It has been quite often the beginning of the marketing lately to meet the gourmets. But no wonder, these "knock-out" gurus can go beyond being a group that diverges according to their skills and abilities. This group, which in particular can not produce any scientific data emerging from marketing as a science, as far as I can observe in general, can not go beyond what they can not do.

Start with a warm example. Actually TV viewing rates are risingMus and advertising on TV is more important than ever.

For God's sake, I look at this chart and watch TV rates in young people seems to fall a bit, but in fact it is growing.

I will write without giving a name, but you will understand that it is so. I start by typing some of them.

"Brand loyalty is nothing"

Hoot! Tens of thousands of people have Harley-Davidson tattoos on their bodies. Do these people ever get another chopper?

Or without brand loyalty concept Harley-Davidson festivals How will you explain it? How will you explain the Vespa clubs or world tours? The biggest examples are Nokia. Everyone who lived Nokia 10 years ago was very loyal, iPhone turned out, Nokia finished. Then they say where loyalty is. The answer is that the brand is categorized, but what is interesting is that they reject the brand categories.

"Markets do not separate into categories in the eyes of the consumers"

If we were to talk over the same example, if it was not broken down into categories, no one would have gone to the smartphone over the phone. With smartphones, iPhone has succeeded in creating a new category. In the same way, Sony has been able to sell it because of a different category of waterproof phones. With its domestic and national approach, Vestel can sell. If people did not put products into different categories in their heads, there would not be a marketing thing anyway. The only competing area would be the price. Or in the world where Samsung's processors are manufactured by the iPhone, who would go and pick up the iPhone?

"Positioning Does not Have Anything"

I read this with my mouth open in amazement. If trademarks are not in the eyes of people, then the crime is that you can not manage the brand you are directing. Why are you putting all the marketers into a liar for things you can not do yourself? Pepsi tasting tests do not exactly prove this? As long as people do not know the name of the brand, Pepsi loves Pepsi more and if he chooses Coca-Cola for his name, will he not show that the brand is different in his mind?

"The Products Can not Be Different"

You tell him to go to Absolut Vodka! I go to Absolut's collectors who take their bottle designs up to art galleries, and in fact this vodka is no different from other vodka. It tells you both your loyalty and your differentiation.

"Not Positioning Is Essential"

If you live in the 1950s, of course. Which product do you not find in this internet age? From Etsy, Alibaba, I have already heard from Amazon, and now even 3-4 employees in Anatolia have e-commerce sites. People are not going to take you because you are not in a supermarket chain in a world where you can easily find every product you want. But if you do not have a positioning strategy, then that is the customer who will get the other product you see on the supermarket shelf. Or why am I just ordering the worn-out Höşmerim glass case from the internet? I do not prefer other hoscheries in the markets. Because the glass bowl gives me a sense of freshness, change in taste.

"Competitive marks are the names of one another"

Yes, someone who is going to get technology markete iPhone can get Samsung to go to that day knowing that he is not staying on the iPhone. Of course you are. No, if people can not find the brand they are looking for in the shop, they usually do not buy it or look at another shop. Most likely they buy from the internet. I have finished the baby cloth at home and run the markete yes I do not look at any other brand, I alternate between these alternatives, but who is buying 10 parcels from the internet suddenly take a baby cloth and stock it? I passed all of you, your baby does not want to leave the brand you are even getting used to!

"Marks do not look like human beings, Writing Similarities"

The outcome of this thinking comes from the fact that people assume that they will not interact with brands. The person who says this has not yet met social media as far as I can tell. If he had probably been working in Kadıköy Municipality, he said, "What about municipalities that communicate with the public? What do you need? " Please, we are in the communication age. If the brand can not contact the customer, if the mirror neurons can not move, then it becomes a brand with plenty of substitutes. That's what we've been trying to do to keep our marketers alive!

"Online Advertising Calls Are Not Effective"

To be able to say this once, you have to be able to measure directly how effective offline actions are. I do not know how much real money they can reach with Santim column metrics or meaningless TV viewing reports, but they do not know we can see clearly how many sales it is as a result of a digitally broadcast banner or video ad. On the other hand, they do not know which of our election power we have in which circulation our ads are broadcast, so they shake it abruptly because of lack of information.

These "flashing" marketing gurus from the Byron Sharp school tell us that what we have said so far is that everything we learn is a lie and that the only real knowledge is in them. But they do not have enough information to prove it, nor do they say it is in digital form, without the information.

With the hope of creating a marketing strategy that you avoid from "crawling" shots ...