How to Set the Pricing Position for E-Commerce Sites

I do not see the future of e-commerce sites as brilliant. Contrary to popular opinion, I think a lot of e-commerce sites will go on shortly. One of the biggest causes of this is the ignorance and inexperience of pricing. Pricing is actually one of the most important work areas of the business.

Pricing is the most basic metric of whether a mark will go away or not. But you can not believe that the so-called simple pricing errors can sink the companies. As you know, the average profit ratios of e-commerce sites are around 3%. Even when the majority reaches 1% profit, it is happy. That 150% profit rate among the new entrants in the sector is just one city legend. Especially those who deceive people under the name of dropshipping education, I leave the hope traders on the edge. The 3% profit rate is actually a very dangerous rate. With very little changes you can make, you can fall in love.

One of the most frequent promotions that e-commerce sites make is a customer. Although I objected, I wanted to see the results firsthand. 75TL shopping for free shipping! Sounds like a very innocent campaign, does not it? Actually not. The campaign, which he did without raising the price of the product, suffered a serious injury. Why did it happen? What happened?

My client sells hand tools on the e-commerce site. Profit ratios are around 3%. After launching the campaign, sales increased by 30%. First he was very happy, but when he was examining the report of the end of the month, it was a bitter reality. While the profit from the purchase of a product of 100 TL was 3 TL, the cargo charge of 5 TL actually cost 2 TL from the fact that we paid it. To be able to make a profit, the average basket amount had to be around 200TL. However, as the orders increased, another risk was introduced. The loyal customers who made the purchase also bought the products they intend to purchase in the next few months just to pay the shipping cost. The effect we call cellar effect was coming out. So the customers were stockpiling, which meant we could not get new orders from our loyal customers in the coming months. We both suffered this month and the next 3 months of sales.

What would happen if you made the basket paying the cargo to $ 200 to prevent this damage? Here is the e-commerce dirty market where it comes into play. The opponent would not work because he gave free shipping at $ 100. So what if we increased the price of all products by 3% and put them in sale? Here, too, mathematics comes into play. A 3% increase in prices does not mean a 3% profit. It is no wonder that low prices are enough to sustain the competition in the price field. The price increase will not save this sales scenario.

In fact, many of those who live in the e-commerce site. They lose sight of the fact that they have not released a healthy profit-loss balance. At the end of the day they ask themselves why we are battling. Determining the strategy in the pricing of products must come first. The main reason why the cargo campaign does not work is not about the campaign but about the strategy. Regarding pricing positioning.

There are three ways you can choose when positioning your prices. These three ways are directly related to your products and service. The first of your options is to target the luxury segment. If you want to keep this segment, all of the products you sell must consist of luxury products. So you can not sell Indesit fridge and Miele fridge together. You will have to sacrifice Indesit. Not only your products, but your service totally flawless Must be. When your customers call you, they can be reached 24/7 and you should not have to wait at least one minute during the call. You have to sell a limited number of products, rather than tens of thousands of products you sell. Little availability is an important pricing factor here. You should be able to add yourself +3 years during the warranty period. In this way, an e-commerce site differentiates itself does not come to mind in Turkey.

The other pricing positioning is the premium category, which is headed by Gittigidiyor. Never cheapest There is no such claim to be. Because the cheapest usually hurt. The harmful can not provide a sustainable cheapness. The products you sell in the premium pricing strategy should be higher value products. In other words, you do not position yourself with the approach of putting a sale on my ecommerce site, which is classic, elite.

The largest and most profitable area you can place your pricing positioning on is the low price category. But sometimes there is no strategy of low price strategy. I can not give you one example that has been successful with this. If you follow the low price strategy, you should adjust the lowest prices and an acceptable quality ratio. In Germany, Aldi, BIM is a good example of this in Turkey. It is not enough to negotiate with suppliers just to get the lowest price. You need to be a manufacturer. It is almost impossible to sell a product you do not produce at the cheapest price. In order to be completely free in your pricing strategy, you must be the main dealer. This is also the reason why market places sell their own products. I do not think they want small e-commerce firms in the marketplace to survive in the long run.

One of the biggest mistakes is the market share misconception. If you are growing your market share and you are not profitable, you are not achieving sustainable growth. Especially in a Japanese customer, this disease (cultures I learned later) was too much. Each account responded to how it would affect the market share. To increase market share, shifting from marketing budget to lowering prices is not really a sustainable strategy. If a company wants to grow, it has to make a profit. Those who think it is a shame to want to profit, so many who write everything but profits to their vision. I want to end with a promise that Peter Drucker loves.

"Profit for a company is like oxygen for a person. If you do not have enough of it, you're out of the game. But if you do not mind, you're really missing something. "

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Binary Optimization

Our life is trying to persuade others. Sometimes clients, sometimes patrons, sometimes family members. Persuasion maybe the reason for the need to communicate. Hz. Eve's Hz. There is a history going so far as to convince Adam to ban the banpeed apple. How can we maximize our persuasive ability? I must say from the beginning, if you are looking for a guide that will show you how to persuade everybody, you can apply for fairy tales.

Our neighbor's child has entered new puberty. Parents are separate, fully depressed puberty. He listened to the music in such a way as to shake the columns of his house without distinction of night, day, noon, iftar time, midnight. When the cops arrived, they did not open the door, and because the door did not open, the cops would go without any action. (By the way, I still can not understand this situation.) We looked and received a nice player headphones that would not be like this. The child was no longer listening to the music with his headphones, and the apartment had a comfortable breath. At least we were thankful to hear each other while we were talking to my lady. But there was another unexpected effect of this gift. Normally, this child who does not look at anyone's face opens the door of the apartment when we come with the bags, it helps to carry it up. In fact, we did a favor to ensure that we could not listen to music loudly, and we won a friend as a reciprocity principle.

Every cultural thing in the world is a reciprocity principle. Do yourself a favor. Because you owe it to you to do good. Even religious cultures stand by the concept of praise. The most striking example of the reciprocity principle, which is often used on the sales and marketing side of the business, lies in an investigation. The percentage of people who receive a piece of chocolate at the entrance to the research is 42%. One of the people who use this principle most in sales is the artisans. It does not come from you for a while unless you buy dozens of products from the rails and buy one from the man who introduces you individually. "The man is trying to explain the extent of the increase of such products, the man should not give up his leisure" saying that we run a kind of reciprocity principle.

You need to take some risk when applying the reciprocity principle against your customers. Because "free" people are everywhere. People who will not feel obligated, who will come to ignore the constructions should not break your hope. In particular, free gifts (gifts that really work), free analysis of customers, donations on behalf of potential buyers without being able to buy more are working incredibly well.

But the gift you will give unexpected Must be. In a survey on the tips of waiters, when the waiter offered one chocolate at the end of the meal, the tip rate increased by 3.3%, while the rate increased by 14.1% when two chocolates were served. The important factor here is that the factor is unexpected. It would be even better if you could give your gift a personal meaning to animate the reciprocity principle.

It is one of the classical scenes in the inquiry rooms in American movies, to serve the questionable suspects. The story that surprises me is this: Abu Cendel, al-Qaeda's former headscarf, was arrested for days on end. On the day they changed the diabetic cookies they were feeding to the diabetic Abu Cendel, they were affected He explained everything. 

One of the most important steps in bwin's optimization is to similarity You capture. Maybe you may not come up with ethics, but things can go much faster when you're talking in the same way you're talking, when you're sitting in a similar way, or when you openly complain about cultural issues.

Unless we discriminate between compliment and spoilage or clash, we have found one of the easiest ways to influence people. In the process of strengthening the mutual communication which is one of the foundations of the bounty, it is the shortest way to call for the sense of self. Because for us, we come first of all. Bitter but that. When we hear that you are talking about ourselves, we stop everything, we listen. For this reason, compliments that are a beautiful godship and solid foundation are very important. You can quickly break down the glaciers and increase the intensity of your love for you.

If there is a bond between you and the person you will persuade, your chances of buying will increase. But there is no need to bullshit to catch this bond. In Besiktas, a café was interested in the name, I went inside, the whole throat looks from the terrace, the super scenery. The owner came, he said; "If you know the responsibility, I will eat you food. What is the last letter of the alphabet? "As you have guessed, I said Z, no answer E said. (alphabetto) This is the first humorous laugh, but when I was exposed to more than ten different types of humor that did not break, I called the hole to escape. Need to remove water from work 🙂

We are laughing at this stage of Şener Şen, but the method used by Şener Şen is quite effective. Social proof can make us pretty crazy decisions if others are using the same product or if others agree. It's like the Farm Bank is in the bump. When people see that someone else is investing, they are safe and crediting and depositing their money.

Booking is a great social proof. There are calls for convincing all over the site. In one place "the last room of this fiyata" in the other place creates a sense of urgency "rooms can be consumed" in the other side of this very popular texts. He's trying to persuade you by providing you with evidence in every direction and he's succeeding!

One of the most common authority feel. If you prove that you are an authority in your field, everyone listens to you. I have never forgotten that in the meeting with a customer my client came to me and said, "I saw a few people, I checked whether they have certificates in the field of digital marketing, but you will not look at something like that, you are already giving your education." He entered the 5th floor with the customer

Another example is the persuasion method scarcity I explain the situation. Hasan Başusta is a very valuable name in digital marketing. I do not know if you knowingly do, but I have a tactic that I love so much. "I do not get too many customers, there are only three or four customers at a time," he says. This, in fact, is the effect of being low on someone who is affected by it. If I want to work with the Master, he says that I should get in between the 4 clients.

In the optimization of the bell, we also have the ability to bring the relationships we have with humans to a different dimension unity sensation At the beginning of our tactics we can apply especially in B2C is regionalism. If you are running a small cafe, you can earn their heart by telling them that you are the same fellow, you are that foster child. If your brand is a national brand, you can win the heart of people who respect both Konya and wheat by owning Konya, the homeland of wheat just as Torku did.

Finally, we need to talk about nobility. The concept of nursing is very, very strong in Eastern culture, especially where our country is also located. Sometimes I can not even believe it. In the ongoing war with Iran in the era of the Prophet (saas), Muslims follow a tactic that amazes me. Everyone collects on the battlefield with their own tribe so that they do not escape from the battlefield. So it was that people in their tribe did not escape from the battlefield, so people started to escape. People who are tired of tens of thousands of people in the army and even their warriors. People are more helpful to their countrymen, less inclined to deceive them. A sense of nobility establishes mutual trust. For this reason, it comes at the forefront of the trump cards that can be used against the customer.

Convincing you is a process in itself. Just a word that you've spoken in your clan can make your entire investment go away. You need to be convinced thousands of times to master in the field of persuasion. The only way to specialize in all the tactics is to gain experience.

Book Recommendations: Gate to the Bible - Robert B. Cialdini
Biblical Psychology - Robert B. Cialdini
You Win The Deal - Patrick Collins
Persuasion and Presentation - Peter Coughter

Placebo and Hale Effect to Conquer Consumer's Mind

I'm going to talk about an influence in the health sector. Placebo effect. Do not think about what it has to do with marketing, it's all about the idea of ​​human thinking. What is the placebo effect?

According to Wikipedia; The placebo effect is a pharmacologically ineffective drug that produces an effect based on the tack. If we need to open it a little bit, the experiments that are carried out can really heal it, it can cut the pain, the belief that the ending person will heal or not feel pain. For example, a patient comes to the hospital with a complaint of severe pain, doctors are dealing with hours, x-rays, surveys or something, they can not find the source of the disease. The patient is dying and is not in pain. The doctor says a syringe and says "we have detected your disease, nothing will be left with this drug, it will be in 30 minutes" and it is injecting. The patient who does not stay in that place is not 30, but after 10 minutes he says that nothing is left and he goes away. However, the doctor just injected vitamin injections. The same situation happens frequently in the military. Most of the soldiers going to the infirmary are given a drug called ASP. Many do not know that it is an abbreviation of the aspirin. They go back to your wards saying I came to myself. It is possible to identify these cases in various cancer cases, depression cases, migraine. So in fact, the games our minds play us are extremely powerful.

Let's go back to the marketing part of the case. You know the Pepsi tasting tests.


Pepsi always win in tasting tests. But does that mean it's better than Coca-Cola? The sad news for Pepsi: Consumers always prefer Coca-Cola when they know what the brand is. Their love is not easy when they are closed. The biggest reason for this is that the brand consciousness has been formed more in Coca-Cola. That is, Coca-Cola Original Tat they think it will be more delicious. Why? Because the first is more delicious, the original formula is ten. Why? Because the opening sound of that cover, the explosion of gas bubbles and the rustling of the ice, revived in your ears while reading these lines. What about Pepsi? In Pepsi, Seda Sayan comes alive in front of you. (Do not call me Özcan Deniz, I'm trying to throw it in my memory!) The article written by my twin brother about the subject hortatory for those who do not remember.

Just as it is the placebo effect when perceiving the brand our mind plays small games to us. If you tell the patient that only vitamin C is actually given, he will not believe you. It's not just Pepsi, I got Coca-Cola like they would wear. Your brand is stronger than your product. No, I do not mean that the product is not important, I do not say if the product is bad but the brand is good. Do not get it wrong. There is a certain balance between the two. For example, Xiaomi phones are the best in terms of technical features right now. But most people do not think it's the best phone. (I think that leadership has got 3 years at most) The cost of branding will decrease as the degree of branding increases, as the price will increase every day.

Actually, we're getting it out of here. A person's mind comes first of the mark itself, not the product. Because what we value psychologically is the mark itself. Do not you think that the product comes before everything else marketing marketing gurusna. If they stay with them, they have to resemble each brand's rival, not to differentiate. There is an interesting brand management trend these days, Allah is amazed at the end 🙂

At this point, two more things are involved in advertising. Halo Effect and Placebo effect. The Halo effect is summarized as follows; When you first meet a beautiful girl, you think that girl is smarter, better, more organized, better at work. The opposite is when you meet the ugly girl. This is not just for people, for web sites, you will get to your home for the goods, it is a valid influence for everything. In other words, consumers who are enthralled by the effects of the ads in the ads are also tied to us with the placebo effect at the same time.

One of the easiest ways to achieve the effect of being in advertising and the placebo effect is to use metaphors. The metaphors used take the features in the metaphor and transfer the same product. Consumers who are affected by this effect will have an effect and a placebo effect if the ad works well.

For example I could not forget this poster of WWF for years. On my first web site (I was concerned with global warming), I put it on the main page with pride.

It is entirely due to the placebo effect in the famous 4.99 price tag products. 5 pounds is cheap when it comes to you expensive 4.99. Because your mind plays small games to you. In the same way, celebrity marketing or influencer marketing both run the halo effect and the placebo effect. In your marketing activities, you should always be your priority, not to get the product to the forefront, but to settle in the mind of the consumer. 

  • Book Recommendation: Prof. Dr. Ugur West - The Language of Advertising

  • Book Recommendation: Gerald Zaltman - How Consumers Think?

  • Book Recommendation: Stuart Sutherland - Irrational

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A Brand New and Profitable Market: Marketing for the Elderly

The technology that is evolving in the world affects the health field the most. Our average life expectancy is getting longer with breakthroughs in the field of health, the development of swallowable devices, increased applications for spores, the development of surgical robots, and the increased accessibility of doctors and hospitals. But on the other hand, we have a growing population with decreasing fertility rates. How long are you prepared to do elderly marketing?

Let's start by listening to what Ergöçmen said Director of the Institute of Population Studies.

"Extend the life in Turkey. The average life expectancy is 77-78 years old. Women generally have a longer lifespan, and I can say that they are approaching the 80s. In men, this is 75 years. By 2023 and 2050, the life of the Turkish people will be prolonged. During this period people are expected to live up to 80 odd years. The expected life expectancy is estimated to be 83 years. We think that it will go up to 81 in males and 85 in females. In 2023, we can talk about a lifetime approaching 80's in women. "

2023 you should not come too far. Only six years left. The percentage of people over 65 is expected to exceed 20% within a short period of time. If we leave the sociopolitical parts of the business to one side, we need to bow a little to the question "why is aged marketing important?" The time for the elderly to spend money is much higher than for the young. While we can hardly come across a 9-5 worker traveling from shopping malls to shopping malls or e-commerce sites, seniors have much more time to do so. On the other hand, there is a serious amount of money that the elderly can spend because the standard expenses are decreasing. In other words, aging marketing activities are getting more important every day.

In 2023 we are talking about an old population of 8 million. On the other hand, there are great opportunities in Europe for companies that can be opened abroad. One of the most important points here is the improvements that need to be made on accessibility. Try to visit the dolly for a day at a shopping mall to understand what I mean. Insufficient number of elevators are full of shops with narrow corridors that can not be passed by a baby carriage We have shopping malls. Why is this important?

Wheelchair use has become a necessity not only for the disabled but also for the elderly. With the technological development in the wheelchairs and the cheaper prices, they are starting to use wheelchairs in the individuals who can walk slowly. Wheelchairs can now move forward by pushing a button, starting to turn into comfortable seats with comfortable seats and sometimes digital screens. The elderly who have a bit of difficulty walking will gradually use the wheelchair. What kind of thing can you sell to a person who can not enter the corridor where the product he wants to study is in a store?

It is not enough to expand the corridors of the store. As age progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to bend. If we put moisturizing cream at the bottom of the shelves we want to buy an elderly, we tend to look for the product in a different store instead of leaning, even if the elderly product is very demanding. Arrangement according to age and gender is vital in shelf order. Especially, we have a situation called "friction protection". This situation, especially seen in women, causes women not to lean on the lower shelves, as the customer is inclined to think that women can rub against them if the corridor is not wide enough. The same goes for the elderly as "do not lean". So in order to be able to sell more, it is necessary to show fewer products, maybe to cancel the lower shelves or to put more special products only on the lower shelves and try to sell more products. The location of the products in the stores is a completely separate article. Particular optimizations need to be made for situations such as chips and toys on the top shelf, especially for children.

I can hardly say that our country is in a good position on accessibility. I am sure that I went to the Turkish-Islamic museum in Sultanahmet recently. The elevator was the disabled elevator, the only way to get out of the top baby carriage. You need to hold down the button for as long as you are going up. That way, I can come easily, but it is so slow that it takes almost 3-4 minutes to travel. On the other hand, the elevator stops automatically in the slightest motion when you move the elevator. There was another way you wanted to go upstairs. It is very difficult to access public transportation vehicles such as metro / metrobus by elevator, because of intensive use. In addition to the aging population, new wheelers will also need to wait for 5-6 elevator departures when you add this equation. Especially for shopping malls will not be a good situation at all.

The only requirement for the elderly to shop from you is not the wide corridors and elevators. All packaging designs need to change. The common problem that appears in every elderly individual is that your eyes do not look so good anymore. Especially close. On the other hand Turkey opened around the university also need to take into account. University graduates tend to read the information on the packaging of the product they will buy at a 4-fold higher rate than their high school graduates. I mean, we have more college graduates and more elderly people. This means that we are starting to read more articles in packages. But there is a problem. 9 posts can not read the ages. He does not buy the product because he can not read it. It is difficult to read below the 13th puntodan point that the most comfortable reading of an individual over the age of 65 can be read and gives up taking the product. So we have to redo all our packages as soon as possible, maybe we should allocate less space for designs, more space for texts. Especially the aging population is more careful about the food they eat. For this reason, even though perfume may be a little small in writing, it is necessary to go to this update as soon as possible.

The same goes for web sites. Especially in this age of mobile transformation, the elderly are more and more mobile. Maybe I can not read the texts on the old mobiles that do not live on the desktop. It needs to be resized in the texts in the web sites that do aged marketing, and the contrast differences in the designs need to be increased.

Remember, seniors are younger 5th floor they tend to spend higher. Especially in the fashion field, only brands that appeal to young people need to wake up now. A much higher profitable market is waiting for them. The tourism and health sectors are also the first to come to mind.

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How can the CHP win elections with an advertising language?

How CHP Elections Win

I thought it would be more appropriate to write this article separately for all the parties but I thought that it would be more accurate to do a study for the CHP only because I feel like the AK Party does not need this direction at all.

When determining the language of the advertisement, it is the first step to determine a language that will respond in society. However, there is another point that is as important as the choice of language, which is the right choice of target. There is certainly a massive election of a political party and a mass of voters who can vote for it. And there are those who think you will never vote. When political parties prepare their advertising campaigns, they only keep their own odds when they are working on their ossified segments, which is what happened to the CHP's choice. The ads did not have the desired effect because they misidentified the target mass. As the first target in the advertising campaigns to be realized, the AK Party and the MHP must target the electorate and focus on voting. But how to do it?

Mirror Neurons empathy centers of mind. In the advertising campaign to be realized, it is necessary to establish a kind of campaign that will definitely activate mirror neurons. If the AK Party is calling to the base a "Cumhuriyet Teyses"If you use it does not work. The first thing to do is to identify the issues that the AK Party's base is uncomfortable with and take steps to increase the inconvenience. Because when the discomfort increases, CHP is the only alternative in the party ecosystem that has almost turned into a bipolar center.

For many years the opponent's fear of pumping his opponent is counter-attacking in many areas. As a result of dictator communication, there are large masses called "it is our dictator". The messages that the CHP should focus on are not the marriage of the AKP or the dictatorship, most goals scored There must be fields. The first of these is the violence against FETO, corruption, and women. In the language of the advertisements, a clearer fear should be given with more empathy, but as I said empathy, the AK Party must be awakened on the base. For example;

1- Muhajir Foundation

A woman with a headscarf (a part of her hair that is not visible, if possible) is standing in front of a foundation with a light bearded gentleman. Muhacir Foundation writes on the floor of the foundation. They have a 9 year old boy.
- Hey, should we send your girlfriend to this foundation? How about you learn both religions?
+ It is good, in fact, both Allah learns theology.
- You are right, our elders are immigrants with this foundation, why should we not trust that they are safe?
They go in, a gentleman with a slight beard inside gently welcomes them and says I can meet you with our bellet. The dignitary comes, grinning grimly at the child's face.
Packshot: CHP for our children.

Anyone watching the ad knows what the ad is talking about, the child's face is never shown, so the voter can put his or her child in his place more comfortably. Why do not we trust when our grandfathers are safe? Fear is placed on the heart of the electorate, allowing them to empathize. The players who play in the ad completely have to dress up and move like the AK Party. Especially in the face of female actors, there should not be any excess makeup, which is the advertisement of the CHP.

2- Nargile Cafe

Our brother, a light bearded suit, but a good belly, is a hookah café. There is a phone, zippo and car key set on top. We start to hear when we talk on the phone.

  • I heard your brother is coming up with a new test system, right?
  • Ohh super, super (grinning)
  • Your brother knows our new residences, the one that's in Belgrad Forests. I say to your sister we should give her one gift, what do you say?
  • Elhamdulililah dear, I am waiting for the details of the new test system.
    Packshot: CHP for Justice

At the same time the tributaries of the nargile halls are tired of each section, a reference is made to them and the enlightenment of the AK Party should be kept on the floor.

3- Forest

It is a sunny spring day, a squirrel climbing up on a tree, a few butterflies flying in front of the camera in the tree, and the places are filled with flowers and flowers. It accompanies a relaxing music scene. At that moment a high and disturbing sound comes from the motorized saw and the right turn of the tree where the butterflies are, the voices of the birds suddenly rise, the squirrels and the butterflies begin to escape. The camera turns in the direction of the tree, accompanied by depressing air and sad music. A huge building site appears, packshot appears with the voice of businessmen walking towards the forest.
Packshot: Breathable CHP

4- European Union

A table with EU and Turkish flag is visible with a slow shutter, and a fat and bald man is sitting on a long seat, the camera is seen from behind. In front of the big table, a young man in front of him,

  • My minion, I admire the interactions you get from social media! Do not you use any help?
  • What is needed is the help, (by hitting the Qur'an on the table), I do not need anything else, I do not need anything else, we go to the Bakara Roller!
  • Oh, sir, if you hear a sight, will you be in trouble?
  • What about Yahu? Most have not been the chief counselor, heheheh.
    Packshot: CHP for sincerity

This is a dialogue that I'm sure the viewers will become nervous cube.

So the essence of the essence, the main target audience for the CHP is the AK Party base. The MHP has no other party to vote for. The ones that are already there are only an ossified mass that does not think of any other party that voted for the MHP. For this reason, it is necessary to move towards the base of the AK Party, which is not ossified and has high-level play. On the other hand, HDP is the case. The biggest mistake the CHP will make is to play towards the HDP votes. This play will result in a total loss of two other partisans.