Every day we talk about the changes that the world has experienced and the opportunities that this change has created. Now we have more work to do with the machines and we are slowly turning off man power. It is not futurism to anticipate that car drivers, truck drivers or factory workers will now be unemployed.

With the concept of Industry 4.0, it is no longer possible to set up lighting systems in factories because everyone has realized that there are no more people to work with. What will be the effect of this livelihood change on the marketing sector? How will Machine Learning affect marketing?

Machine Learning we can say that the systems predict future actions using past data and develop new actions based on these estimates. Shaning has made great progress, but it is obvious that there are many ways to get it. For example, Microsoft has released @TayandYou account as a learning bot on Twitter, so people have given so many different accounts that the account has become a nazi account. Machine Learning is a long system of learning process that requires nature. If people are doing ridiculous things in their childhood, they can bullshit in the learning process in these systems. When a 2-year-old baby swallows, he laughs, fighting when the same baby grows and swears.


Machine Learning's offerings are much different than simple automation systems. When we say automation, systems that repeat the same business may come to mind. For example, the content you prepare is an automation that is shared every day at 15:00. However, Machine Learning also includes preparation of the content. So for those who do the same job every day, the bells have been playing for a long time now, and they are also working for those who do business in a certain systematic way.

Consider Adwords account management. You make the most appropriate bidding with the most appropriate text and visuals. We will turn this into Machine Learning. Because, at what time intervals, the system will be able to predict the most suitable tender from our system. How many liras were the auction periods before which? How many liras will the next hour be? On the other hand Machine Learning can talk. He can learn our language. Rationally speaking, at least 90% of people who speak the world can speak more reasonably than most. Your mind is probably the first game developed by Botego, "Backgammon's Backgammon". No, I'm talking about a slightly advanced system. Machine Learning can predict texts that will "make the greatest conversion" to your location. This is because you can enter the data of the previous ads in the system, or even the destination data. For example, you get permissions for your target audience with the Facebook Marketing API. You can see all the Facebook movements belonging to the mass. The human factor can not handle such a lot of data, it can only be found in certain predictions, but Machine Learning can make dozens of different targeting for this audience in the middle of the day and turn it off with the lowest CPC. The same goes for Facebook or Twitter ads. Over the next few years, ad management will be fully automated. Think like a programmatic.

There will also be no need for equipment that the corporations pay high sums. For a designer you will get a RDP (Remote Desktop) or VDI instead of a 10-bin computer. On your remote desktop you will have a highly configured computer, no hardware, and you will be able to connect from anywhere. You will only need one monitor. I think that the hardware that comes out will be first adopted by the marketing sector. Because I think that the "first adopters" of the world turn out to be more marketing people. This, of course, will reduce your office needs a little more. After the company computer is in the cloud, there will be no reason for people to work together. With the VR technology evolving at the meetings, it will be moved into a virtual virtual environment. So I mean that those "old-fashioned" executives are having hard times!

The chances of personalization will also increase when there is a machine running on the back. The personalized videos we have been seeing more and more in recent times will experience the golden age of personalized e-mails. Maybe this advertisement gives an idea about the future we are going to;

The idea Burger King has caught is quite important. Now we are entering a loop where devices communicate with each other. I just need to evaluate Machine Learning as something the system learns and takes action accordingly. Now, when the eggs in the fridge are over, we are talking about intelligent refrigerators that automatically order, and the question comes to mind. How will the refrigerator decide which egg brand to buy? Why did "man" come in and buy that brand in the fridge? Machine Learning can also be engaged in this decision phase. Why can not you decide which egg brand is better or which brand we will love more? He knows what egg we like before that. Because household goods listen to our conversations, our intelligent clocks know which heart of the egg is accelerating.

B2B or B2C is over, I have a saying that I love H2H cycle. No, M2M will take over the cycle now! Sales will now be machine-operated. The machines will determine the inputs we think we will love and will make purchasing decisions accordingly. In fact, we, the marketers, will try to influence people again, but sometimes we will encounter the machine as a tool. Think about the marketing people who are trying to influence what your machine will decide.

Algorithm now only has to be a matter of mathematics in high school. Especially for marketers. We need to understand much better how the machines will think. We have to adapt to this new age of marketing. We can translate a well-known word into:
If you do not want to be hungry for 1 year, learn Adwords. If you do not want to be hungry for 5 years, learn Analytics. If you do not want to be hungry for 50 years, learn Algorithm!

I am about to complete the development of Machine Learning (I think that TDK should work with this word instead of Drone). Our system is entirely too much in Turkey have always felt that people from trying to run on English. They do not have enough people had moved to this area in Turkey. As the software vendors begin to slip into this area and the CPU prices are dropping, we will understand Machine Learning Expert when we are software developers. Because preparing a website or mobile application is now becoming a business that everyone can do. Web Site Builders are growing day by day. How many marketers are going to get their machines, and those who do not develop themselves will also get the machines. Maybe even before.