Social Media Strategist Haydar Özkömürcü studied the follow-up competition between television channels in social media and research. It is interesting to note that the results of television channels' ratings and social media activity are inversely proportional.


Visual media socialize

In Turkey, most watched and actively using social media in general, show that in the 22 categories of news and entertainment television channel that the results of research analyzing the social media accounts of many television channels keep pace with social media. The survey, which also examines the talk rates of TV channels over the last month, reveals the differences between Facebook and Twitter users. When Twitter is compared to the number of followers NTV's open leadership is remarkable. Haberturk and CNN Türk channels are coming in second and third place.


When compared to January 2014 television ratings, a very different picture is encountered. NTV is the 10th most watched channel while ATV is the most watched channel. The ATV ranks 11th in the ranking according to Twitter follower numbers. It is possible to get results closer to the rating results when evaluated according to Facebook acclaim figures. While Star TV is a big winner, ATV and Channel D compete for second place. According to the results of the research, it is possible to say that TV channels in the general category are followed more on Facebook while more news channels are followed on Twitter.


The most talked-about television channel: The Milky Way News

When Twitter's monthly talk rates are examined, it turns out that the Milky Way News is spoken by about one-third of all other channels. The fact that the Milky Way News is less than half the current rate of speech in September shows that this rate is directly related to the events of December 17th. When Klout scores, which measure social activity, are examined, it is seen that FOX and TRT News come immediately after Kanal D.


NTV is followed most on Twitter

Sorting by Twitter follower numbers in research; NTV, CNN Turk, Haberturk, CNBC-e, TRT News, Star TV, Channel D, Show TV, National Channel, Samanyolu TV, ATV, TRT 1, FOX, A Haber, Milky Way News, Canaltürk, Halk TV, TV8, TGRT News, Channel 7, 24 TV and last ranked Cine 5. Facebook fan numbers are sorted according to; Star TV, ATV, Channel D, Show TV, Haberturk, CNBC-e, FOX, NTV, TRT News, Milky Way News, TRT 1, National Channel, Samanyolu TV, CNN Turk, Channel 7, TGRT News, Kanaltürk, TV8, A The news is listed as Cine 5, 24 TV and lastly as Halk TV.

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