Top 10 WordPress Plugins

35% of the world's web sites use WordPress. WordPress is a system that is selected and the plugins are at the beginning of the features. Here the 10 most used WordPress Plugins;


Akismet, which comes as standard in every WordPress, protects you from spam comments. The plugin you need to connect with your WordPress account is free to use. Blogs that do not use Akismet usually have hundreds of thousands of comments waiting to be published. These comments only load your server overhead. If you try to publish all of them, SEO is ruined because backlink is added in each comment. But if you see yourself as a patient on the go, you can manually change all these spam comments one by one and write them as if they were real. As a result all comments are registered as entered from different IPs. Continue reading

How to Develop Top Quality Mobile Applications

We will examine the Mobile Application Development service in the sixteenth part of this series where we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are separate platforms that need to be updated and updated constantly, just like your website, unlike websites that are launched from mobile. It is important to remember that the work to be done before an agreement with an agency on mobile application is a lifetime.

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23 How Do You Own a Ugly Web Site in a Pie?

Today, every company, every institution, each organization has a website. By the year 2011, Turkey 16.8741 million different websites available. This is a nice figure but the majority of these websites are suffering. For this reason, when I set up a website, I wanted to write a little article about what to look out for when designing.

  • Keep an active e-mail address in the Contact section which is absolutely accessible to you.
  • About / About Us section and Communication sections are different sections. Do not confuse the Communication / Transport section with the part you will be briefly informed about.
  • The email address you write to your web site must be a corporate email address. A mail address with @ extension will not provide the seriousness required. Continue reading