digital marketing in Turkey "marketing"Without being carried out in general. Most of the people working in digital marketing agencies do not have an education in marketing or how much they have learned in the light of our universities. For this reason, digital strategies are generally misguided.

First of all, I must introduce you to a bitter truth. You can not sell directly through social media channels. You will be sold much less than other channels. Because social media is not a sales channel, unlike some people think. People "buy"A social media channel with little chance of selling directly because they come for fun. But that does not mean we should not budget. Social media is a magnificent medium to enhance brand awareness, unparalleled to strengthen positioning. After I've done this line, I'm going to get into it.

neuroscience mirror neuron There is a term called. It is a bit hard for me to tell mirror neurons, which are the DNA of psychology, in scientific ways. I'll explain it with a small example; when you are stretched, your neurons are stretching as well, which is why mirror neurons. Mirror neurons empatinin center. Most of our decision-making mechanisms are mirror neurons. Although most people think that they make sensible decisions, we love to act on autopilot, not logic as "human". When the empathy factor comes into play, we want to be like "them". What do you mean by being like them?

The first rule of marketing "pain"It is the acceptance of the customer. If the customer accepts the pain, you will benefit / solution it is ready to give money. The job of the marketer is to make you feel that pain. But digital marketers often say that "pain"They look for more concrete places. When Apple released the first white headphones, did the headphones sound much better than others? No. There were dozens of brand headphones that sounded forty times better than him. So why is everyone using white headphones? At this point, mirror neurons are engaged.

A digital marketer trying to market Spotify will focus on "pain"If people can not listen to music, users think about it; "Deezer also has the same music. And it's cheaper, why would I listen to music through Spotify?"Thus, the digital marketer has worked entirely in the competition. But Spotify has something else that is different from Deezer. Spotify is cooler. "I have my Spotify membership!Vaoov! Why is it so cool? Because the audience we see using Spotify is more "what we want to be"People. This explains why an all-in-one phone of £ 1200 can be sold for £ 4,500 on an iPhone. We buy not a phone or Spotify, but a statue. They do not want to admit it to people when you tell them, because people think they make sensible decisions. However, the research shows that we are making more decisions based on our instincts.

How can we use mirror neurons in digital marketing? At the beginning of the talk I mentioned that social media should be used to strengthen positioning. Here we must organize social media and other digital channels accordingly.

I will introduce you to another bitter truth. Dear marketers, those you digitally do not follow. There are those classical target audience definitions, SES groups are flying in the air, and why every brand is calling for the EU group. However, the person you like to share on Facebook is definitely not related to the SES group you are targeting. This is not a fault of your social media. This is what it should be. While the price of a single product is 5000TL, it may be a high school student who likes the product you share. At this point we encounter a paradox. Yes, that high school student is beginning to admire that brand, because it is a status issue to be able to buy a $ 5000 product for her. However, for those who have the potential to buy that product, it is not a required status to jump for £ 5000, its eye is worth £ 15,000.

How should we shape our digital strategy? Should we sell a $ 5000 product to a high school student? Both yes and no. The key point is: The 5000TL product asks for so many high school students that the potential client will be able to take care of it, or there is something on this one, I need to take it. You do not need to buy that other product for $ 15,000. If too many people want something, they think it's a good thing our lazy brains. If everyone is convinced that the product / brand is what you want, we stop looking. This brand says it is good, we buy it.

I attach much importance to the reference sections added to the web sites. for example Social Media Training As you can see on the page, I recently asked my students to write a reference letter for me. After performing the update, I saw a 43% increase in page conversion rates. I thought maybe the transformation might have changed in other factors, but I learned that they read the individual comments at the end of my interviews with those who wanted to study. Let's go back to the mirror neurons at this point. Students who write comments on my page photographs, titles, institutions they work with and their writings the audience to participate in my next trainings is determined entirely. If the titles of the students who wrote the reference letter are social media experts, Haydar Özköroürcü thinks that they are training social media specialists. If the CEOs I wrote the reference letters had written, they would change in the same way. Likewise, if the student is photographed in a suit or poses in the countryside, the perception changes directly. On the other hand, if the number of reference writers is large, it leads to the thought that "everyone is getting this education so that this guy is good".

Most of the time I see in the startups that this area is mostly filled with hunting friends. An application developed on digital banking, written by reference to the kebapçı friend in the corner. Where potential customers who will really use the app will be convinced to empathize and buy irrit and they are running away. In the same way, this social media strategy is definitely the "desired"You must add mass. Your target is your "wanted to be"You must identify the person type and create content for them.