. There is no overnight data in Analytics. I just opened the site, the site works. I checked the codes, no code. No Google Tag Manager complex! I called the software engineer, and the software engineer does not know. Something has happened on the site and I do not know as responsible for what happened. Now what will I say to the customer, the huge half-day of the huge e-commerce site is missing! I tried to tell you a lot about Utana so I do not have any information. The man did not say, "heee site opened differently, uninstaller code, teg maneçırmıyor what it is". I have a saying that the pouring of boiling waters from the bottom of the hani is spoiling, or bring me a burned cream, I cry!


Because of their ambiguity, companies have not been able to go two steps. All the customers who have entered the sector together with him have flew, and they are still counting. When you say this, they say, "If I give my skin, everybody will go fast." In a web project, the master page's draft designs were prepared, the customer went. The customer also wanted a few more variations with the most natural right. The interesting thing about this is; I heard the same sentences again when 8 months passed. A few more variations for the home page. Did your brother have a variation that you have not seen for 8 months? We will not send rockets to the sky, but we will have a home page above. No line data on customer habits, no A / B test results, what do you like or do not like? (At the end of 3 years the project rafa was removed, it did not finish the main page)


I could not find another name for this type. It's really tempting. It is only necessary for them to write a text about their companies. You want to be a client.

  • Customer, we need an average of 500 words, you know this information, you write it, it is better that we do not rewrite it over us.

  • Of course. We write now. It's you tomorrow.

(After 24 days)

  • Customer, I think the text you sent is missing, there are only 2 lines.

  • Is not it enough? Here's something from him.

Koyup Koyup Alanlar

The most festive type of customers is the type of customer. Soros has a lot to learn from them! In the third month of your life in the industry, we are talking to a client.

  • I invest 3000TL this month to digital marketing. At the end of the month, it should turn to $ 21,000.

  • Customer, why is $ 21,000?

  • I read that digital marketing would win 7 times.

  • Where are you reading?

  • Either you forgot, bring me $ 21,000, the money I will give you. You increase it by 7 times, and we pay you, of course.

  • Customer, if this is going to be like this, what do you say you left this job and your sector is an entrepreneur? (In fact, what you want to say: who is your client, your client?)

Greater Customer than Needed

The brands these customers represent are really big. Even the daily schedules are six times more than your annual salary. They are global. Probably the brand manager who will be in contact with you is also graduated from college, then graduated from university and then mastered abroad abroad. However, there are a few common points that I have been working on to brands that I have worked on so far, including the Fortune 500, which is why they do not understand it digitally. Generally the packaging is gorgeous, but these brand managers are illicit to business people. I never forget, 6 years ago, a customer who tried to tell us that we could not play .gif on Facebook for 4 days.

If this type of customer is not your actual contact person, you will find yourself in an institutional corrupt communication. You are asked to make a ton of compassion to show yourself more sweet. If you can not prove yourself well, you are asked to do all your business free of charge despite the tonnal budget on hand. You will have to acknowledge the total turnover is too high. You looked at the fact that you can not focus on your actual business by dealing with things that are not in your job description. Your whole team is out of control and exhausted. If there is a little bit of talk, you do not end up talking about it in the top curtain, and you really feel like you are the dog of money. Because you are transformed into an agency that does its own work, the work of other agencies, and unnecessary work. I think the event will be clearly understood if I transfer social media consultancy and dialogue with a global customer who has a very nice monthly bill on euro.

  • Mr. Aj, our country director will present a presentation at a university. Are you ready to present?

  • Customer, we are making our social media, we do not know what you are going to do in your presentation, how will it be?

  • You will be able to submit the subject headings to you within the day, and submit it to this address.

  • But our job definition?

  • I said until the evening.

Just because you know that the salary of a 6-7 employee is paid for the amount of money you have just cut a customer, you can not hear your voice but try to feel this heavy dialogue. What you are getting is not really high profitability but just losing your reputation for unhappiness and business.

Here is the Word of Mouth: 

I put all these customer types in the bottom line and analyzed them. What they have in common. Two different sides appeared. With all of them, I worked with an amount below its value. So as we gave little money, the respect was diminished. Again, I made a compromise to get the customer out. Concessions have taken respect. Above all, they stop respecting the work you do. So do not break the price just to get the customer, do not offer any services other than the service you are selling. Protect your gentlemen 's distance with your customers, make no excuses and do not lose respect. Everything will be fine as long as you agree with the deadlines you have decided together.

This type of customer earns you money this month, but you will lose your money in the next few months. You will spend all your energy on these customers while you can get new customers with energy. You both hate your job and you can not make money. For sustainable growth, work only with customers that you work in harmony with, respect for and respect for your business. The rest is just a waste of time. It's all important, the majority of the work we do is creative. You must be happy to be able to protect your creative outlook. No matter how much money your client will receive from your hand, do not work.