PayPal payment system of global giants have made Turkey a pleasant interview with Director Kivanc Onan. In the interview we talk about both the industry situation and the company's agenda, you can find what you are curious about payment systems.

Despite the lack of an aggressive advertising of PayPal's work both in Turkey it is the secret of this rapid growth in the world?

The most crucial point is that Paypal has not been developed in terms of consumers with any alternative method. There are only techniques that Paypal has. There are 117 million users and 10 million merchants in the world. For this reason, there is already a certain level of success. Mouth-to-mouth spreading and being a global competitor are combined with satisfying customers. Having caught up with a certain success, Paypal is expanding its volume with viral expansion. You can continue your life by satisfying a volume that is the main reason.

In Turkey, the situation is different. Turkey is growing faster than e-commerce growth in Europe is around 50% here in 15%. Naturally we can not grow faster. We believe that the work of payment systems is a marathon job. This is not a day's work, it is not possible to grow up as you have entered. You have to please your customer. Success is inevitable as long as you provide this continuity.

Do you have an unsatisfied customer?

There are always unsatisfied customers. Some of our systems may be more sensitive than necessary, but we are currently working hard on this area. There is a need to develop new risk models specific to different sectors.

As e-commerce volume in payment systems grows, new ventures emerge. It's like Turkcell web wallet or BKM's new project. How do these initiatives affect PayPal?

We generally think that it affects positively, it says in numbers. This is true in every sector. After all, you are the only mass you can reach. We do not have an aggressive advertising policy anyway. The introduction of new solutions by new firms is important in two respects. The first is already important consumer choice option. It is also more effective for three different firms to indicate that such a thing is needed. Then the business becomes the consumer's choice.

When the consumer looks at alternatives, what comes to mind is PayPal, the market leader in the world. For this reason, the introduction of new competitors in the pajama is very happy for us. In addition, competition keeps people alive all the time. Competition raises new opportunities to improve customer dissatisfaction.

If you look at the long term, whatever system the consumer uses, the balance is starting to work towards the advantage of the market leader. If you want to do similar transactions abroad, you will have to use PayPal. You will get used to it in the country because you will get used to it after you use it abroad.

As the volume of e-commerce grows, the companies are starting to open abroad. Do PayPal have special solutions for this company?

If you look at our product line, you can use it both at home and abroad when you are a business. Opening the sector's slightly slower overseas in Turkey. Wanting to sell out of Turkey began to increase the number of new companies and PayPal them more relevant to companies. But a little more sluggish workplaces in Turkey in this field. Such global initiatives do not come out of more than 10 million countries. More companies are playing in the internal market. Turkey yet he stages the balance. The internal market is currently on the market in the case of more orientation.

Do entrepreneurs have any interest in taking risks at this point?

Maybe a little bit about risk taking, a bit about vision, maybe this is the market that I know best, if I can not grow here, I can not grow abroad about psychology. There is a cloning of a company established here, established a little bit.

There is a lack of confidence in payment systems established in Turkey. Especially people who know the internet new. What do companies and PayPal do in this regard?

Various studies have started in the last 2-3 months in terms of raising awareness about alternative payment systems. In all our research we still do not want to share credit card information and do not shop on the internet, 60% - 70% seems to be. In the past few years, the growth on the internet was so much higher than in the previous year that many companies could not understand the importance of these payment systems.

They were thinking that we were already growing. But now the growth figures are slowly falling back to normal. Curves started to return to normal only if we looked at e-commerce figures. We think that more physical firms will accelerate from going online. In this regard, new quests have begun to come to the agenda more and more.

You said we do not have aggressive advertising work. Why not?

Past experience shows that the return on investment at this point is very low. You can only create one brand perception, but realization does not bring you back to spending what you are doing in a conversion. That's why we try alternative methods.

We're trying to be where the customer is. We use a part of the customer when it is needed and we see that it becomes a habit after using it. We have just started a new advertising some countries we will re-evaluate if we get results for Turkey. In the UK, Australia and the United States we go through offline and online ads. We have already reached the volume that we already have in those countries, so we try to improve the methods. However, we are not yet at that point in Turkey.

What Does PayPal Do in Social Media, What Will it Do? 

When I was talking about advertising, I talked about offline advertising and we think differently about social media. We are active in the social media and we will be more active. Social media is very important to us because PayPal is an Internet brand. We have a Facebook page for a year. We have about 120 thousand fans.

If you are not a Paypal user, there is no reason for you to enjoy our page. Over the next 8 months we are slowly planning to go out of mailing completely and just continue to work on advertising through social media channels. Instead of continually pushing through e-mails, we come here if we want to, we will go on the strategy.

Apart from Facebook, we are also developing a sales application through Twitter and a structure via Linkedin for B2B sales. For us fanbase creation is based on various applications, award-oriented approaches. We are thinking a bit differently, we are constantly striving to create an interactive and ever-increasing fan base. We would like to install PayPal users platform largely from PayPal awareness. In 2013, they will pass a mischief.

Are you sending packages of PayPal solutions in the form of packages?

In total, PayPal is a system that can be easily integrated. Sometimes they become integration sites without contact with us. Different solutions may be needed. New entrepreneurs are using different product modules that we call chain payments. For example, we will make a new brand. We do not take the money, but we offer special solutions to the firm like I want to send money directly to the service provider. In new ventures, we are always trying to support new entrepreneurs, even if you do not guarantee to buy what you invest.

When is PayPal's Mobile App coming out?

Android and iOS apps will be on the market in the first quarter of 2013. There are many different developments in mobile applications. Mobilde PayPal is unrivaled when you actually look at it. In 2011, 4 billion dollar volume mobilden is a global transaction. We have anticipated $ 7 billion in 2012, then $ 10 billion and 2012 and $ 14 billion in 2012.

2013 has $ 25 billion of anticipation for eBay and PayPal's anticipations. CEO David Marcus predicted last year that 50% of the ciromuzes will pass through the mobile in 2015. Although Firmalar mobile is just starting to pass, consumers are already ready for it.

20% of spending is taking place with Turkey on eBay mobile payments. We see it is a serious rate. It has an 8% share in the total market. We can explain this situation as follows; Ebay has 1.5 years mobile infrastructure. Both users and companies have become a habit.