We will examine the Mobile Application Development service in the sixteenth part of this series where we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are separate platforms that need to be updated and updated constantly, just like your website, unlike websites that are launched from mobile. It is important to remember that the work to be done before an agreement with an agency on mobile application is a lifetime.

Do Not Stay Installed in the Apple Store

Perhaps you are using the iOS operating system, but the vast majority of users use Android, much less Windows operating system. To reach more users, you should design your applications to include Symbian and Blackberry operating systems. If you have a project that only works in the mobile, you should also perform the appropriate coding to carry this project to the web for phase 2.

Review Comments

Interpretations in application stores are very valuable for application developers. Since it is almost impossible to test your application on all kinds of phones, you should make the necessary updates for your application based on the feedback from users. In addition, you will also need to constantly update your application in the direction of requests from comments.

Do not allow too much

An unhackable system could not be invented to this day. For this reason, you should be very careful about the permissions you get when installing the application from your users. Although not your bad intentions, you should ask for your permission, taking into account the situation that you and your company might fall into when you take your application or your data.

Precautionary Practice Attention

You will not be pleased to buy a ready-made application and customize it for you after the agency you're working with has taken tens of thousands of dollars to develop a mobile app. For this reason, you should thoroughly review and review the test application provided to you. It would also be useful to include a paragraph for this situation in our contract.

One of the things you need to be aware of before your mobile app is delivered to you is the size of the app. If the application size is very high, the download rate will decrease. The interface and speed of the application must be carefully tested by the customer on different devices.

Mobile application development service is still a very expensive service. If you really do not need it, you should not spend your budget on mobile apps just for prestige. It needs to be an application that users need to be downloaded tens of thousands of times after a good introduction, so it is the concrete you are paying. Unfortunately, dozens of companies are regretting publishing mobile apps every day to catch up with trends.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Blog Management We will examine the service.

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