Why can't we do as good marketing as pornos?

I'm sure you're surprised when you read the title. I'm sure you're thinking of a click-bait. If you don't, I'm sure you haven't read the websites of national newspapers for a long time. But the title is not a click-bait header. Let's be honest. Are you not tired of discussing the concepts that people in the world know and apply? Sometimes I come across such concepts that there is no other conclusion about Google. On the other hand, the opposite is even worse. On Instagram, every time I see the X path heading, I want to recall more followers. Isn't it coming? Isn't the salesperson's task to catch insight, to think about how I can use everything he sees in his life in the world of marketing?

Never underestimate the porn industry. This sector produces 35% of the content downloaded over the world. [I] We're talking about a $ 100 billion industry. [Ii] Although a clear figure cannot be given, we know that the majority of the contents on the internet serve this sector. There is someone who stands out from these sites that Pornhub. I first recognized them in a research they published. I was surprised that you read the title of this article. Country country people have published their search habits on their site. Pornhub is a site that receives 3 billion visits per month. The most visited is getting more traffic than the total traffic of the top 50 websites in Turkey. Of course, no industry can compete with sexuality, but why is Pornhub among millions of sites?

Pornhub did what the others did. Normally the advert of a porn site ağ as you know, you'll be surprised how to turn off the banner in your office. I've heard those who head to the monitor trying to shut the pop-up. But Pornhub G-Rated has launched an advertising campaign suitable for all children, adults, everyone in 2014. They even placed the ad with the slogan iler All you need is hand ”on billboards. This was an unprecedented event. In fact, they showed that a product of the dark marketing category could easily be advertised. As you can imagine, this was followed by word of mouth marketing. Everyone talked about this ad for days.

Pornhub did not stop at this point. He started broadcasting porn statistics. It began with the United States, and then published what the world looked for, what they were watching, what they were watching, and what the country was looking for based on country, age and gender. Finally, the primitive brain part of the human brain has the highest selectivity in the perception of sexuality. Everybody wondered, shared. Imagine, the longest stay on the site in the Philippines, this data proudly shared the whole country. For example, while we were making jokes on the movie "The Lovers of the Moon" in GORA, Pornhub started a project called Sexploration. As a news story with a spectacular PR value, thousands of news sites around the world have published the title binler First sex in space dünya.

Wearable technology, IOT and something like this in 2015, Pornhub is looking at everyone who buys technological products in Christmas gifts. They pull out a device called Wankband, a product where you can generate energy by moving your hand, and that you can charge your other devices via USB with this energy. When I first heard of the product, I had laughed like everybody else. Could this be a more wonderful word of mouth marketing tactic? The product was of course not for sale, but for viral purposes.

Imagine, you are a social media expert and you are being asked to manage the social media account of a porn site. If you come to share naked naked people on your mind, let it work. Pornhub has been really shaking all social media for a long time with the jokes and jokes that keep creative intelligence in the forefront. I'm not talking about the news website headlines that are thrown from the genre that shook the famous social media every three days. It was really able to capture very serious interaction and display rates. Taboo or not, it's not easy to get people to tweet a porn site. Although Brazilian footballer Neymar did not take a big blow during the World Cup, he is lying on the floor and crying with a photograph like this. I think an even better example; You remember that United Airlines was dragging a doctor out of the plane. Pornhub tagged the United Airlines on this incident, and he tweeted, "You are the most disgusting people in the world, a porn site that tells you that." The interaction rates of these tweets I mentioned are incredible! It isn't really easy to get any brand over 80,000.

Do you believe that I have even participated in corporate social responsibility projects? Not only did they make this donation to the falanca, but they did it dry and didn't send two press releases. One of the campaigns was called "Pornhub Gives America Wood." They planted a new tree in every 100 videos you understand. They donated 1 cent for breast cancer in every 30 videos in the relevant category.

Look, we can't even think of one thousandth of aforementioned ones for many brands, even if we think we can't accept the customer. I don't know a sector where there are so many competitors around the world. If a company has become a brand in such a challenging sector, if it can become a leader, I think there is more than just saying abil but people are very concerned about this abil. One of the things that our country is experiencing the most problems in marketing courage. Tan Nobody has ever been fired for buying IBM. Buying As with the reindeer, we are overly avoiding taking risks in marketing. Let's not fool each other. We all know that Pornhub category due to a site that will not think less prestige than other brands, because the valuation has more than even the biggest brands in Turkey.

You can never grow up in a market where you have millions of big and small opponents who do the same job. Today private hospitals with the highest turnover in Turkey, which has allocated a separate budget for their ads to be cut penalty.

[I] https://www.webroot.com/us/en/resources/tips-articles/internet-pornography-by-the-numbers

[Ii] https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/things-are-looking-americas-porn-industry-n289431

How to Change the Communication Strategy for a Successful Opposition

In democracies, when there is a balance between opposition and power, success is achieved when a single party is not an absolute judge. This article is entirely taken in keeping with this motive.

According to the June 24th election results, the distribution of seats in the parliament has been settled, discussed and discussed, but there is a topic that is skipped. The only task the opponent has to do is not to raise and lower hands on the parliamentary chairs, but to make the rhetoric, opinion, public opinion, perception management and accepting or supporting the people. No matter how many of the constitutional proportions that the people do not want, the ruling party can not come to ignore it. When it comes to ignorance, maybe it is the people who can not make a voice in the first one but if this becomes continuous, it will be an early election or the people will pour into the street. If governments are tasked not to do anything other than what the people want, the main opposition should be provided in the heart of the people, not the parliament. This should be the sole duty of an opposition party.

The exchange of the leaders of the opposition parties, the exchange of the management team, and so on, is just the front. The opposition, especially the main opposition, needs to change its communication strategy. The main opposition saw the leader change before that, the result is obvious. The point is not how those people want to get their votes, but how those people guarantee it. The big mistake is made at exactly this point. Instead of embracing voters in the ruling party, the opposition develops discourse against them. What I want to say is that they are no longer able to say the clichéd Saint Nesin's word or sheep argument. What I want to say is that after making a decision, if that decision is wrong or right, then that decision will defend themselves with a willingness to justify themselves. If you say you have done wrong with the voters who voted for the ruling party, then the voter will not make any difference, either wrong or right, and he will develop arguments to defend himself in a way that will make you unfair.

The opposition must first change its strategy, leaving it with very harsh rhetoric against the party or the person whom it votes or does not vote for. Like thieves, discourses like dictators are failing discourses and should not be sustained. It is imperative that the opposition softens and embraces the discourses so that it can be effective in the public, leaving a sincere impression. It is imperative that voters who vote for the ruling party are well-informed, well-educated and develop counter-strategies accordingly. If you give me the game on the height of the dollar, this is the opposite. (Tepti) Because the electoral psychology of the voting party to the ruling party quickly developed a counter-argument. "The economy is not important, I will vote for what is right for my country to remain hungry," he said. Because these are the games of external forces. When you say to a person in this psychology, "You can not be assigned, we will appoint you when we come, power is bad", the believer's premiere will be more important than if I am a business owner. (Said)

I can feel it especially difficult for the people on the opposing side to read these lines. That's the point. The opposition must respond in this conjuncture to a strategy that is unorthodox against this strategy of power and provide a balance to the public. Politicians confuse the concepts of "consistency" and "coherence" with street mouths. Yesterday, today, people do not perceive the present day speech as a skepticism and they can see it as a legitimate politician. It is perceived as a virtue to accept that an opinion you defend yesterday is wrong, not a weakness or a skepticism in society. On the other hand, if there are discordant discourses between your current views, it is a big blow to coherence. This, in turn, destroys respect and trust in the electorate. I will explain it with an example. Dictatorial discourse is a discourse that loses coherence. The opponent does not have a large portion of the population of the dictator who is able to make a choice in a mutual race. He is the one who does not go with the election because the dictator. For this reason, what I just mentioned is a hard discourse that will reverse.

Another issue is the sincerity that must be provided in the strategy. If the unassigned teachers go away from the example, it is not sincere to choose all the teachers who can not assign the discourse. It does not seem convincing for people to be civil servants or a large part of society. Rather, it is necessary to say that the universities are not profession-building courses, that the relevant departments of the universities are more open to the needs, and that the existing victims have different alternatives. This is an example of the entire approach I have been discussing, but the solution found is a separate discussion on the truth. It is not a useful method to make fun of divided ways. To say that instead of underestimating the actions performed by the government, it can do better, the details to tell the way through the heart of the elector who voted for power. It is hard to make credibility after the election as "I will do the fourth bridge" as well, unless you want to make it sound like you are told to say, but if you have to make the model and if you do not explain it, these are our projects.

The opposition ranks the language ranks at the moment. There's no point in taking all the raptures in the ruling party back to the party. You can make your election happy by attacking what the electorate of the ruling party has loved, voted for, and regarded as sacred, but that electorate is already in your hands and will not give you anything. The opposition has been working for young people for a long time. In this case, I have a commercial that I like very much. Animation of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. It was a really nice job. It's nice to have a job, it can even sound in the advertising world, but is it enough to change the opinion of the voters? In particular, is it enough to take over the votes of the opposing party you are targeting? Do you touch the hearts of those who voted for your opponent to "wish for a world without you"? This strategy, this understanding needs to change. The new communication strategy must be built precisely on winning the hearts of competing party votes. Certainly the last two months of the election must be continued without slowing down the work by anticipating the next elections, without waiting for the last two months.

Along with a general change in the strategy, the method also has to change. According to the opposition, Shu'an has 95% of the media in the hands of the ruling party. It is not important to identify this situation, it is important what you are doing against it. The strategy that the government sees on the traditional media side is truly amazing. To keep the level of the opposition at the level of the Spokesman. Like the spokesman, newspapers such as the republic and similar websites only cause the ranks of voters who vote in power to tighten their ranks. Above all, it is necessary that either these or similar media have the ability to be represented, or that they change their crust, to be accepted by rival party voters. One of the biggest reasons why the opposition can not vote is the foreign language of the media power. But with the media that it can penetrate, the election is unlikely. In particular, channels like NTV should be discontinued and supported. As soon as independent news channels and sites are supported in the community's eyes, the owners of those publications should get rid of the idea that "we are publishing only one electoral mass, because they are only following us".

Businessmen, especially those who are close to the opposition party and financially capable of funding 8-10 employees, should open news sites, not high-cost ones like newspapers or TVs, and work with professional digital marketing teams to become alternative voices. However, these sites should be sites that appeal to a much broader range than the local, small publications (like I have made up the name) of Ağrı's Voice. You can not direct voting voters when news sites that change the agenda in Internet journalism are the British BBC and Russian Sputnik.

I remember Obama's first election. He certainly could not find himself in the traditional media. He had separated his entire budget from social networks and digital news sites. There is general consensus at this point, that despite the opposition in the social media, it loses in the elections. This is not the weakness of social media, but the fact that the opposition is not in a good position to govern social media. It is only the country that is filled with political parties that make TT on Twitter to bring about what they want. That's not the way! You are not really on the agenda in people's hearts when you go to TT, the name "Agenda". It is important that the voters who vote on your opponent are brought in by the accounts they will consider. The transmission of your message in a way that you will consider, do not alter, do not remind you of insults. Social media content shared by people with different views according to the research done by the other party not seen, not read. There were so many people standing there, people talking for days. Has he ever seen a political Cambridge Analyitica? I do not understand that the methods used do not try to use the systems that work. I hardly ever come across digital advertising during the election. I do not mean ridiculous banners that carry photographs of three or five party presidents and do not convey any emotion or message. No personalized ads. There was no appeal to the segregated voters. Yes, I talked about the Adwords advertising on Ibrahim Tatlıses, but there was no effective work on digital media. I do not understand that they do not invest in the digital which is the only exit gate of the parties who have the saying "I can not find a place in Hele hele media". This job is not to send a shuttle in the distance, but every day in Istanbul, the continent shifts to "the 3rd bridge is not very expensive? If you traffic from him, we'll cheat, "or you will not be able to sell something abroad to Facebook and Instagram users who like Paypal's page? We'll bring Paypal back. " Is it so difficult to target Uber users and target the booking users? Is it difficult to target retirees? Is it difficult to ask them if they can afford your salary or to end the vampire moths ruining your crops in Rize?

I know it is very hard for politicians to accept it, but rallying does not work. It was time to rally during the periods when there was no TV and no social media but it was time to transfer the money spent on the rallies to the digits according to the MHP's opinion that it maintained the rate of votes without any rallies. Naturally, only your own voters come to the rallies. Have you ever seen a maniac go to the rallies of all parties and vote for the most beautiful talker? The nation has the power to work. To make advertisements by targeting according to segments, to make live broadcasts via Scope or Instagram, to speak out on Youtube channels (Şükür Babala TV is a leader, super job) Questioning in Ekşisözlük has become a standard thing to do now.

US President Barack Obama presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to broadcast journallist Oprah Winfrey during a ceremony in the White House on November 20, 2013 in Washington, DC. The Medal of Freedom is the country's foremost civilian honor. AFP PHOTO / Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN / AFP / Getty Images)

We keep trying to rediscover America. Oprah Winfrey is the server of the most viewed talk show in the US. One of the world's 100 most powerful people because the power is enormous, people trust him. Only a million people voted for Obama after the announcement of his support to Obama. Working with opinion leaders is one of the most politically motivated jobs. In the last elections, I did not see anything other than an influencer coming out and consolidating what they would vote for the ruling saying "foot odor". No opposition party did Influencer Marketing. "Could there be such a thing?" There is a general misinformation about the fact that only the young people follow the influencers (if Puccaa's tweet was paid for the fee, prepare the fiction). My 56 born birthdays follow the influencers in my 63 born father. They are not early adapters, they are typical X-belt members. Even if they are following this very high penetration of internet and social media are having followed a huge cut influencer in Turkey. However, we need to keep an eye on our influencer definition. You just have to see funny tweets or makeup videos as influencers. Influencer is a very broad definition. These opinion leaders need to be supported as an assistant to take the support of your message.

Marketing influencia work with the limited vision of Turkey and the Turks to keep influencer, you need to reach even the Germans influencer to reach voters in Germany. It's not that hard to find the influencers that respectful people have with respect. Another area that I think comes from ignoring and ignoring in local elections is micro-influencers. There are many influencers in particular, which are followed by their own region in the motherland. There are too many people who really trust him to vote politics they point to. There is no connection with this generation. Mankind gives the decision to buy from the first day by word of mouth marketing this day. It is a mental detention not to use this most effective persuasion method at all.

The opposition will make the biggest mistake by transmitting the same message from all message channels. A different message must be generated for each different channel. Different according to Influencer's past, different by Youtube channel to broadcast, different message according to the person to show the advertisement. The main discourse has to be the same (consistency) and the things mentioned must be different. This is the disadvantage of campaigns run on TV. When you say nationalist choice and I look pleasant, you are blowing up the others.

There is a single type of advertising for opposition, especially on both TV and digital ads. Fear ads. When I say horror commercial, I do not mean the Republic's black-market advertisement. There is no other alternative than othering, empathy-filled advertising. Advertisements should be made that appeal to the disgruntled people, claim them, and make their accusations stand out. Beginning from the point where everyone agrees, such as merit, staffing, voters can be earned by advertisements made with respect to the bounty of the disgruntled people, with respect to the votes they have given. The end of this horror pumping to be done is the balance of the ruling party's strand of the arm of the hand, which can be achieved without any other way. CHP How can an advertising language win elections? 

At the end of the day, you are the voters who want the only country to get better. It does not matter whether it is party or party, everyone's immediate home. It is a good opposition that will provide a power that makes good deeds. The good thing about the opposition is that it can provide healthy communication.

How to Set the Pricing Position for E-Commerce Sites

I do not see the future of e-commerce sites as brilliant. Contrary to popular opinion, I think a lot of e-commerce sites will go on shortly. One of the biggest causes of this is the ignorance and inexperience of pricing. Pricing is actually one of the most important work areas of the business.

Pricing is the most basic metric of whether a mark will go away or not. But you can not believe that the so-called simple pricing errors can sink the companies. As you know, the average profit ratios of e-commerce sites are around 3%. Even when the majority reaches 1% profit, it is happy. That 150% profit rate among the new entrants in the sector is just one city legend. Especially those who deceive people under the name of dropshipping education, I leave the hope traders on the edge. The 3% profit rate is actually a very dangerous rate. With very little changes you can make, you can fall in love.

One of the most frequent promotions that e-commerce sites make is a customer. Although I objected, I wanted to see the results firsthand. 75TL shopping for free shipping! Sounds like a very innocent campaign, does not it? Actually not. The campaign, which he did without raising the price of the product, suffered a serious injury. Why did it happen? What happened?

My client sells hand tools on the e-commerce site. Profit ratios are around 3%. After launching the campaign, sales increased by 30%. First he was very happy, but when he was examining the report of the end of the month, it was a bitter reality. While the profit from the purchase of a product of 100 TL was 3 TL, the cargo charge of 5 TL actually cost 2 TL from the fact that we paid it. To be able to make a profit, the average basket amount had to be around 200TL. However, as the orders increased, another risk was introduced. The loyal customers who made the purchase also bought the products they intend to purchase in the next few months just to pay the shipping cost. The effect we call cellar effect was coming out. So the customers were stockpiling, which meant we could not get new orders from our loyal customers in the coming months. We both suffered this month and the next 3 months of sales.

What would happen if you made the basket paying the cargo to $ 200 to prevent this damage? Here is the e-commerce dirty market where it comes into play. The opponent would not work because he gave free shipping at $ 100. So what if we increased the price of all products by 3% and put them in sale? Here, too, mathematics comes into play. A 3% increase in prices does not mean a 3% profit. It is no wonder that low prices are enough to sustain the competition in the price field. The price increase will not save this sales scenario.

In fact, many of those who live in the e-commerce site. They lose sight of the fact that they have not released a healthy profit-loss balance. At the end of the day they ask themselves why we are battling. Determining the strategy in the pricing of products must come first. The main reason why the cargo campaign does not work is not about the campaign but about the strategy. Regarding pricing positioning.

There are three ways you can choose when positioning your prices. These three ways are directly related to your products and service. The first of your options is to target the luxury segment. If you want to keep this segment, all of the products you sell must consist of luxury products. So you can not sell Indesit fridge and Miele fridge together. You will have to sacrifice Indesit. Not only your products, but your service totally flawless Must be. When your customers call you, they can be reached 24/7 and you should not have to wait at least one minute during the call. You have to sell a limited number of products, rather than tens of thousands of products you sell. Little availability is an important pricing factor here. You should be able to add yourself +3 years during the warranty period. In this way, an e-commerce site differentiates itself does not come to mind in Turkey.

The other pricing positioning is the premium category, which is headed by Gittigidiyor. Never cheapest There is no such claim to be. Because the cheapest usually hurt. The harmful can not provide a sustainable cheapness. The products you sell in the premium pricing strategy should be higher value products. In other words, you do not position yourself with the approach of putting a sale on my ecommerce site, which is classic, elite.

The largest and most profitable area you can place your pricing positioning on is the low price category. But sometimes there is no strategy of low price strategy. I can not give you one example that has been successful with this. If you follow the low price strategy, you should adjust the lowest prices and an acceptable quality ratio. In Germany, Aldi, BIM is a good example of this in Turkey. It is not enough to negotiate with suppliers just to get the lowest price. You need to be a manufacturer. It is almost impossible to sell a product you do not produce at the cheapest price. In order to be completely free in your pricing strategy, you must be the main dealer. This is also the reason why market places sell their own products. I do not think they want small e-commerce firms in the marketplace to survive in the long run.

One of the biggest mistakes is the market share misconception. If you are growing your market share and you are not profitable, you are not achieving sustainable growth. Especially in a Japanese customer, this disease (cultures I learned later) was too much. Each account responded to how it would affect the market share. To increase market share, shifting from marketing budget to lowering prices is not really a sustainable strategy. If a company wants to grow, it has to make a profit. Those who think it is a shame to want to profit, so many who write everything but profits to their vision. I want to end with a promise that Peter Drucker loves.

"Profit for a company is like oxygen for a person. If you do not have enough of it, you're out of the game. But if you do not mind, you're really missing something. "

Online cironuzu Growth Hacking Consulting Would you like to optimize your conversions by incrementing with?

Binary Optimization

Our life is trying to persuade others. Sometimes clients, sometimes patrons, sometimes family members. Persuasion maybe the reason for the need to communicate. Hz. Eve's Hz. There is a history going so far as to convince Adam to ban the banpeed apple. How can we maximize our persuasive ability? I must say from the beginning, if you are looking for a guide that will show you how to persuade everybody, you can apply for fairy tales.

Our neighbor's child has entered new puberty. Parents are separate, fully depressed puberty. He listened to the music in such a way as to shake the columns of his house without distinction of night, day, noon, iftar time, midnight. When the cops arrived, they did not open the door, and because the door did not open, the cops would go without any action. (By the way, I still can not understand this situation.) We looked and received a nice player headphones that would not be like this. The child was no longer listening to the music with his headphones, and the apartment had a comfortable breath. At least we were thankful to hear each other while we were talking to my lady. But there was another unexpected effect of this gift. Normally, this child who does not look at anyone's face opens the door of the apartment when we come with the bags, it helps to carry it up. In fact, we did a favor to ensure that we could not listen to music loudly, and we won a friend as a reciprocity principle.

Every cultural thing in the world is a reciprocity principle. Do yourself a favor. Because you owe it to you to do good. Even religious cultures stand by the concept of praise. The most striking example of the reciprocity principle, which is often used on the sales and marketing side of the business, lies in an investigation. The percentage of people who receive a piece of chocolate at the entrance to the research is 42%. One of the people who use this principle most in sales is the artisans. It does not come from you for a while unless you buy dozens of products from the rails and buy one from the man who introduces you individually. "The man is trying to explain the extent of the increase of such products, the man should not give up his leisure" saying that we run a kind of reciprocity principle.

You need to take some risk when applying the reciprocity principle against your customers. Because "free" people are everywhere. People who will not feel obligated, who will come to ignore the constructions should not break your hope. In particular, free gifts (gifts that really work), free analysis of customers, donations on behalf of potential buyers without being able to buy more are working incredibly well.

But the gift you will give unexpected Must be. In a survey on the tips of waiters, when the waiter offered one chocolate at the end of the meal, the tip rate increased by 3.3%, while the rate increased by 14.1% when two chocolates were served. The important factor here is that the factor is unexpected. It would be even better if you could give your gift a personal meaning to animate the reciprocity principle.

It is one of the classical scenes in the inquiry rooms in American movies, to serve the questionable suspects. The story that surprises me is this: Abu Cendel, al-Qaeda's former headscarf, was arrested for days on end. On the day they changed the diabetic cookies they were feeding to the diabetic Abu Cendel, they were affected He explained everything. 

One of the most important steps in bwin's optimization is to similarity You capture. Maybe you may not come up with ethics, but things can go much faster when you're talking in the same way you're talking, when you're sitting in a similar way, or when you openly complain about cultural issues.

Unless we discriminate between compliment and spoilage or clash, we have found one of the easiest ways to influence people. In the process of strengthening the mutual communication which is one of the foundations of the bounty, it is the shortest way to call for the sense of self. Because for us, we come first of all. Bitter but that. When we hear that you are talking about ourselves, we stop everything, we listen. For this reason, compliments that are a beautiful godship and solid foundation are very important. You can quickly break down the glaciers and increase the intensity of your love for you.

If there is a bond between you and the person you will persuade, your chances of buying will increase. But there is no need to bullshit to catch this bond. In Besiktas, a café was interested in the name, I went inside, the whole throat looks from the terrace, the super scenery. The owner came, he said; "If you know the responsibility, I will eat you food. What is the last letter of the alphabet? "As you have guessed, I said Z, no answer E said. (alphabetto) This is the first humorous laugh, but when I was exposed to more than ten different types of humor that did not break, I called the hole to escape. Need to remove water from work 🙂

We are laughing at this stage of Şener Şen, but the method used by Şener Şen is quite effective. Social proof can make us pretty crazy decisions if others are using the same product or if others agree. It's like the Farm Bank is in the bump. When people see that someone else is investing, they are safe and crediting and depositing their money.

Booking is a great social proof. There are calls for convincing all over the site. In one place "the last room of this fiyata" in the other place creates a sense of urgency "rooms can be consumed" in the other side of this very popular texts. He's trying to persuade you by providing you with evidence in every direction and he's succeeding!

One of the most common authority feel. If you prove that you are an authority in your field, everyone listens to you. I have never forgotten that in the meeting with a customer my client came to me and said, "I saw a few people, I checked whether they have certificates in the field of digital marketing, but you will not look at something like that, you are already giving your education." He entered the 5th floor with the customer

Another example is the persuasion method scarcity I explain the situation. Hasan Başusta is a very valuable name in digital marketing. I do not know if you knowingly do, but I have a tactic that I love so much. "I do not get too many customers, there are only three or four customers at a time," he says. This, in fact, is the effect of being low on someone who is affected by it. If I want to work with the Master, he says that I should get in between the 4 clients.

In the optimization of the bell, we also have the ability to bring the relationships we have with humans to a different dimension unity sensation At the beginning of our tactics we can apply especially in B2C is regionalism. If you are running a small cafe, you can earn their heart by telling them that you are the same fellow, you are that foster child. If your brand is a national brand, you can win the heart of people who respect both Konya and wheat by owning Konya, the homeland of wheat just as Torku did.

Finally, we need to talk about nobility. The concept of nursing is very, very strong in Eastern culture, especially where our country is also located. Sometimes I can not even believe it. In the ongoing war with Iran in the era of the Prophet (saas), Muslims follow a tactic that amazes me. Everyone collects on the battlefield with their own tribe so that they do not escape from the battlefield. So it was that people in their tribe did not escape from the battlefield, so people started to escape. People who are tired of tens of thousands of people in the army and even their warriors. People are more helpful to their countrymen, less inclined to deceive them. A sense of nobility establishes mutual trust. For this reason, it comes at the forefront of the trump cards that can be used against the customer.

Convincing you is a process in itself. Just a word that you've spoken in your clan can make your entire investment go away. You need to be convinced thousands of times to master in the field of persuasion. The only way to specialize in all the tactics is to gain experience.

Book Recommendations: Gate to the Bible - Robert B. Cialdini
Biblical Psychology - Robert B. Cialdini
You Win The Deal - Patrick Collins
Persuasion and Presentation - Peter Coughter

Placebo and Hale Effect to Conquer Consumer's Mind

I'm going to talk about an influence in the health sector. Placebo effect. Do not think about what it has to do with marketing, it's all about the idea of ​​human thinking. What is the placebo effect?

According to Wikipedia; The placebo effect is a pharmacologically ineffective drug that produces an effect based on the tack. If we need to open it a little bit, the experiments that are carried out can really heal it, it can cut the pain, the belief that the ending person will heal or not feel pain. For example, a patient comes to the hospital with a complaint of severe pain, doctors are dealing with hours, x-rays, surveys or something, they can not find the source of the disease. The patient is dying and is not in pain. The doctor says a syringe and says "we have detected your disease, nothing will be left with this drug, it will be in 30 minutes" and it is injecting. The patient who does not stay in that place is not 30, but after 10 minutes he says that nothing is left and he goes away. However, the doctor just injected vitamin injections. The same situation happens frequently in the military. Most of the soldiers going to the infirmary are given a drug called ASP. Many do not know that it is an abbreviation of the aspirin. They go back to your wards saying I came to myself. It is possible to identify these cases in various cancer cases, depression cases, migraine. So in fact, the games our minds play us are extremely powerful.

Let's go back to the marketing part of the case. You know the Pepsi tasting tests.


Pepsi always win in tasting tests. But does that mean it's better than Coca-Cola? The sad news for Pepsi: Consumers always prefer Coca-Cola when they know what the brand is. Their love is not easy when they are closed. The biggest reason for this is that the brand consciousness has been formed more in Coca-Cola. That is, Coca-Cola Original Tat they think it will be more delicious. Why? Because the first is more delicious, the original formula is ten. Why? Because the opening sound of that cover, the explosion of gas bubbles and the rustling of the ice, revived in your ears while reading these lines. What about Pepsi? In Pepsi, Seda Sayan comes alive in front of you. (Do not call me Özcan Deniz, I'm trying to throw it in my memory!) The article written by my twin brother about the subject hortatory for those who do not remember.

Just as it is the placebo effect when perceiving the brand our mind plays small games to us. If you tell the patient that only vitamin C is actually given, he will not believe you. It's not just Pepsi, I got Coca-Cola like they would wear. Your brand is stronger than your product. No, I do not mean that the product is not important, I do not say if the product is bad but the brand is good. Do not get it wrong. There is a certain balance between the two. For example, Xiaomi phones are the best in terms of technical features right now. But most people do not think it's the best phone. (I think that leadership has got 3 years at most) The cost of branding will decrease as the degree of branding increases, as the price will increase every day.

Actually, we're getting it out of here. A person's mind comes first of the mark itself, not the product. Because what we value psychologically is the mark itself. Do not you think that the product comes before everything else marketing marketing gurusna. If they stay with them, they have to resemble each brand's rival, not to differentiate. There is an interesting brand management trend these days, Allah is amazed at the end 🙂

At this point, two more things are involved in advertising. Halo Effect and Placebo effect. The Halo effect is summarized as follows; When you first meet a beautiful girl, you think that girl is smarter, better, more organized, better at work. The opposite is when you meet the ugly girl. This is not just for people, for web sites, you will get to your home for the goods, it is a valid influence for everything. In other words, consumers who are enthralled by the effects of the ads in the ads are also tied to us with the placebo effect at the same time.

One of the easiest ways to achieve the effect of being in advertising and the placebo effect is to use metaphors. The metaphors used take the features in the metaphor and transfer the same product. Consumers who are affected by this effect will have an effect and a placebo effect if the ad works well.

For example I could not forget this poster of WWF for years. On my first web site (I was concerned with global warming), I put it on the main page with pride.

It is entirely due to the placebo effect in the famous 4.99 price tag products. 5 pounds is cheap when it comes to you expensive 4.99. Because your mind plays small games to you. In the same way, celebrity marketing or influencer marketing both run the halo effect and the placebo effect. In your marketing activities, you should always be your priority, not to get the product to the forefront, but to settle in the mind of the consumer. 

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