Klout is one of the most effective tools for measuring our effectiveness in social media. And the popularity of populace is increasing every day.

Although Klout is not very well known at the moment, Bing has included in your scores the effectiveness of your search engines and the mobility of your Wikipedia page. Since last week, Bing has started to show no results in the search engine. The pages you are tagged Klout is scanning itself first. Then you can make changes manually.


From the http://klout.com/#/username/tags link, you can check your results in the Bing search results, and associate them with Klout. You can manage the pages you have tagged via this link.

The more pages you label, the more your Klout score will increase. In addition, the power of the pages you label is included in Klout's algorithm.

After this change, the concept of "influence" in Social Media has changed a bit. Now it's time to give more importance to the result count in the search engines.