Why Ekrem İmamoğlu Wins?

As I enter the subject, I write very strongly that I think that it is correct to publish this article at a time when the political debates are returning. But the subject of the article is certainly not everyday politics, but communication-oriented. On the other hand, the status of the crates that are on the agenda etc. it is certainly not the grams that I understand.

Perhaps many years Turkey has passed a huge selection processes that can even enter the textbooks on political communication. There may be no different than any other choice but to ordinary citizens in Turkey's traditional political communication and digital integrated much of this is used, digital has never been so much a campaign budget process is separated. Cambridge Analytica After the whole process I followed especially closely because it is the first election in which Turkey has ever seen.

Until now, I work closely with friends can not understand much, but they know. I pay particular attention not to work with the state and not to participate in political campaigns. Because the workers know, the work you do is a complete chaos management and the collection process is quite troublesome. I was involved in the process until there was no time or effort in that direction but there was no time to scratch my head in these elections. During the process of selecting more than one municipality, I either took active part in the process or gave consultations. I will not tell you what's going on in this process I've met with two alliances, but I will try to convey what is right and what has been done wrong in a more popular manner, as far as I can analyze the big picture.

Actually how to make fear politics I knew that a fictitious case study article that I had produced for her would get a reaction from somewhere, but I didn't expect to see Ekrem Bey before, or a month after she met with him, that she would run for IMM. Again, to be honest, I was sure that the two candidates, who would manage the candidacy processes, would do a lot of things wrong. Of course, after the nomination was announced, I started to follow all the campaigns strictly. As I learned later, Ekrem Bey and his team met with a wide range of experts one by one, noting everyone's ideas. I think I'm one of them.

The main strategy of the campaign Ekmeleddin campaignas I tried to tell myself after June 24 an integrated campaign strategy I walked. Perhaps the most important sentence of that article was that; ”After people make a decision, that decision is wrong, even if it is right to defend themselves with the motive of the decision.“ I feel they're focusing on the strategy.

What Has Changed the Game? 

Actually, the campaigns in the election process always seem to me like a chess game. Mutual tactics are driven forward. Even though Ekrem İmamoğlu was elected as mayor, it is accepted by everyone that he is not. Of course, one of the interesting points of this choice is in win Tab. Every party somehow won something. Why does Ekrem İmamoğlu win? The question needs to be clarified.

We always see the shortcomings in the election campaign in Turkey there is a lack of strategy. Trying to win the other side's heart. This is especially a method that should be applied in the regions where the votes are close to each other or in the areas behind them.

In the 1994 elections, Tayyip Erdoğan was joined by Reha Muhtar, one of the leading events. The fact that the questions asked were not asked to any other island caused a serious reaction in people and we are still experiencing the effects of these reaction votes. In this election, perhaps Ekrem İmamoğlu and Turgay Güler's program were on the agenda. The same feeling, the same situation was maintained by the AK Party CHP. He made the husbands give up and go to the ballot box. Similar programs are of course quite dangerous programs. The exit really wants to dare, I have never seen a similar program in these elections.

The other thing that changed the game is the belief in organization, order, merit and disdain. Ak Parti's strategy throughout the country was based on one man. It may be the right strategy for the general elections, but it was either ignored in the local elections that citizens chose the mayors and parties, or this way was used to cover the weakness of the organizations. Especially merit is a subject that many people complain about in recent days. I talked to many district organizations in Istanbul and talked to me during the election process. The biggest problem that I felt in general was not to specialize, and all of the communication processes were tried to be managed through heeled information. The general arrogance that has spread to all politicians is already a normal phenomenon, the employees know but I can say that I feel this in all the depths of the elections.

The emotions that are desired to be given in political communication are transmitted through various constructs and advertisements. However, these messages are usually divided into three. Individual messages are transmitted to rivals, opponents and fans. The biggest mistake of the AK Party was its inability to diversify its messages to the dissenters and opponents, and often to send false messages. Strategy is the backbone of a campaign. The Constitution is. Any daily moves outside the strategy will damage the main message. At the level of districts there are some writings whose name is strategy, but I often see that they are not followed. On the other hand, I also witnessed that the district organizations did not have any research on the society and they did not know the audience they wanted to call. The opposite strategy was developed to close this gap, but the contrast strategy is often a strategy implemented by the second ones in the market. When the first application is reversed.

Another fact that changed the game was advertisements. The abundance of advertisements and high visibility can sometimes turn into disadvantages in such large political campaigns. At this point, it is very difficult to say anything without data, but from Ekrem Bey's team ElaproI know that both themselves and the organization team have prepared thousands of different videos. But the job does not only prepare video. There's a lot going on in the illusion of quantity. What is in the content, what is told is very important. The videos that Imamoglu published usually came out of two different channels. The main difference in the videos coming from these channels was the direct one, while in the other the opposite strategy was more dominant. However, the opposition strategy is apparently the second party, CHP, although I have a way to suggest a very thin line. In particular, the tendency to tighten the ranks of people on the opposite side would be the biggest mistake that could be made. I've noticed that they've made this mistake twice.

On the other hand, I have heard very little about Binali Bey for both the grassroots and the people in general. The general impression is ”puffs, I will squeeze his cheeks, he hasn't gone any further than he is. Binali Yıldırım has always been the loving face of Ak Parti. This selection process did not break it, no need to hear the rap advertising, the Youtube channel received great sympathy. But here again we come to the point of strategy. It doesn't matter if you throw the great passes, it's important to score. Youtube channel did not show continuity. The rap ad was a one-time sweet job, just like Kilicdaroglu's animation in the last election. You should not eat his right, PUBG fiction since the beginning of the first elections have been told since I told the 10 candidates. Play PUBG, publish it from Twitch, you'll be the first, that you give a direct message to young people, but no one did. I'm sick of hearing you say, "We're children, we have a weight." All politicians must understand this in particular; especially digital communication requires more courage, is mentioned more than the work itself. By doing what everyone does, maybe you can make a full page thanks to traditional links, but nobody cares.

The door-to-door circulation does not affect the Y and Z generations, which are now starting to determine the fate of the work. Candidate intimate poses with children come to visit them. They want to see them in more digital because the life of this generation is not on the streets, but on the screen. They must carry their visits to the digital world by including emotions. It's not just traveling. You like it or you don't like it, it's the truth.

As a last word I would like to point out. As an outside eye, volunteers / salaried teams working in both alliances until the mornings created world-class jobs. I hope that in these two alliances, these works will be rewarded, and those who come sideways but do everything I say have been removed. Perhaps this is the most important result of removing from these chests. The end of the period in which the non-working person was promoted should be the employee with greater effort.

I want to end with a wish, which I believe is the common desire of everyone, rather than who manages it. Hopefully Istanbul will be waiting for the most beautiful days.

The Most Effective Method of Advertising: Empathy Setup

The researches on neuroscience shed light on the studies we will carry out in marketing world. Especially mirror neuronsI think discovery is in the field of neuroscience and marketing is a very important development in my opinion. Because we are not impressed or impressed by the ads we see, it is entirely proportional to the bonds we establish between the hundreds of ads. The presence of mirror neurons proved to us.

The traditional advertising mentality represents a person who wants to be everyone in the ad, uses his own product and waits for people to take that product to make it look like a model. But the discovery of mirror neurons offers us a new model. FMRI studies have also been conducted empathy can establish

I even want to talk about an investigation that makes the job even more interesting. In a research that measures the empathy of women and men, a classical bargaining dilemma study is carried out. They share the $ 50 with the player who is the actor. While the good player is distributing the money equally, the bad player gets the majority of the money. When the second phase of the experiment is passed, the players are starting to receive electricity. The brain activity of both male and female subjects is measured instantaneously. The women fire the mirror neurons as soon as the player receives electricity, regardless of the bad player or the good player. She puts herself in the place of the player and is suffering just like her. In men, the situation is a bit different. Mirror neurons are fired exactly like women when electricity is supplied to the good players, but when the bad player is powered, the pleasure part of the men's brain is activated. So men are enjoying the pain of the bad player. Details of the research from here You can review.

In other words, your sense of empathy and justice are different from each other. So, according to the result we get from here, women feel much more empathic than men. This means that they can be much more easily affected than ads. If the advertisement is correct, reaching the woman's wallet is much easier than the man's. Especially in ads where the target is kittens for mirror neurons studies must be carried out. With photoshop-ready posters, social media content, or TV commercials (animators will be sorry for that), it's hardly possible to achieve success - at least in the human brain.

I have a topic that I always keep on my lessons. Emotional connection. If you have no emotional connection with your target, you can not succeed. That's why the same brand of detergent or shampoo or toothpaste advertising provides brand awareness. It can never provide brand loyalty. At this point, it's worth remembering Panda's great ad.

Mirror neurons come at the forefront of the reasons for not being able to connect with the customer, which is especially a problem experienced by e-commerce sites. I can say that an e-commerce site that shows pending products has virtually no chance of boosting sales. People want to see that someone uses the product they buy. In fact, what I'm saying is that the complex fashion industry is doing wrong. In those defilements, the clothes we will never wear on the streets are driven in catwalk, and these clothes definitely do not work empathy.

It's important not only to use one face in your ad content, but also because it looks like the target. For this reason, desktop designs not working. black people use ads in Turkey not working. I need to be more clear, for example Akbank does not use headscarf in its advertisement, so the headscarf can not appeal to the target.


There is nothing to do with politics, if a person describes himself as headscarf, you have to show a headscarf advertisement to impress him. Take, for example, any advertisements of the AKP.

As you can see in the ad, we see exactly the people we see on the street. There is a full empathy bombardment in localized form. I think the neuropsychological studies they carried out in this insight were also effective. Kılınç Details of Orhan's work NYTimesyou can look at. Again in the same light CHP how to follow an advertising strategy I wrote about it.

For example, idiot you can not get empathy with this commercial film that makes the treatment. A lot of people get nervous.

I need to make another statement about mirror neurons. We do not make empathy feelings just against people. We can develop animals against inanimate models and even robots. Especially (they do not actually laugh, they do not even have the muscles to laugh), the dolphins are always friendly and cute, even when the glory of the dolphin comes to mind.

What is Fiat trying to do with Erdal Beşikçioğlu?

There were a lot of commercials for Fiat Egea. Erdal Besikcioglu's new advertising film has been published today. When marketing three different articles about the first commercial film, I do not think I should think differently. But with the new commercial film I really wonder what Fiat is trying to do. For those wondering;

Fiat's Erdal Beşikçioğlu's new commercial is here;

When it comes to family cars, Sedan comes to mind. Fiat wanted to break the concept of the family car in the Egea model by playing Erdal Beşikçioğlu. Are not you tied to the person you play in a branding commercial? Is not his image the same as the image of the brand? Erdal Besikcioglu think of Es-Es, Barda, Wolves Valley etc. it does not. Behzat Ç is coming. Now I am sure many Behzat Ç fans will react to this comment, but the character in the advertisement is perceived as a role model and the model Fiat shows us is the following model;

The show was beautiful, the bad stuff was working, the cops were bad. I leave the debate entirely on the edge. Was this person supposed to represent Fiat? The audience who followed the first ad and shared it over and over was, yes (usually) those who knew it. However, when making an advertising campaign all over the country, taking an advertising film with a player who is pushing to a segment of the society is not a thing to be rethought for a brand.

Sometimes the player can get ahead of the commercial. It's not such a bad thing. There may also be occasional advertisements by Ozcan Deniz with e cahcç bi coca cola or Emrah Mc Donald's and these ads can be passed on with a slight smile that will not directly affect the customer base. But bad character is bad for brand before anything else.

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Why is Asus good from iPhone? BoomBook Advertising Film from Asus

He did a great job with Asus Zenfone and Zenbooks for his commercial film with Batesmotelpro. Subsequently, with the submissions made and a lot of fine detail, an ambitious commercial film was prepared to make the apple fan's size angry.

At first, Justin Cash (even the guy's surname is very good) is starting to introduce his new products, the Applevari, in the BoomBook. First posting, selling everything else in Apple products. Even people who are happy to sell keys are not really able to come to us as such an example

In the second submission called Rub-it there is a nice reference to the rabbit sheaths. The message at the end of the advertising filminus is that Asus Zenfone do not need the covers. Which is virtually no jacket on the market.

Another submission is vaoow. This reference was made to Casper, in fact, the hanky-themed advertising film "What Women Understand";

Interestingly, despite their apologies, they still have not lifted it. This is an interesting detail.

A few messages from Asus's ad;
- It's like there's nothing new in Apple's new models.
- Apple goes very well with coffee. Performance? What is this?
- Shut up and take my money!
- No better? Yes: Asus.
- Everywhere will be a boombook this year.
- Apple is so expensive that you can get it in installments for as little as 300 months.
- Our phones are not broken. You do not need rabbit sheaths.
- We do not produce products that are not needed by anyone like eRazor.

Particularly "hang up and listen to me" part of Apple's brand as a brand has brought a click. Another good reference.

I like both Zenfone and Zenbook users, what do you think?

How to Prepare the Most Effective Viral Videos Who Prepares Viral Videos?

We will examine the Viral Video service in the thirteenth part of this series where we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Viral Video

We need to look at the definition of the Viral word, one of the most common mistakes before processing the viral video. While viral is a term used to spread viruses biologically, with the use of advertisers it almost became equivalent to advertising. What we call viral advertising is a video, a picture, or any material that spontaneously spreads. Viral video is users' sharing without knowing that the video is an advertisement. According to this definition, we can easily say that many of the videos described as viral videos are only commercial films.

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